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The Ex-Factor: The Complete Do-It-Yourself Post-Divorce Handbook

The Ex-Factor: The Complete Do-It-Yourself Post-Divorce Handbook

by Bernard E. Clair, Anthony Daniele

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Lawyers Clair and Daniele include actual cases in their comprehensive coverage of situations an ``ex''wife or husbandmight face. The advice is sound, delivered in an easily accessible style.As a start, the authors tell how a hard-pressed mother can enforce child-support payments from her delinquent former spouse, without going to court. Financial concerns make up the first half of the book; the second discusses custody and visitation rights. A father denied access to his children can profit by the chapter on how to compel the mother to abide by the arrangement agreed upon. One of the points stressed is that, in demanding redress of grievances, documentation is necessary. Above all, the authors remind divorced couples, a child's welfare must be considered. Appendixes list regional child support enforcement administrations and state courts for postdivorce procedures. Paperback rights to Warner. (July 19)
Library Journal - Library Journal
More limited than its title would suggest, this book deals with the enforcement and modification of alimony and support payments and visitation and custody rights. Very important is the explanation of how much easier it has become in recent years to enforce one's rights in these areas, as laws, particularly those dealing with custody rights, have been strengthened and enforcement agencies have been set up. For the most part, the authors assert, lawyers are not needed. Many case histories are included to provide guidance for custodial parents seeking enforcement as well as for noncustodial parents seeking modifications. Recommended. Anne Twitchell, Mote Ma rine Laboratory Lib., Sarasota, Fla.

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