The Economics of Contracts: Theories and Applications

The Economics of Contracts: Theories and Applications

by Eric Brousseau

A 2002 survey of economics of contracts appealing to scholars in economics, management and law.See more details below


A 2002 survey of economics of contracts appealing to scholars in economics, management and law.

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Pt. IIntroduction
1The economics of contracts and the renewal of economics3
AppCanonical models of theories of contract31
Pt. IIContracts, organizations, and institutions
2The New Institutional Economics45
3Contract and economic organization49
4The role of incomplete contracts in self-enforcing relationships59
5Entrepreneurship, transaction-cost economics, and the design of contracts72
Pt. IIILaw and economics
6The contract as economic trade99
7Contract theory and theories of contract regulation116
8Economic reasoning and the framing of contract law: sale of an asset of uncertain value126
9A transactions-cost approach to the analysis of property rights140
Pt. IVTheoretical developments: where do we stand?
10Transaction costs and incentive theory159
11Norms and the theory of the firm180
12Allocating decision rights under liquidity constraints193
13Complexity and contract213
14Authority, as flexibility, is at the core of labor contracts241
15Positive agency theory: place and contributions251
Pt. VTesting contract theories
16Econometrics of contracts: an assessment of developments in the empirical literature on contracting273
17Experiments on moral hazard and incentives: reciprocity and surplus-sharing293
Pt. VIApplied issues: contributions to industrial organization
18Residual claims and self-enforcement as incentive mechanisms in franchise contracts: substitutes or complements?315
19The quasi-judicial role of large retailers: an efficiency hypothesis of their relation with suppliers337
20Interconnection agreements in telecommunications networks: from strategic behaviors to property rights358
21Licensing in the chemical industry373
Pt. VIIPolicy issues: anti-trust and regulation of public utilities
22Inter-company agreements and EC competition law395
23Incentive contracts in utility regulation416
24Contractual choice and performance: the case of water supply in France440
25Institutional or structural: lessons from international electricity sector reforms463
26Electricity sector restructuring and competition: a transaction-cost perspective503
Index of names570
Subject index579

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