Duran Duran Tribute Album

The Duran Duran Tribute Album


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Koch Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mr. T Experience   Track Performer
Wrens   Track Performer
Eve's Plum   Track Performer
Goldfinger   Track Performer
Björn Again   Track Performer
Deftones   Track Performer
Wesley Willis   Track Performer
Jimmy Eat World   Track Performer
Reel Big Fish   Track Performer
Less Than Jake   Track Performer
Buck-O-Nine   Track Performer
Home Grown   Track Performer
Riverfenix   Track Performer
Gob   Track Performer
Wise Crack   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Duran Duran   Composer
Wrens   Producer,Engineer
Andy Taylor   Composer
Steve Feldman   Engineer
John Agnello   Producer
John Avila   Producer
Brian Baker   Producer,Engineer
Warren Cuccurullo   Composer
Terry Date   Producer
Darrell Harvey   Producer,Engineer
Chris Johnson   Engineer
Simon LeBon   Composer
Pedal Boy   Producer,Engineer
Steve Pigott   Producer,Engineer
Nick Rhodes   Composer
Jay Rifkin   Producer
John Taylor   Composer
John Taylor   Composer
Tom Thacker   Producer,Engineer
Kevin Army   Producer,Engineer
Ulrich Wild   Engineer
Less Than Jake   Producer
Buck-O-Nine   Producer
Home Grown   Producer
Jim Barnes   Producer,Engineer
John Feldmann   Producer
Slamm Andrews   Engineer
R.K. Sloane   Cover Art,Cover Illustration
Kevin Globerman   Engineer
Michael Kotch   Producer
Chris Johnson   Engineer
Richard Reines   Executive Producer
Chris O'Connor   Executive Producer
Stefanie Reines   Executive Producer
Dale Meiners   Producer,Engineer
Theo Goutzinakis   Producer,Engineer
Kevin Fugiel   Producer,Engineer
Rod Leissle   Producer
John Tyrrell   Producer
Mike Annucci   Engineer
Roger Taylor   Composer

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