The Economics of Environment and Development: Selected Essays

The Economics of Environment and Development: Selected Essays

by Edward B. Barbier

ISBN-10: 1858986850

ISBN-13: 9781858986852

Pub. Date: 01/01/1998

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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Pt. 1Sustainable Development
1The concept of sustainable economic development1
2Alternative approaches to economic-environmental interactions22
3The conditions for achieving environmentally sustainable development43
4Environmental sustainability and cost-benefit analysis54
5Natural capital and the economics of environment and development65
Pt. 2Agriculture and Forests
6Cash crops, food crops, and sustainability: the case of Indonesia96
7The farm-level economics of soil conservation: the uplands of Java120
8Rehabilitating gum arabic systems in Sudan: economic and environmental implications138
9Economic aspects of tropical deforestation in Southeast Asia155
10Economic analysis of deforestation in Mexico183
11The economics of tropical forest land use options223
12The role of smallholder producer prices in land degradation: the case of Malawi254
13The economics of soil erosion: theory, methodology and examples281
Pt. 3Wetlands, Wildlands and Biodiversity
14Economics for the wilds308
15An economic valuation of wetland benefits322
16Valuing environmental functions: tropical wetlands344
17Capturing the pharmaceutical value of biodiversity in a developing country370
Pt. 4Trade and Environment
18Elephant ivory and tropical timber: the role of trade interventions in sustainable management397
19Trade, tropical deforestation and policy interventions427
20The linkages between the timber trade and tropical deforestation - Indonesia444
21Trade in timber-based forest products and the implications of the Uruguay Round476
22Wildlife, biodiversity and trade491

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