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The Execution of Justice

The Execution of Justice

4.7 4
by Michael Phelps

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Based on the true story of the murder of a revered Detective Sergeant in the Robbery & Homicide Division of the Indianapolis Police Department, THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE is not an ordinary Detective Novel. In this book, the Author has made every attempt to present the reader with an intimate portrait of the dedicated police officers and detectives who make tremendous


Based on the true story of the murder of a revered Detective Sergeant in the Robbery & Homicide Division of the Indianapolis Police Department, THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE is not an ordinary Detective Novel. In this book, the Author has made every attempt to present the reader with an intimate portrait of the dedicated police officers and detectives who make tremendous personal sacrifices to track down and capture the most violent of criminals to protect the law abiding citizens of the communities they serve. Mike Walsh is promoted from Patrol Officer to Detective in the elite Robbery & Homicide Division of the Indianapolis Police Department. He had been hand-picked by his original Field Training Officer, Detective Sergeant Jack Lovell. Mike's wife of six years, Joanne was excited by the increase in pay and the fact he would have "normal hours". Walsh soon learns he's good at Detective work, and under Jack Lovell's guidance, the team solves several armed robberies and a couple of homicide cases. In February, he & Lovell are assigned a case of what appears to be a gang of spree robbers. With each robbery, the gang becomes more violent. Soon, the gang commit the ultimate crime in the killing of a Brinks Armored Truck Guard. By December, Lovell & Walsh have identified nineteen men and women in the gang. The leaders are three brothers with long criminal records and past violence. Tragedy strikes the team two weeks before Christmas. Walsh's life is turned upside-down. Will he survive?

Editorial Reviews

Karen Hene
"This is the story of Mike Walsh, a policeman and then a Robbery-Homicide detective for the Indianapolis Police Department. The book is based on a true story. The fact that the story took place in Indianapolis was what first drew me to the book. I was born, raised and live in Indianapolis. I enjoyed the book very much and particularly knowing the parts of town where the story took place added to my interest. I could not put the book down!I wanted to know what was going to happen . . . "
Cy Hilterman
"while reading this excellently written story, I felt as though I was beside the police as they performed their daily duties, while on or off duty while trying to keep up a social and family life. I feel I don't have to go into much detail about this book because as you flip from page to page you will come to understand what Michael Phelps is telling us with such detail and vividness. Thank you Michael Phelps for allowing us to read some of the many things our police endure for humanity."
Tony Peters
"For a debut novel, Michael Phelps has outdone himself. "The Execution of Justice" give a in-depth look into the life of a police officer. Mike Walsh must try to balance his work life and his home life, which I can only imagine must be extremely difficult for an officer of the law.I found this book to be an insightful read and loved how much I learned about police life. It was very realist6ic, making it very clear that Michael Phelps has experience in the investigative field."

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Meet the Author

Michael Phelps retired as Chief Investigator for a prominent Miami (FL)Law firm specializing in Criminal Defense. He Co-Authored 'DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE" with the iconic actor's first wife, ELLIE JANSSEN. The book was first published in Decvember of 1994 in Hardecover, with Paperback Editions following in 1995, 1996 and 1997. The book sold in excess of 1.2 Million copies world-wide. Based on the success of "DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE", upon retirning from the Law firm, Mr. Phelps chose to embark on the challenging career of being a Writer. In his debut novel, THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE, he has created the "Mike Walsh Detective Novels" series. The second novel in the series, with the working title "THE JOCKEY'S JUSTICE" is based on an actual murder case he worked on for the Law firm. It is a roler-coaster ride into the sleazy underbelly of the 'Sport of Kings'. This is scheduled for release by Blue Line Publishing House, Inc. in November, 2010 in Paperback Edition and E-Book Edition. Mr. Phelps released the Fourth Edition of "DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE" in July of 2009, and based on the renewed interest, he has been inspired by many of David's friends and many, many of his loyal fans to write a new book about his friend. "DAVID JANSSEN - CONFIDENTIAL Conversations With A Friend" is expected to be released in December of 2010 by Blue Line Publishing House, Inc. in Hardcover and E-Book Edition. Mr. Phelps is a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force where he served in the Military Police-Combat Defense Forces. He is divorced and splits his time between his home in Miami, Florida and New York City with his German Shepherd dog, Rico der Hunter III.

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The Execution Of Justice 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
grumpydan More than 1 year ago
My thoughts"Execution of Justice" is not a fast paced thriller, but an evenly flowing drama. Michael Phelps first novel shows what it is like to be a cop, both professionally and personally. While Detective Mike Walsh succeeds at his job, he fails at his marriage. While the portrayal of being on the job and dealing with criminals is fine, when Phelps writes about the home life of the detective, there is too much that doesn't need to be there, like the too much detail in what he eats, when and if he has sex. I don't know if he was trying to show how mundane his personal life was as compared to how stressful the job was. I just felt it slowed the story. Also, it is stated that this is the first of the "Detective Mike Walsh" series. If so, there has to be more conflict which builds up to a climax to keep me interested, as opposed to reading what essential is a journal of the character's life. Otherwise, it's a good start.
JR3085 More than 1 year ago
Mike Walsh's destiny to be a crime fighter is threatened in this interesting story of a police officer in a mental war with himself. In the aftermath of an officer involved shooting Mike gets promoted to detective. His new duties are not that much different than his old duties. He is still at the daily grind of fighting crime, and taking his daily intake of coffee and donuts, all while risking his life. But his overtime has spiked so much that he's almost never home. Joanne, Mike's 24/7 stay at home housewife who doesn't drive, feels she doesn't see Mike enough. When Mike's partner, and long time friend, Jack is killed in the line of duty Joanne is worried that Mike may be next. She wants him to resign. Mike, busy canceling crimes everyday is faithful to his wife, but enjoys his life as a cop. Joanne's mother, Maria takes a flight to visit Joanne. Joanne feels her mother is too important to take a bus or taxi to the house. Joanne employs Mike to leave work during an investigation and pick Maria up at the airport, and he is more than happy to do so. The next day, Mike comes home and finds the house empty. His wife and mother-in-law have left, and there is a "Dear John" letter waiting for him. As a result, Mike's destiny changes. An invaluable tale all too common in law enforcement.
alanMR More than 1 year ago
I just read this book and found it to be exciting. It gave me an insight into how cops work, and their personal side as well. Parts are sad, but it shows dedication on the part of the detective characters. I could easily visualize what was going on in the plot. I really enjoyed it, and hope for more by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago