The Economics of Money, Banking and Finance: A European Text / Edition 2

The Economics of Money, Banking and Finance: A European Text / Edition 2

by Peter Howells, Keith Bain

ISBN-10: 0273651080

ISBN-13: 9780273651086

Pub. Date: 01/01/2002

Publisher: Pearson Education, Limited

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Pearson Education, Limited
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Symbols, abbreviations and other conventions
Pt. 1Introduction
Ch. 1The role of a financial system3
Pt. 2Financial Institutions and Systems
Ch. 2An introduction to financial systems29
Ch. 3The UK financial system70
Ch. 4The US financial system95
Ch. 5The German financial system111
Ch. 6The French and Italian financial systems122
Ch. 7Financial systems in Northern Europe143
Pt. 3Theory
Ch. 8Portfolio theory163
Ch. 9The determination of short-term interest rates174
Ch. 10The structure of interest rates192
Ch. 11The valuation of assets202
Ch. 12Banks and the supply of money219
Ch. 13The demand for money245
Ch. 14Monetary policy263
Ch. 15Money markets283
Ch. 16Bond markets303
Ch. 17Equity markets340
Ch. 18Foreign exchange markets367
Ch. 19Derivatives - the financial futures markets394
Ch. 20Options, swaps and other derivatives414
Pt. 6Current Issues
Ch. 21The single European market441
Ch. 22The European Monetary System and monetary union458
Ch. 23The European Central Bank and eurozone monetary policy471
Ch. 24Financial innovation487
Ch. 25The regulation of financial markets504
Ch. 26Financial market efficiency525
Case Studies 1-7540
Glossary of terms564

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