Essential Trance Collection, Vol. 2

The Essential Trance Collection, Vol. 2


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Topaz Records


Disc 1

  1. Ways of Love
  2. Easter Island
  3. Obelix
  4. A Night Out
  5. The Fade
  6. Madagascar
  7. The Awakening
  8. Madagascar
  9. The Sleeper
  10. Tempest

Disc 2

  1. From Above
  2. Twisted
  3. Corixa Pt. 2
  4. Corixa Pt. 1
  5. Interference
  6. Gamelan
  7. Always
  8. Xcessive Groove
  9. Emotion Surfer
  10. Heavens Calling
  11. Dive into the Deep
  12. Assassin
  13. Assassin
  14. One

Disc 3

  1. I Need You
  2. Way of the Wave
  3. Very Contemporary
  4. Saturn
  5. Saturn
  6. 11 Hours
  7. Sonic Strategy
  8. 333
  9. Lost Without You

Disc 4

  1. Aura
  2. Heaven to Heaven
  3. Slip
  4. The Theme
  5. So Good
  6. Soular
  7. Shift
  8. Havara
  9. Galactica
  10. I Trance You

Disc 5

  1. Hope
  2. Offside
  3. Agony Aunt
  4. No Resolve
  5. Feel Free
  6. The Spirit Is Justified
  7. Varisuvia
  8. Pressure
  9. Ethnic Prayer
  10. Buruchaca
  11. Ethnic Prayer
  12. Tundra

Disc 6

  1. The Pull
  2. The Finest Funk
  3. Horny Horns
  4. Back by Club Demand
  5. Gimme Pouwa
  6. Span the Globe
  7. Gotcha
  8. The Ultimate
  9. Silence
  10. Forever
  11. Coming on Strong
  12. Bulgarian

Disc 7

  1. Atlantis Shores
  2. Electro Shock
  3. Bug Ie 2000
  4. Trance in Saigon
  5. My Noise
  6. Bewildered
  7. The Secret Spice
  8. Niquest Limit
  9. Illogical Trance
  10. Peace and Love

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Naked Raygun   Track Performer
Praxis   Track Performer
Havana   Track Performer
Hard Attack   Track Performer
Sourmash   Track Performer
Art of Trance   Track Performer
Pablo Gargano   Track Performer
Signum   Track Performer
Mac Zimms   Track Performer
Seafield   Track Performer
Propulsion   Track Performer
Tipple   Track Performer
Silvio Ecomo   Track Performer
Joff Roach   Track Performer
Quietman   Track Performer
Katana   Track Performer
Flytrapp   Track Performer
Ritmo de Vida   Track Performer
P.O.B.   Track Performer
Scott Mac   Track Performer
Skynet UK   Track Performer
Inkfish   Track Performer
Ron Hagen   Track Performer
Mukkaa & Havana   Track Performer
Freak   Track Performer
Revolt   Track Performer
Moogwai   Track Performer
Cabala   Track Performer
A-Lex   Vocals,Track Performer
Havanna Exotica   Track Performer
Dominion   Track Performer
Debbie Kelly   Vocals
Sublime   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Tony Scott   Producer
Jamie Graham   Producer
Nick Muir   Producer
Nick Stevens   Producer
Mike Bell   Producer
Quivver   Remixing
Gus Till   Producer
Simon Berry   Producer
Claudio Giussani   Producer
Scott Schlachter   Executive Producer
Paul Brogden   Producer
Wilf Frost   Producer
Neil Kolo   Producer
Pablo Gargano   Composer
Chris Fortier   Producer,Engineer
Redanka   Producer,Remixing
Tarrentella   Producer,Remixing
M31   Producer
Davie Forbes   Producer
Andy Jarrod   Producer
Anthony Pappa   Producer
Steven McCreery   Producer
CTRL+Chab   Producer
L.P. Elliott-Potter   Producer
Ken Kato   Artwork
Scott Stubbs   Arranger,Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Frederic Vogel   Producer
Chris Cargo   Producer
Nigel Dawson   Producer
Nick Britton   Engineer
Mark Pessoni   Art Direction
Cass Cutbush   Producer
C.R. Bourne   Producer
A. Holt   Producer,Engineer
Rowan Blades   Remixing
Richard Miller   Producer
Barry Gilbey   Producer,Remixing
Richard W.G. Wood   Producer
Asaf Amdursky   Producer
Omri Anghel   Producer
Billy Kiltie   Executive Producer
Mike Monday   Remixing
Andreas Hermansson   Producer

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