Event Horizon [#2]

The Event Horizon [#2]


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City Of Tribes


Album Credits

Performance Credits

APB   Track Performer
Beth Custer   Bass Clarinet,Multi Instruments,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part,Glasses
Geoffrey Gordon   Dumbek,Percussion,Tabla
Barbara Imhoff   Harp,Track Performer,Pedal Harp
Christian Jones   Multi Instruments
Stephen Kent   Percussion,Tuba,Drums,Horn,Multi Instruments,Didjeridu,Track Performer,Hand Clapping,Shaker
John Loose   Percussion,Keyboards,Multi Instruments,Kanjira,Sampling
Candice Pacheco   Voices
Susu Pampanin   Dumbek,Cymbals
Eddy Sayer   Percussion,Drums
Peter Whitehead   Flute,Drums,Rebab
Beasts of Paradise   Track Performer
Kenneth Newby   Gong,Multi Instruments,Sampling,Track Performer,Suling,P'iri
Eda Maxym   Vocals
Kalonica McQuesten   Organ,Piano,Voices
Alex Stahl   Bass,Contrabass (Vocal)
Simon Tassano   Keyboards,Sampling
Patti Clemens   Bass,Marimbas,Vocals,Voices,Chant,Frame Drum
Lights in a Fat City   Track Performer
Rocking Horse People   Track Performer
Michael Feldman   Dumbek
Trance Mission   Group,Track Performer
Jef Stott   Multi Instruments
Tina Blaine   Dumbek,Ashiko Drum
Sonia Drakulich   Voices,Windwand
Greg Barnett   Multi Instruments
Larry Doyle   Guitar
Chase Harlan   Electric Guitar,12-string Guitar
Diana Trimble   Voices
Eric Gorfain   Violin
JY   Drums

Technical Credits

Beth Custer   Producer,Engineer
Oliver di Cicco   Engineer
Christian Jones   Producer,Engineer,Source Recordings
Stephen Kent   Producer
Chuck Kentis   Producer,Engineer
Dave Nelson   Producer
Candice Pacheco   Producer,Engineer,Sample Treatments
David Palmer   Producer,Engineer
Charles Rose   Artwork
Beasts of Paradise   Arranger,Producer
Kenneth Newby   Programming,Producer,Engineer,Contributor,Atmosphere,Sample Editing,Sample Programming,Source Recordings
Alex Stahl   Producer,Engineer
Simon Tassano   Producer,Engineer,Contributor
Patti Clemens   Sound Design,Creative Digital Reinforcement
Lights in a Fat City   Producer
Rocking Horse People   Arranger
Jef Stott   Producer
Sonia Drakulich   Producer
Gregory Kuhn   Sound Design,Creative Digital Reinforcement
David Nelson   Engineer

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