Essential Chill Collection

The Essential Chill Collection


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Topaz Records


Disc 1

  1. Breather 2000  -  Afterlife
  2. Cylons in Love  -  Bent
  3. Awakening  -  Airlock
  4. Letting the Cables Sleep  -  Bush
  5. Harbour  -  Moby
  6. Evergreen
  7. Lovely Head  -  Goldfrapp
  8. Playground Love  -  Air
  9. Gloomy Sunday
  10. This Life
  11. Out of Control  -  Fenomenon
  12. Bohemian Sunset  -  Jazzanova
  13. What Is This?
  14. Sunlight in the Rain
  15. Lover Man  -  Urban Dwellers
  16. Sparks  -  Röyksopp

Disc 2

  1. Until the Morning
  2. Escape (Driving to Heaven)  -  Morel
  3. Count on You  -  Poloroid
  4. Sola Sistim  -  Underworld
  5. In the Waiting Line  -  Zero 7
  6. Bakerloo
  7. Damian  -  Frost
  8. Signs of Love  -  Moby
  9. Slipinside  -  Airlock
  10. The Way We Live Now  -  Saint Etienne
  11. The Trainer Shuffle
  12. Shine
  13. Naturally
  14. Albatross  - Chris Coco

Disc 3

  1. Where Are You?
  2. Urban Jazz  - Zed Bias
  3. Defining Moments  -  Advocate
  4. Can't You See
  5. Blue Nights  - Zed Bias
  6. This Time
  7. Together
  8. Soul of Darkness
  9. Nautilus
  10. I Let U

Disc 4

  1. Anima Mundi
  2. The Orchid
  3. Island Piano Riffs  - James Christian
  4. Perpetuate
  5. Outstanding Boy
  6. Wake Up
  7. Junk Yard
  8. Jungle Flavored Salsa
  9. 1st Transmission/Transmission Response  -  Delta 76
  10. Seed of Sound
  11. Be Here Now

Disc 5

  1. Home and Dry  -  Pet Shop Boys
  2. If You Could See My Eyes
  3. Another Chance  - Roberto Sanchez
  4. All This Love  - Heather Nova
  5. Gone
  6. Private Road  -  Bent
  7. Beautiful Crazy
  8. Standstill
  9. Remind Me to Miss You  -  Headway
  10. Golden  -  Mim
  11. 16 Again
  12. Kissing  - Arthur Bliss
  13. Burning Disaster
  14. Distortion  -  Flunk

Disc 6

  1. Flying Foxes  -  Moby
  2. Celluloid Hypnotic
  3. Sexy Boy  -  Air
  4. Hide U
  5. Dirge
  6. Push Upstairs  -  Underworld
  7. A Higher Place  -  Röyksopp
  8. Drama 73  -  Airlock
  9. Life Has a Way  -  Smith & Mighty
  10. Music Is Everything
  11. Ain't Got Nothin'
  12. Fall into You  -  Soulstice
  13. Faith Less
  14. Tryin'
  15. Eple  -  Röyksopp
  16. Welly Top Mary  -  Bent

Disc 7

  1. Live in Me  - Don Carroll
  2. In My Dreams
  3. Everything  -  BBC National Orchestra of Wales
  4. El Discotech  - Chris Lum
  5. Right Now Baby
  6. Call Me
  7. Be Strong
  8. Hurtin' Me  - Chris Lum
  9. El Vagabundo  - Andrew Macari
  10. Bluesong
  11. Take Me Up

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jason Donovan   Vocals
Moby   Vocals
Peter Green   Guitar
Sinéad O'Connor   Vocals
Chris Traynor   Guitar
Torbjørn Brundtland   Group Member
Dan Rowe   Vocals
Richard Morel   Vocals
Anji   Vocals
Rob Chant   Guitar
Carol C.   DJ
Gina Rene   Group Member
Andy Caldwell   Group Member
Mei-Lwun Yee   Group Member
Zoe Johnston   Vocals
Gabriel Rene   Group Member
Svein Berge   Group Member
Kay Brets   Vocals
Andy Hana   Guitar
Jess Banks   Vocals
Sophie Bancroft   Vocals
Dionne Morgan   Vocals
Mirko Banovic   Bass
Ulf Nygaard   Vocals

Technical Credits

Pet Shop Boys   Producer
Bill Holman   Composer
Moby   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Ralphi Rosario   Composer
Saint Etienne   Producer
Mick Jackson   Vocal Producer,Guitar Engineer
Ian Astbury   Composer
Sophie Barker   Composer
Rod Bowkett   Composer,Producer
Ian Catt   Producer
Robert Clivillés   Composer
David Cole   Composer
Marius de Vries   Composer,Producer
Anneli Marian Drecker   Composer
Darren Emerson   Composer
Eric Hilton   Composer,Producer
Tim Holmes   Composer,Producer
Karl Hyde   Composer
Chris Lowe   Composer
Steve Lukather   Composer
Steve Miller   Composer
Roger "Ram" Ramirez   Composer
Roger Sanchez   Composer
Guy Sigsworth   Producer
Bob Stanley   Composer
Neil Tennant   Composer
Tor Vister   Composer
Simon White   Composer,Producer
Pete Wiggs   Composer
Henry Binns   Composer
Sam Hardaker   Composer
Allison Goldfrapp   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Per Martinsen   Composer,Producer
M. Morrison   Composer
Gavin Rossdale   Composer
Sister Bliss   Composer,Producer
Keoki   Producer
Jimmy Sherman   Composer
Tetsu Inoue   Producer
James Christian   Producer
Keoki & High Lonesome Sound System   Producer
Roni Size   Producer
Jonny L   Composer,Producer
Tchando   Composer
Will Gregory   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Jon Hall   Producer
Decoder   Producer
Alex Gopher   Composer
Rob Haigh   Composer,Producer
Stephen Harris   Producer
Rollo   Composer,Producer
Scott Schlachter   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Jean-Benoît Dunckel   Composer
Nicolas Godin   Composer
Omid Nourizadeh   Producer
Groove Armada   Remixing
Harvey Brown   String Arrangements
P. Green   Composer
Mandalay   Producer
Stefan Leisering   Composer,Producer
Emiliana Torrini   Composer
Mark Caro   Composer,Producer
Richard Fearless   Composer,Producer
Dennis Ferrer   Producer
Rob Garza   Composer,Producer
Airlock   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Axel Reinemer   Composer,Producer
Dan Rowe   Composer
Richard Morel   Composer,Vocal Producer
J. Cambridge   Composer,Producer
Chris Coco   Programming,Producer,Remixing
Space Raiders   Composer,Producer
R. Lee   Composer
Leomoon   Composer
Bruce Wood   Engineer
Organica   Composer
Jay-J   Composer
Carl Royce   Composer,Producer
S. Mills   Composer
Sacha Puttnam   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Andrew Macari   Composer
EASE   Contributor
Mark Wadsworth   Composer
Jimmy Davis   Composer
O. Lomax   Composer,Producer
Gordon Tracks   Composer
Cass Cutbush   Producer
Pete Martin   Composer,Producer
Lady D.   Creative Assistance
Gina Rene   Composer,Producer
J.R. Reynolds   Composer,Producer
Claas Brieler   Composer,Producer
Andy Caldwell   Composer,Producer
Nicola Hitchcock   Composer
Saul Freeman   Composer
Röyksopp   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Joseph Baldassare   Composer,Producer
Chris Allen   Producer
Mei-Lwun Yee   Composer,Producer
Zoe Johnston   Composer
Gabriel Rene   Composer,Producer
Chris Lum   Composer
Andy Dragazis   Composer,Producer
Kelli Ali   Composer,Producer
Kay Brets   Composer,Producer
Simon Mills   Producer
Nail Tolliday   Composer,Producer
Erik Lloyd Walkoff   Composer,Producer
Howie Caspe   Producer
Nic Conef   Composer
Christiaan Oyens   Composer
Kiran Shahani   Composer
Ryan Raddon   Composer
Lincoln Barret   Producer
Klaus Bau Jensen   Composer
Ramin Sakurai   Composer
Birtchnell   Composer,String Arrangements
Steffen Aaskoven   Arranger,Producer
Dano Nathanson   Producer
Rob Wannamaker   Composer
Aggie E. Peterson   Composer,Producer
Jason Feldman   Licensing
Paul Golec   Executive Producer
Hardkandy   Arranger,Producer
Ole J. Mjøs   Producer
Cal Gibson   Composer,Producer
Marc George Andersen   Arranger,Producer
Patricia Leidig   Composer,Producer
Kevin Ross   Composer,Producer
DJ Sae 1   Producer
Christie Moeller   Wardrobe Design
Dennis J. Newman   Executive Producer
Ulf Nygaard   Producer
Rohan Kriwaczek   Composer,String Arrangements
Pablo Power   Artwork
Harvey John Brown   Composer
Pedro Toro   Composer,Producer
László Jávor   Composer
Rick Smith   Composer,Producer
Jon Brooks   Composer,Producer

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