The Evolution Underground

The Evolution Underground

by Anthony J Martin
The Evolution Underground

The Evolution Underground

by Anthony J Martin



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Humans have "gone underground" for survival for thousands of years, from underground cities in Turkey to Cold War-era bunkers. But our burrowing roots go back to the very beginnings of animal life on Earth. Many animal lineages alive now—including our own—only survived a cataclysmic meteorite strike 65 million years ago because they went underground.On a grander scale, the chemistry of the planet itself had already been transformed many millions of years earlier by the first animal burrows which altered whole ecosystems. Every day we walk on an earth filled with an underground wilderness teeming with life. Most of this life stays hidden, yet these animals and their subterranean homes are ubiquitous, ranging from the deep sea to mountains, from the equator to the poles. Burrows are a refuge from predators, a safe home for raising young, or a tool to ambush prey. Burrows also protect animals against all types of natural disasters. Filled with spectacularly diverse fauna, acclaimed paleontologist and ichnologist Anthony Martin reveals this fascinating, hidden world that will continue to influence and transform life on this planet.

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ISBN-13: 9781681773759
Publisher: Pegasus Books
Publication date: 02/07/2017
Format: eBook
Pages: 400
File size: 57 MB
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About the Author

Anthony J. Martin is a professor at Emory University, a paleontologist, geologist, and one of the world’s most accomplished ichnologists. He is the co-discoverer of the first known burrowing dinosaur, found the oldest dinosaur burrows in the geologic record, and documented the best assemblage of polar-dinosaur tracks in the Southern Hemisphere. He is the author of two textbooks on dinosaurs as well as Dinosaurs Without Bones and lives in Atlanta, GA.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Wondrous World of Burrows 1

Chapter 2 Beyond "Cavemen": A Brief History of Humans Underground 15

Chapter 3 Kaleidoscopes of Dug-Out Diversity 47

Chapter 4 Hadean Dinosaurs and Birds Underfoot 81

Chapter 5 Bomb Shelters of the Phanerozoic 115

Chapter 6 Terraforming a Planet, One Hole at a Time 147

Chapter 7 Playing Hide and Seek for Keeps 183

Chapter 8 Rulers of the Underworld 215

Chapter 9 Viva La Evolución: Change Comes from Within 255

Appendix: Genera and Species Mentioned in The Evolution Underground 293

Notes 305

Acknowledgments 393

Index 399

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