The Election of 1968 and the Administration of Richard Nixon

The Election of 1968 and the Administration of Richard Nixon

by Arthur Meier Schlesinger

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Richard M. Nixon remains one of the most controversial figures in American history. A man of great ability and insecurity, Nixon was capable of not only bending but shattering the law. In 1968 he stood in opposition to Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace as the Republican candidate for the presidency. 1968 marked a pivotal time in American history. The dreadful effects of the Vietnam War and racial tensions left the nation spiritually divided. Into this arena stepped the presidential candidates, each of whom was loathed by a significant portion of the American people. In the end, Richard Nixon prevailed in a caustic and tight election. The saga of Nixon's election in 1968 is the main subject of this volume of Arthur Schlesinger's illustrated "Major Presidential Elections and the Administrations that Followed" series. As in other books in the series, Schlesinger provides readers with a brief overview of the election. What makes up the meat of the book is a series of primary source documents that represent Nixon's presidency. Taken as a whole, this is an acceptable book. However, the structure of this text lacks both depth and cohesion. In particular, the lack of adequate introductory comments prior to each primary source document leaves the reader with little understanding of their historical setting. While this is a well-intended book, it really does not provide the content necessary to understand either Nixon's election or his controversial presidency. 2003, Mason Crest Publishers, Romaneck

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Major Presidential Elections and Administrations Series
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