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The Executioner (The Family Creed, #1)

The Executioner (The Family Creed, #1)

4.8 17
by Shauna Allen

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~ Five brothers, one family tragedy, untold heartache. ~

A stray bullet ended my Army career, forcing me to follow in my father’s prison guard footsteps.

My sister’s disappearance ten years ago annihilated my family, forcing each of us to find a way to cope.

But I’ve survived. Adapted.

At least until


~ Five brothers, one family tragedy, untold heartache. ~

A stray bullet ended my Army career, forcing me to follow in my father’s prison guard footsteps.

My sister’s disappearance ten years ago annihilated my family, forcing each of us to find a way to cope.

But I’ve survived. Adapted.

At least until Genevieve Stone showed up, digging into the truth in the name of journalism and finding her way deep under my skin. I’m determined to do whatever it takes to find my sister, but when the case is blown wide open by the sexy reporter, I’m left with the ultimate question . . . can I trust her?

I’m a soldier, heart and soul.

I don’t do love.

War and death and pain are my church.

My name is Asher Creed.

I am the Executioner.

***Reader note: This is the first of a 6-part emotional family saga series. Each story is 100% male first-person point-of-view, and while each full-length novel is guaranteed to have a complete HEA romance, their family mystery remains unsolved until the end of the series.

***Due to profanity, mild violence and very strong sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Also, please note the title. The hero is, in fact, an executioner on death row. While there is no intent to make any social or political statements, please do not read if this will be offensive to you.

Catch the rest of the Creed boys (and girl) very, very soon!

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Shauna Allen
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Family Creed , #1
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The Executioner (The Family Creed, #1) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
KimberlyDawn55 4 days ago
This book grabs you from the start and won't let go. Asher works as an executioner, and he sees some pretty nasty stuff. But nothing is worse than what his family is going through. Gen helps bring peace to Asher's heart, but she can only do so much. It's been so long, will they ever get answers? The emotions flow through this book right into your soul. I highly recommend this book.
FizzaYounis 11 days ago
This book is everything the author promised, an emotional, hot, and steamy romance. This is a very intense read, full of drama, intrigue, heartache, and lots of love. Creed family has experienced tragedy and they've all been touched by it. Parents who are still hoping to find their daughter even after ten years, and five brothers who simply cannot forget their sister. This is their loss and they live with it every day. Asher Creed is the eldest. He is an executioner who is living up to his father's name. He is respected by his colleagues and inmates alike. Sometimes it's not easy to deal with his job, he is a compassionate man but he tries his best. It was not his first choice but an injury left his dreams unfulfilled so here he is. Genevieve is a journalist. She is writing about a criminal who was executed recently. That's how they meet. What is supposed to be an impersonal interview soon leads to a very personal relationship. When Asher's mother asks Gen's help to write their sister's story she is happy to help. Soon the family will have to visit old pain, and unhealed wounds will be reopened. But together The Family Creed can deal with anything. I loved both Gen and Asher. They're perfect for each other, two people who have learned to keep their pain close to heart, letting anyone in will not be easy for them. Soon they will have to understand that they're no longer alone, they can have each other and that might just be enough. This book is amazing and I'm sure that rest of the series will be just as good.
XIaguan 11 days ago
Wow! What a roller coaster of emotions. Gen and Ash are amazing people and they find their HEA but the other story is amazing! This is the first book in a series.....and I usually don't like books with cliffhangers I would recommend this book to anyone! There is some definite heat if you shy away from stories with heat.
DawnInFL 12 days ago
The Executioner is an amazing start to Shauna Allen's new series, The Family Creed. She introduces us to the family in such a way that we get emotionally attached from the very beginning. A family tragedy has them broken, but surviving, each in their own way. The depth of emotion in each character and how they handle it is heart wrenching, but also hopeful as they never give up. Though it can be a little dark in places, it is full of love and hope that the characters never let go of, and because of that, neither can you. Asher and Genevieve are both broken in their own ways. They are connected under a very difficult and emotional situation. Their attraction is immediate and strong. Though they fight it at first, they give it a try. Neither of them believe in forever love, but agree to give "now" a shot. As they continue to get closer and their emotions run deeper they both have doubts. I loved their honesty with each other, and watching their connection and love grow. As that happens you can see the broken pieces in both of them slowly knitting themselves back together. They are stronger together than apart, and when they finally realize that they really aren't broken, and let their belief in forever love finally come out it is so beautiful to watch. This is a series that you are going to want to read. It will drag you in and hold onto you from the first page to the last. I can't wait for the next book in the series.
SarahSmith 12 days ago
Shauna Allen has been a favorite of mine since I first read Inked by an Angel! She writes the most believable characters, that you can't help becoming invested in their lives. This is the start of the Family Creed series. Asher Creed (who was introduced in Awakening Aubrey) is a death row executioner that meets his match in true crime reporter Genevieve Stone. The Creed families youngest and only daughter disappeared over ten years ago without a trace, until Genevieve's story about the Creeds is published. Now some new information surfaces which may or may not lead them to Claire's whereabouts. This is the first in a six part series.
Momma_Becky 12 days ago
This is the first book I've read by this author and I'm hooked. It's very well-written and the story drew me in from the beginning. The pain this family has endured is heartwrenching, yet through it all, Asher finds some hope with Gen. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the main character being an executioner, but it's very well done and the characters are so real, they practically leap off the page. This is probably one of the best series starters that I've had the privilege of reading.
Crystal_Yawn 15 days ago
Executioner Shauna Allen 5 stars A family of hot, Creed men in pain needs someone to heal them… right? I volunteer as tribute !! This series is going to be awesome! The drama/mystery is real, intense and heartbreaking as the Creed family tries to discover what happened with their baby sister 10 years ago. The mystery is not solved in the first book and I have a feeling will not be solved until her twin Silas gets his story. For this I curse the author, I have zero patience right now wanting to know what happens in the search for Claire As for the Executioner!!!! Asher is hot, broody, emotional and a really great guy. Ex army ranger he's strong and as the oldest Creed brother, helps keep the family moving. Genevieve (great, uncommon name) writes criminal news. She witty and outgoing but is that hiding something deeper? It was a lot of fun learning more about this woman and seeing her grow as an emotional person. The Creed clan is amazing and large, the love in this story goes beyond just the H/h relationship and the sex is hot with a slight bit of domenering kink! Can't wait for the next book!
MaryJoMI 15 days ago
Compelling. The Executioner pulled me in on page 1 and kept me enthralled from page to page. We meet the Creed family as Asher, oldest son, tells us his story. This is an amazing family, that has supported and loved each other over the years but when a tragedy happens, their sister disappears, it shakes their foundation. Asher found purpose in the military until an injury sent him home. Losing that career really altered his direction, to me he was lost. He became a prison guard, following in his father’s footsteps and ended up working death row. I marvel at his ability to work in that environment while he stays true to himself and all his wonderfully sexy and endearing alpha tendencies. When he meets Genevieve Stone, well, she is that perfect foil to his gruff exterior. She doesn’t take his crap and really forces him to look at the world around him. I loved Genevieve’s strength, as a journalist she challenges herself to write the tough stories with integrity. Through her work, she gets to meet the entire Creed family. Genevieve is just as complex as Asher is and it was wonderful as they each revealed parts of themselves that they found similarities that they shared. The true challenge will be if Asher and Genevieve can open themselves to love. I enjoyed every moment of this intense, drama filled and sexy journey. So excited to experience the rest of the Creed family’s saga.
RobynKFLNJ 15 days ago
Asher Creed is a prison guard and executioner who has a chance encounter with reporter Genevieve Stone. She wants the scoop on a recent execution, and after much thought, he gives her the bare bones facts. They both experienced traumatic events in their past. The disappearance of Asher's sister Claire 10 years ago has torn his family apart, yet the search for answers has also brought them closer together. This is the first installment in the series of the Creed Brothers. I absolutely loved this book with all its twists and turns, I couldn't put it down, and I didn't want it to end. I learned a lot about each member of the family, and why they act the way they do. I loved the family dynamic, and the relationship Asher forms with Genevieve brought this book to another level of excitement that took my breath away. Shauna Allen is a phenomenal author and I highly recommend The Executioner. I'm craving more of this series, and can't wait to read all of the brother's stories. If I could give this book more than five stars, I would!
Nicolerko 15 days ago
This is the first book in Shauna Allen's new series and it has me so intrigued. The family tragedy just tugs at my heart and it leaves me wanting the next book because I want to know what happened. I'm holding out hope as a reader and for the Creed family. This book like the ones to follow are from the hero's point of view. I always say it's such an intriguing way to view a romance book. I was sucked right in and it has me feeling like I'm part of the family. It has a ton of emotion coming from everywhere. Asher has so much going on inside of him and then Genevieve comes into his life. It may be fate working in a mysterious way because Asher just might have found the one woman who can change his bachelor heart. My heart goes out to Genevieve because she too had some heartbreaking events happen to her. Seeing her interact with the Creed family did my heart good. I'm eagerly waiting for the next book in the series.
MJHughes12 16 days ago
Wow! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this one and I can’t say enough about the story that Shauna Allen has put together. There was romance, there was mystery, and there was drama, all of which served to lay the foundation of telling the story of the Creed family – a story I can’t wait to see unravel and unfold! I really loved the romance between to Asher and Genevieve. Two broken people who find each other and offer just what the other needs, when they need it. I liked that these two didn’t play games with their attraction for one another, they pretty much put it out there and acted on it. And when things start to get more real between them, and they both realize that maybe happy for now might turn into happy ever after, it was beautiful watching these two find that happiness, something neither of them thought they would ever deserve and had never let themselves hope to find. And Asher…*sigh*…even though he wasn’t perfect, he was real and sweet and could definitely bring the heat (and maybe even a little kink!)…and it was hard not to fall in love with him! In addition to telling Asher and Genevieve’s story, we get to meet the Creed family, a family that has suffered a great loss and can’t seem to move past the pain. They go through the motions of living, but they are all a bit broken, and rather than open up to each other to heal, they have all found their own coping mechanisms. The author has done such a fabulous job introducing us to each of the characters and giving just enough of each of them to have me anxiously awaiting the next book in this series to come out. And using a male first person POV...well played, Ms. Allen! (And thank you for not making us wait too long for the next book!) Shauna Allen has started this series off with a story that runs the gamut of emotions but still leaves you feeling like you have been wrapped up in a warm hug. The writing displayed emotion that was real and made you feel like you were part of the story and not just reading a book. I highly recommend this book - it's become one of my top reads this year, and if the rest of this series is half as good they will all make my top reads list! This is one series that is worth checking out!
xrayer0 16 days ago
~ Five brothers, one family tragedy, untold heartache. ~ The first Creed brother we meet is Asher. He works in the local prison after a career ending injury in the Army. When approached by Genevieve to do a interview on a inmate on death row he is wary and turns her down. He finally agrees and this leads to some sexual tension with the sexy reporter. Genevieve was a genuine character. She has some secrets in her past and because of this focuses on reporting on true crimes. When Asher and her start a relationship his family asks her to revive the story of Asher's sisters disappearance. The family want's closure but will this just bring them more heartache? The disappearance of Claire put a wedge in the Creed family. As they all try to cope with the pain they try to become closer as a family. When new evidence in found will it lead to some answers? Ms. Allen always writes a great story with characters that bring out the feelings. Her stories flow so that you feel like you are right there among the characters feeling the pain and the happiness. There is just the right amount of family, friendship, love, heartache and turmoil to keep you turning the pages. This is only the first book and I am already counting down the days until we meet the rest of the Creed brothers. I know it will be a nail biting time until we find the truth about Claire's disappearance. I voluntarily read an advanced copy of this book.
Rhondaz 16 days ago
The Executioner by Shauna Allen.......10 PERFECTION STARS!!! Where do I begin, Shauna Allen has given us a page turning beautiful story about heartbroken families. This is one of those books you are glued to from the first word until the end with all all the suspense/mystery, heartache, love and fantastic characters. I am in love with Asher Creed ex army due to injury and now a hot prison guard, can you say new book boyfriend. Genevieve is a beautiful journalist writing a piece on a death row inmate. These two meet and let the sparks and story begin. I am so excited for this series. Shauna Allen is such a beautiful storyteller, she is one of my favorite authors of all times. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
JaneN17 16 days ago
This story was everything I thought it would be and more!! Two lost souls finding each other to begin the path of healing together. This story is a deep, emotionally charged and heart wrenching romance with hope and redemption as the outcome. This book will definitely give you a book hangover but I recommend you don't want to pass it over!! This is a 10 star romance no doubt!
Peachey04 16 days ago
Such a great start to what I know will be a terrific series! The authors writing is exceptional, well thought out and flows along nicely. The story line is full of hot sexy men, mystery and growing love. I loved this story and look forward to more! I voluntarily read and reviewed this book; all opinions expressed are my own.
MsChris1161 16 days ago
THE EXECUTIONER starts off Shauna Allen's new series, The Family Creed with a heartfelt introduction from the perspective of Asher Creed, the oldest brother. The 10 years of pain and loss this family has dealt with ever since their sister's sudden and unsolved disappearance is the backbone of the story and of the series. Genevieve Stone is an investigative journalist covering an execution at the prison where Asher works. When she stops him for an interview they both feel an immediate attraction. Gen has had some serious heartbreak in her own life which helps her relate to the pain Asher's experiencing. But she has also moved on enough from it to help him begin to live again. These two were great together. Ms. Allen writes a compelling story with fully developed characters and a perfectly paced plot. The dialogue is realistic and well-written. I was definitely drawn into the mystery and the love story. Looking forward to more. 4 stars ~Complimentary copy received. Opinions expressed in this review are my own.
Guitarmomma19 16 days ago
Asher and his family have been through torment the past ten years. After their baby sister goes missing without a trace they've slowly given up hope. But a chance meeting with Genevieve Stone is about to change all of that. Never did Gen think that covering a story about a death row murderers execution would change her life. But that's exactly what happened. Asher is bigger than life. And she can't fight the feelings he brings out in her. Or the trust he and his family place in her. Write a story about Claire. Only hoping something helps this family she's come to care about she agrees. With her own family secrets she does what she does best. And they all pray for something to happen. But neither she or Asher were really ready for what becomes of them. Neither ever having the overwhelming feelings or love they embark on a romance that is all encompassing and more than they expected. Explosive chemistry, a melding of their minds, hearts and bodies this start of the Creed series makes me crave more! A mystery spanning ten years, will we ever find out what happened to Claire??