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The Faithful Parent: A Biblical Guide to Raising a Family

The Faithful Parent: A Biblical Guide to Raising a Family

by Martha Peace, Stuart Scott
Parents and children need a lot of help from the One who is perfect and who understands our need—God himself. Peace and Scott emphasize your family's most important relationship: its relationship with God.


Parents and children need a lot of help from the One who is perfect and who understands our need—God himself. Peace and Scott emphasize your family's most important relationship: its relationship with God.

Editorial Reviews

Tedd Tripp
"The Faithful Parent provides the comprehensive help that parents need. Martha Peace and Stuart Scott have done for parenting what their earlier books did for the roles of a husband and a wife. . . . The book you are holding is an outstanding resource. The authors are seasoned Christians who are safe spiritual guides. They are full of the hope and grace of the gospel. They are wise in their understanding of the nature of the Christian life. They are insightful in their understanding of the needs of children and the difficulties of being a faithful parent. They are mature in their application of the Bible and its message to the challenges of raising children. This will be a timeless resource for faithful parents."

Wayne A. Mack
"On numerous occasions, I have been asked to recommend a biblically-based book that would provide guidelines for parenting during the different phases of a child’s life. When that request has come, I could think of a number of books that give solid biblical counsel on general biblical principles for parenting in every period of a child’s life. However, I could not think of one biblically based book that does as thoroughly what Stuart and Martha have done in The Faithful Parent.
They cover the "water front" of biblical parenting from infancy to adolescence and then even deal with some special cases such as single parenting, blended family situations, being a grandparent, and how to handle those times when things don’t go as planned.
Now, with the publication of The Faithful Parent, when someone asks me to recommend a biblically-based book that provides practical guidelines for parenting in the different phases of a child’s life, I am glad that I can, and do, wholeheartedly recommend this book as an answer to their quest and question. Thank you Stuart and Martha for providing a parenting book that is biblical, practical and specific.

John and Marilyn Sherman
"This is not your average parenting book - it will give younger and older parents hope and help in understanding biblical principles and how to apply them to their individual parenting situations.
This book can also be especially encouraging to parents whose adult children have strayed from the faith they once embraced. It is a call to remain faithful to God’s Word in the form of daily applications which can help any believing parent to continue to be a godly influence in the lives of their wayward children.
We highly recommend “The Faithful Parent” to all, and especially to those who do not yet have children, as they will be greatly impacted in learning to raise children for the glory of God.
Lance Quinn
“I am so pleased to recommend your reading of this wonderful book, The Faithful Parent. As parents of eight children, my wife and I greatly value such helpful, practical books which especially seek to set our parenting task squarely within the context of the Christian gospel.
I so appreciate the authors’ desire to start (and end through an expanded appendix) the book with a strong effort to frame their entire parental approach around the truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection for sinners like us and our children.
Frankly, without a clear and compelling spiritual focus for parents within the milieu of shattered, broken lives like ours and our children’s, which are then sovereignly and graciously brought to Christ and His truth, our parenting can quickly become nothing more than mere religious sloganeering and token moralism.
Further, this kind of popular mechanical approach even to so-called “Christian parenting” these days actually loses sight of the goal for all truly Christian parenting that God would be glorified in all things and that we as parents would strive to discipline and instruct our kids “in the Lord.” This God-centered, Christ-exalting, Scripture-based teaching on parenting is what excites me about The Faithful Parent. Read this excellent book with an anticipated joy and believe me, you won’t be disappointed!”
R. Albert Mohler
Parenting has never been easy, but in today's postmodern confusion it is an even greater challenge. Stuart Scott and Martha Peace combine conviction and compassion as they offer keen biblical insights on the task of parenting. Every parent needs to be constantly learning parenting from the Word of God. Stuart Scott and Martha Peace are trustworthy guides parents will learn to trust. Blessed are the children whose parents read this book.

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Meet the Author

Martha Peace is a certified biblical counselor and conference speaker, as well as a best-selling author. She lives with her husband, Sanford, in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Stuart Scott (MDiv, Grace Theological Seminary; DMin, Covenant Theological Seminary) is a board member of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors and associate professor of biblical counseling at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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