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Essential O'Jays [3.0]

The Essential O'Jays [3.0]

by The O'Jays

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The Essential O'Jays covers 1972's Back Stabbers through 1978's So Full of Love, including all but six of the Philly soul group's charting singles from the period. Nearly every crucial hit is here, including the number one R&B singles "Back Stabbers," "Give the People What They Want," "I Love Music," "Livin' for


The Essential O'Jays covers 1972's Back Stabbers through 1978's So Full of Love, including all but six of the Philly soul group's charting singles from the period. Nearly every crucial hit is here, including the number one R&B singles "Back Stabbers," "Give the People What They Want," "I Love Music," "Livin' for the Weekend," "Love Train," "Stairway to Heaven," and "Use ta Be My Girl." A pair of singles that put major dents in the disco chart, "Unity" (number one) and "Rich Get Richer" (number six), are not here, but this disc was still one of the better single-disc O'Jays compilations made available. [Sony's Legacy division sort of contradicted itself in 2008, when it released a two-disc version of The Essential O'Jays, expanding their idea of the O'Jays' essential material from 16 songs to 35 songs. This edition added seven songs that predated Back Stabbers, an assortment dating from 1979-1995. It also went deeper with the earlier '70s releases, adding a few of the relatively minor hits. And then, in 2009, Legacy issued a limited "3.0" edition of the anthology, which threw in a third disc (of eight songs) that went deeper yet. This time, Legacy included "Rich Get Richer."..but still no "Unity."]

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Release Date:
Sony Legacy


Album Credits

Performance Credits

O'Jays   Primary Artist
Grey   Trombone
Bobby Martin   French Horn,Vibes
Bunny Sigler   Organ,Synthesizer,Guitar,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano,Background Vocals
Dexter Wansel   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Jimmy Ellis   Background Vocals
Sweet Inspirations   Background Vocals
Reggie Lucas   Guitar
Michael Pedicin   Flute,Saxophone
Roger Andrews   Bass
Charles Apollonia   Violin
Davis A. Barnett   Viola
Albert Barone   Violin
Thom Bell   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Carla Benson   Background Vocals
Evette Benton   Background Vocals
Shirley Brewer   Background Vocals
Victor Carstarphen   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano,Background Vocals
Karl Chambers   Drums
Roland Chambers   Guitar
Cissy Houston   Background Vocals
Jerry Cohen   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Charles Collins   Bongos,Conga,Drums,Marimbas,Tambourine
T.G. Conway   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Linda Creed   Background Vocals
David Cruse   Bongos,Conga,Marimbas,Tambourine,Timpani,Orchestra Bells
Robert Cupit   Bongos,Conga,Marimbas,Tambourine,Timpani,Orchestra Bells
Eugene Lambchops Curry   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Joseph DeAngelis   French Horn
Ugene Dozier   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Don Renaldo   Violin
Raymond Earl   Bass
Bobby Eli   Guitar
Ron Fair   Conductor
Jack Faith   Flute,Saxophone
Norman Farrington   Drums
Allan Felder   Bongos,Conga,Marimbas,Tambourine,Timpani,Orchestra Bells
Guy Fiske   Guitar
Kenny Gamble   Background Vocals
Larry Gold   Cello
Bruce Gray   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Eddie Green   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Dennis Harris   Guitar
Norman Harris   Guitar
Carl Helm   Background Vocals
Jim Helmer   Drums
James Hicks   Bongos,Conga,Marimbas,Tambourine,Timpani,Orchestra Bells
Leon Huff   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano,Background Vocals
Barbara Ingram   Background Vocals
Anthony Jackson   Bass
Ronnie James   Guitar
Joseph B. Jefferson   Background Vocals
Tom Kennery   Guitar
Ron Kersey   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano,Background Vocals
Theodore Life   Guitar
Gene McFadden   Background Vocals
Vince Montana   Bongos,Conga,Marimbas,Tambourine,Timpani,Vibes,Orchestra Bells
Bob Moore   Trombone
Lenny Pakula   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Bongos,Conga,Keyboards,Marimbas,Electric Piano,Tambourine,Timpani,Orchestra Bells
Sam Peake   Flute,Saxophone
Milton Phibbs   French Horn
Christine Reeves   Violin
Richard Rome   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Jimmy Sigler   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Roger Stevens   Trumpet
Deborah Stockton   Background Vocals
Harriet Tharpe   Background Vocals
T.J. Tindall   Guitar
Ron Tyson   Bongos,Conga,Marimbas,Tambourine,Timpani,Orchestra Bells
Stanley Wade   Bass,Background Vocals
Larry Washington   Bongos,Conga,Marimbas,Tambourine
John Whitehead   Background Vocals
Tony Williams   Flute,Saxophone
Earl Young   Bongos,Conga,Drums,Marimbas,Tambourine,Background Vocals,Timpani,Orchestra Bells
David Bay   Guitar
Corliss "Sunshine" Forrest   Bongos,Conga,Marimbas,Tambourine,Timpani,Orchestra Bells
James Mendell   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Zach Zachary   Flute,Saxophone
Edward Moore   Guitar
Cotton Kent   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Romeo Distefano   Cello
Rudy Maliazia   Violin
Angelo Petrella   Viola
Bob Moore & His Orchestra   Trombone
Charlie Collins   Bongos,Conga,Drums,Marimbas,Tambourine,Timpani,Orchestra Bells
Scott Miller   Drums
David Guest   Background Vocals
Yvette Davis   Background Vocals
E.J. Jones   Background Vocals
Bobby Martin   French Horn,Vibes
Joe Donofrio   Violin
Michael Thompson   Drums
Big Jim   Background Vocals
Frankie Brunson   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Ronnie Baker   Bass
Win Wilford   Bass
Herb Johnson & The Impacts   Background Vocals
Doc Wade   Guitar,Background Vocals
Toni Williams   Flute,Saxophone
Michael "Sugar Bear" Foreman   Bass
Kim Miller   Guitar
Jimmy "Rashid" Williams   Bass
John C.F. Davis   Flute,Saxophone
Nick Dimico   Vibes
Dennis Dozier   Guitar
John Hart   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano,Background Vocals
David Jones & The Lower Third   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Andrew John Smith   Drums
Tom Kennery   Guitar
Rudy Maliazia   Violin
Robert Cupit   Bongos,Conga,Marimbas,Tambourine
Rickie Hicks   Bongos,Conga,Marimbas,Tambourine
Nick Dimico   Vibes
Harriet Tharpe   Background Vocals
Harold Williams   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Guy Fiske   Guitar
Ed Casceralle   Trombone
Frederick Joiner   Trombone
James Mendell   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Doc Wade   Guitar,Background Vocals
Dennis Dozier   Guitar
David Guest   Background Vocals
David Bay   Guitar
Corliss "Sunshine" Forrest   Bongos,Conga,Marimbas,Tambourine
Christine Reeves   Violin
Roger Stevens   Trumpet
Herb Johnson   Background Vocals
Bruce Gray   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Milton Phibbs   French Horn
Stanley Wade   Bass,Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Bob Dylan   Composer
Gerald Levert   Arranger,Producer
Bobby Martin   Arranger
Bunny Sigler   Composer,Producer
H.B. Barnum   Producer
Harold Battiste   Arranger
Thom Bell   Arranger,Producer
Dirk Devlin   Engineer
Ron Fair   Arranger,Producer
Jack Faith   Arranger
Jim Gallagher   Engineer
Kenny Gamble   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Norman Harris   Arranger
John Hudson   Packaging
Leon Huff   Composer,Producer
George Kerr   Producer
Eddie Levert   Composer,Producer
Tommy LiPuma   Producer
Jay Mark   Engineer
Gene McFadden   Composer
Dwain Mitchell   Producer
Don Murray   Engineer
Kenny Present   Engineer
Jeff Silbar   Composer
Arthur Stoppe   Engineer
Terry Stubbs   Producer
Joe Tarsia   Engineer
Richard Tee   Arranger
John Whitehead   Composer
W. Williams   Composer
Carl Paruolo   Engineer
Leo Sacks   Producer
Walter Williams   Producer
Don Hunstein   Cover Photo
John L. Usry   Arranger
Michael Kull   Tape Research
Naomi Neville   Composer
A. Jackson   Composer
Bobby Martin   Arranger
T. Stubbs   Composer
J. Members   Composer
D. Mitchell   Composer
J.B. Jefferson   Composer
L. Bishop   Composer
C. Gilbert   Composer
C. Simmons   Composer
A. Felder   Composer
E. Thomas   Composer
Edwin "Tony" Nicholas   Arranger,Producer
L. Henley   Composer
L. Christian   Composer

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