English Lute Song

The English Lute Song

by Julianne Baird

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Dorian Recordings


  1. This Merry Pleasant Spring
  2. Woods, Rocks and Mountains, for voice & lute
  3. Aprill is in my mistris face, madrigal for 4 voices
  4. No More Shall Meads Be Decked with Flowers, song
  5. The French King's Masque to the Consort of Six
  6. Come My Celia, Let Us Prove, for voice & lute
  7. O Deathe, Rock Me A-Sleepe
  8. Where the Bee Sucks, for voice & lute
  9. Full Fathom Five, for voice & lute
  10. Come Away, Hecate, for soprano voice, baritone voice & lute
  11. Willow Song
  12. Hit and Take It, alman for lute
  13. Dear, Do Not Your Fair Beauty Wrong
  14. Come Hither You That Love for voice & lute
  15. Have You Seen but a White Lily Grow? for voice & lute
  16. I Must Complain
  17. Nothing on Earth
  18. Faine Would I Wed a Faire Yong Man for voice, lute & bass viol
  19. Miserere My Maker, for voice & lute
  20. O That Mine Eyes
  21. Alman for lute
  22. Care-Charming Sleep, for high voice & lute
  23. Cupid Is Venus' Only Joy
  24. O Let Us Howl, for voice & lute
  25. As Life What is so Sweet
  26. Turn, Turn Thy Beauteous Face Away
  27. Take, O Take Those Lips Away

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