The End

The End

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by Jean-Nichol Dufour

This is the final part of the Flower To Life book. It is a conclusion to my writings, I will write more than usual about myself in this one, I will write about the future and the end of the world too. Along the way I’ll expose unexplored possibilities concerning the Jesus story, and I will attack the Christ perversion that was made out of him by the Christian

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This is the final part of the Flower To Life book. It is a conclusion to my writings, I will write more than usual about myself in this one, I will write about the future and the end of the world too. Along the way I’ll expose unexplored possibilities concerning the Jesus story, and I will attack the Christ perversion that was made out of him by the Christian institution.

I’ll finish that part by explaining how I see the future of my work. I won’t skip mentioning that the book “A Flower To Life” which contains the whole suite, was protected in 2011 and is sold on Amazon. I’ll bring to court anybody that will try to steal my ideas, you can copy my work or ideas all you want, as long as you mention the source, that’s all I ask.

Added to that will be the root of the flower; this is a special chapter I used to create the whole book, in it I'll explain the philosophy behind the book, and the spiritual view of it too. In there you’ll find many mixed pieces of text, they are parts that I removed from the book and wouldn't delete, or they are parts that never found a place. You will find anything in there, so it is mainly for people who really liked my writings, if you did, you’ll be happy of the little mix, even if some could be good for the trash.

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Meet the Author

A fresh new author, straight from the intellectually acclaimed X generation, here to answer all your questions. From the beginning of life to the end of the universe, nothing escapes his vision, but only the best can follow his steps, so prepare your view of life for the test. You can abandon, you can reject, you can fight, you can forget but you already passed the finish line of innocence so it is too late to play impudence. Now is the time to separate lies from truth, evil from good, strength from weakness.

My presence here as an author has nothing to do with personal gain, I’m here to reveal this reality and give you the option to live or die. Whatever it is today or tomorrow, your world will never be the same after me (humility doesn’t pay in this reality).

As for my life, I sometimes think I’m a monk, but you will probably find me a better name after reading some of my writings. I’m a Quebecker living in Quebec City, French, so my English surely won’t be academically perfect.

Not much running around the planet and no expertise, I think I was born revolted as I passed my whole life from 10 years old (the farthest I can remember) revolted and thinking about changing the world. Apart from a moment in the army and at school, as soon as I became adult I started making actual projects for a different reality. Writing is the only way I found to express my mind, and today I’m proud of my work.

I hope you’ll appreciate it, because I believe I may be expressing the only possibility for humanity to ascend at the next step of its evolution, yes, that much. More than that, I believe my conclusions are the only way for humanity to still have potential in 100 years, whatever scientists say.

One facet of my books is to make the demonstration that the present reality will fail for many logical and spiritual reasons. That’s why, in the first chapter of the first book, I’ll try to get rid of those readers I can guess will automatically go for personal attacks as soon as I’ll describe what I don’t like of the present reality. However, I don’t want my multiple warnings to deter those who want a fresh view of life, that’s why I’ll say to go for the title that interest you the most; if you want to read about how a person can be revolted against the world, then read “Revolted” if you want a different view of the mind then read “The seat of my mind” if you want a different view of god and the universe, read “Lift-Off” if you want a description of another reality, read “Life reality” and so on.

Still, the best way to get the true value of my work is to start at the first book and read them in order, but that path is only for the most patient as the culmination point will be quite far away. The advantage is that you'll understand the why of everything concerning the new reality. Finally, if you want to communicate with me, do it at the following address or reach me on Facebook.

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The End 1.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ur book r thoughtful. I will give i credit for making a book. Im pretty sure someone would like ur book but they probaly think the same way u think . I hope u know that u have don a very direspectful thing to the work of God . Just imagine how many comadment out of the 10 comndment u have broken just by thinking of making a book like this than writing a book like this then also wanting to look for a way to put it up on places like barn and noble without a problem. What were u thinking did u ever think that putting a book up that might brang a problem would bring cocequences like the wrath of God puting a book up. Here r some thing that u have don by writing this book i cant say much because i have not read it but reading ur preveiws of this book u hav try to change humanity to go aganist Gods word and God does not like that u cant change any history of the bible of Jesus . As u know history is history u cant change the past . U probaly know that but going aganst history doesnt sound very smart. And i know u sid other have diffrent opinion on this book but someday u will see that making this book is the worst thing of ur life not just this book but this series is the worst mistake of ur life . But u can change and dont have to go against th wrath of God u can do something called repent . Repent for ur sins and God will for give u. God loves u why go aganist his word. God has gaven his only begoton son to die for ur sins so u can find a chance to ask for forgiveness so u do not die in sin and go to hell a big lake of fire . God dont want u to go there so if u dont want to go there repent . How ? This is how u just ask his pray to him and ask him for forgiveness . Want to know how to pray just talk to God like u have talk to a normal person or like u r talking to a friend and ask him to forgive of ur sins and u want to become his child . When u do this and mean it and keep God in ur heart when u doe God has promise eternal life in heaven . If u live in Alanta gerogia there is a church called the metro Alanta christian center this church will help u stay in touch and to keep ur faith u God. Remeber God love u very much and u r always special . The church has a wesite u could look it up it also has a facebook u could look it up there the pastor of this church could explain it more and better then i can.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No thanks.