The Erotic Strangula

The Erotic Strangula

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by Mark Green

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Guest More than 1 year ago
What orginally attracted me to Mark Green's 'The Erotic Strangula' was that it purported to be a story about sex and murder in the California Wine Country--one of my favorite places to visit. It turned out that most of the action took place in only the one little town of Sonoma but what action it is! This book is definately not for people who are timid or squeamish about either kinky sex or gruesome death scenes because there are lot of both in here! But Mark Green never lets the sensation get in the way of a really great story. The Erotic Strangula--so named because it first appears to its victim in the form of the most seductive, sexually desirable creature imaginable and then, during sex, coldly kills by strangulation--is by far the most original new monster to appear in fiction since Bram Stoker unleashed Dracula on an unsuspecting populace back in the 19th Century. How the monster appears in modern day Sonoma and methodically stalks one horny victim after another until the entire terrified community starts to rapidly unravel makes for great bed time reading!