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The Essential Slim Whitman

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by Slim Whitman

Nothing about Slim Whitman's recordings appear particularly singular or innovative at first glance, and his output of mellow, romantic songs seems to be straight old traditional country, with unassuming vocals and standard instrumentation. But a closer look at his peak period in the mid-'50s when he was with Lew Chudd's Los Angeles-based…  See more details below


Nothing about Slim Whitman's recordings appear particularly singular or innovative at first glance, and his output of mellow, romantic songs seems to be straight old traditional country, with unassuming vocals and standard instrumentation. But a closer look at his peak period in the mid-'50s when he was with Lew Chudd's Los Angeles-based Imperial Records reveals a crafty artist who managed several pop crossover hits by dosing his country roots with some seriously atmospheric arrangements that managed somehow to sound both traditional and oddly spacy at the same time. Blessed with a distinctive high baritone voice, Whitman was also an excellent yodeler (it's no accident that Tim Burton chose Whitman's version of "Indian Love Call" to be Earth's only antidote to the alien invaders in his science fiction movie spoof Mars Attacks!) and he was also an astute businessman. Whitman was one of the first recording stars to use television to market his music, and while he might have appeared clueless on those late-night commercials for his albums, he certainly wasn't clueless when he deposited the checks that came rolling in as a result. This extremely generous three-disc collection collects material Whitman recorded between 1952 and 1981, including his unofficial theme song, "I'm Casting My Lasso Towards the Sky," the big Imperial hits "Indian Love Call," and his cover of "Rose Marie," the theme song from the 1936 movie of the same name which coincidentally featured Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald's version of "Indian Love Call," a song that had originally been done by Paul Whiteman way back in 1925. There's an awful lot of Slim Whitman here (some 85 tracks' worth), and it's probably more than most listeners would ever need, but if you like the guy, then this set is pretty much a goldmine.

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Emi Gold Imports


Disc 1

  1. Let Me Live Again
  2. More Than Yesterday
  3. It Takes a Lot of Tenderness
  4. Here Where It All Began
  5. Something Pretty
  6. Salina
  7. I'm Beginning to Love You
  8. My Heart Is in the Roses
  9. Nights of Splendour
  10. No Other Love
  11. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
  12. My Heart Was Made for Loving You
  13. Stop and Think It Over
  14. What About You
  15. A Touch of Yesterday
  16. Our Song
  17. So Close to Home
  18. I'll Always Be in Love with You
  19. It's My Life
  20. Where Did Yesterday Go
  21. I Remember You
  22. It's My Lucky Day
  23. Nearer My Love to You
  24. When There Is Love
  25. North Wind
  26. Elizabeth (You're My Queen)
  27. Love Lanes of Yesterday
  28. Red Wing

Disc 2

  1. Where the Lilacs Grow
  2. Puff the Magic Dragon
  3. I Just Thought I'd Call to Say I Love You
  4. Angel in an Apron
  5. Foolish Question
  6. I'll Never Let You Cry
  7. A Perfect Day
  8. A World Worth Living In
  9. Guess Who
  10. One for You One for Me
  11. Come Take My Hand
  12. If Wishes Were Horses
  13. Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)
  14. You're Coming Home
  15. Got the All Overs for You (All Over Me)
  16. Rainbows Are Back in Style
  17. Bandera Waltz
  18. It's Your Day Today
  19. You You You
  20. Cora Lee
  21. Chime Bells
  22. Follow It
  23. Just a Few Sweet Kisses
  24. In a Hundred Years
  25. Wheel of Hurt
  26. Margie
  27. Irresistible
  28. Happy Anniversary

Disc 3

  1. Rose Marie
  2. Unchain My Heart
  3. Song of the Old Water Wheel
  4. Secret Love
  5. That's How the Yodel Was Born
  6. China Doll
  7. Twilla Lee
  8. My Heart Is Broken in Three
  9. Serenade
  10. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
  11. Love Song of the Waterfall
  12. Indian Love Call
  13. Die Son Skyn Weer More (Sunrise)
  14. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  15. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
  16. Cattle Call
  17. Tennessee Yodel Polka
  18. Blue River
  19. Roll River Roll
  20. I'm a Fool
  21. Fluistrende Hoop (Whispering Hope)
  22. Danny Boy
  23. Curtain of Tears
  24. End of the World
  25. At the End of Nowhere
  26. Put Your Trust in Me
  27. You Have My Heart
  28. My Love Is Growing Stale
  29. I'm Casting My Lasso Towards the Sky

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Slim Whitman   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Rudolf Friml   Composer
Slim Whitman   Composer
Jesse Belvin   Composer
Billy Preston   Composer
Freddie Hart   Composer
Jimmy Wakely   Composer
Elton Britt   Composer
Link Davis   Composer
Alice Hawthorne   Composer
Roy Bennett   Composer
Alan Bernstein   Composer
Dave Burgess   Composer
Jerry Chesnut   Composer
Con Conrad   Composer
Sammy Fain   Composer
Dallas Frazier   Composer
Bud Green   Composer
Charles Green   Composer
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer
Otto Harbach   Composer
Johnny Mercer   Composer
Billy Reynolds   Composer
Fred Rose   Composer
Sam H. Stept   Composer
Sid Tepper   Composer
Gavyn Wright   Artwork
Tex Owens   Composer
Pedro Flores   Composer
Arlene Hardin   Composer
Zeke Clements   Composer
Jerry Foster   Composer
Ray Griff   Composer
Earl Sinks   Composer
Reed   Composer
Stephen Michell   Composer
Charles Tobias   Composer
Del Porter   Composer
Pat Anthony   Composer
Victor Schertzinger   Composer
Benny Davis   Composer
Sylvia Dee   Composer
Arthur Kent   Composer
Larry Morey   Composer
Lew Pollack   Composer
Billy Mayhew   Composer
Larry Shayne   Composer
Harold Spiro   Composer
Bernard Barnes   Composer
JoAnne Belvin   Composer
Cy Coben   Composer
Eliot Daniel   Composer
Lee White   Composer
Carl Winge   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Rod Morris   Composer
Carl Hoefle   Composer
Clyde Pitts   Composer
Lotar Olias   Composer
Howard Thomas   Composer
Paul Esmond Hazell   Liner Notes
Frederick Edward Weatherly   Composer
Joan Javits   Composer

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The Essential Slim Whitman 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
StardusterLK More than 1 year ago
In reference to EMI's latest Slim Whitman compilation release "Slim Whitman - The Essential" I must say this 3 CD boxed set is the best Slim Whitman compilation release in years. It has something for everyone including velvety smooth love songs that take your breath away, not to mention the newly discovered songs that were hidden away in the vaults for decades. Also, there are reworked versions of two of his classic yodeling numbers, Chime Bells and Redwing, with even more Yodeling. The information booklet included is a pleasant surprise with a very rare photo of Slim on the cover with that famous Slim Whitman grin, and the liner notes by Paul Hazel are absolutely top notch. If there is one thing I would have liked to have seen done better, it is on the newly discovered song "Here Where It All Began." In that particular song Slim's voice is somewhat over-powered (yes that is possible) during the chorus. It is still an incredible song, and I keep going back to it time and time again. I just wish with all the technology that we have today the accompaniment during the chorus would have been toned down a bit. I highly recommend this set, as it is masterfully presented and a must have for Slim's fans old and new.