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The Essential Garden Design Workbook / Edition 1

The Essential Garden Design Workbook / Edition 1

4.5 2
by Rosemary Alexander

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ISBN-10: 0881926647

ISBN-13: 9780881926644

Pub. Date: 10/15/2004

Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated

Guides you through every stage of designing a garden. Hundreds of explanatory drawings and quick-reference diagrams make this workbook a vital addition to your garden-planning library.


Guides you through every stage of designing a garden. Hundreds of explanatory drawings and quick-reference diagrams make this workbook a vital addition to your garden-planning library.

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Timber Press, Incorporated
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Older Edition
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8.07(w) x 9.81(h) x 0.84(d)

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Research, Preparation and Design Appraisal13
The Garden Owner's Requirements15
Making a Site Survey18
Surveying the Site23
Making a Sketch Plan of the Site Survey30
Basic Drawing Skills34
Drawing up the Site Survey to Scale41
Recording Information for the Site Inventory: The Checklist45
The Garden and Its Setting46
Recording Existing Conditions52
Legal Considerations58
Drawing up the Site Inventory Plan59
Drawing up the Site Appraisal61
Moving towards the Design Stage61
Drawing Concept Diagrams64
Consolidating the Information64
Chapter 2Developing the Design: Focusing on the Ground Plane65
Approaching the Design Process67
Drawing Skills for Presentation Plans67
Designing with Patterns and Shapes76
Creating Grids for Different Sites81
Theme Plans89
Planning an Outdoor Space95
Scale and Proportion99
Refining Ideas for the Preliminary Garden Layout Plan110
The Ground Plane or Garden Floor: Horizontal Elements in the Design111
Vertical and Overhead Elements124
The Preliminary Garden Layout Plan129
Colour plates133
Chapter 3Finalizing the Garden Layout Plan141
The Role of the Vertical Plane143
Vertical Features144
Structural Planting: Barriers and Enclosures155
The Role of the Overhead Plane158
Overhead Features159
Garden Accessories165
Practical Considerations177
Finalizing a Scheme for the Final Garden Layout Plan181
Colour plates187
Chapter 4Creating a Planting Plan193
The Role of Planting195
Principles of Planting Design197
Seasonal Changes in Plant Compositions201
Practical Considerations203
Planting Styles205
Creating a Planting Plan206
Colour plates220
Chapter 5Visualizing and Constructing the Design229
Enhancing the Plan231
Using Colour231
Applying Tone and Rendering Texture232
Using Photographs236
Mood Boards238
Drawing Sections and Elevations240
Axonometric Projections245
Construction, Planting and Maintenance254
Your Role as Garden Designer257
Keeping a Plant Notebook259
Core Plant List265
Plant Hardiness Zones271
Recommended Reading283

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The Essential Garden Design Workbook 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book covers all phases of garden design, from original research, obtaining the owner's requirements, site survey sketch, checklist and inventory, to conceptual diagrams, presentation plans, theme plan, preliminary garden layout plan and final planting plans. It discusses space, light, proportion and scale, color plates, ground plane, vertical plane, overhead plane, materials, texture, principles of planting design, planting styles, practical considerations, seasonal effects, and rendering techniques for various plans. It also has a plant list and plant hardiness zones at the end. This is one of few books that actually discuss the design aspect of gardens / landscaping. Very practical!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago