The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy

The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy

by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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VOYA - Stacy Hayman
This strong encyclopedia on the stated ideas of magic and alchemy also offers a plethora of information on less obviously magical topics. There are many diverse entries on the popular subject of the Arthurian legend, a wide variety of Greek and Roman mythological figures, ancient religions and their current manifestations, and even a discussion of contemporary, controversial subjects, such as Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code. The entries are exhaustive but also redirect the reader when an idea is explored in greater depth under a different term. There are articles, books, and Web sites cited for further reading. The pictures and illustrations are sparse but provide useful visual information where included. It is difficult to imagine a reader approaching this book with a magically inclined question and walking away unsatisfied. There are, for example, eight pages detailing each stage of the moon and the many implications for those stages in legend, astrology, and folklore. The broad scope of the entries from items on The Lord of the Rings to Freemasonry should reassure anyone that this resource is not just for the hardcore, alternative audience. The ideas and terms range from mass appeal to focused reader and are presented through factual, non-inflammatory language. It is not inexpensive and should be considered an investment piece for the reference collection. A consolation to the purchaser would be that this book will not become outdated any time soon and could be the one place for a student to find reliable information on an obscure topic.

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