The Fifth Kingdom

The Fifth Kingdom

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by Caridad Piñeiro

Dr. Deanna Vasquez hasn't spoken to her mother in years, not since the renowned archaeologist abandoned her family in her quest to find the lost tomb of Montezuma. When CIA agent Bill Santana shows up in her classroom with the news that her mother has been abducted by terrorists, Deanna has to help in any way she can.

Bill needs Deanna's expertise to

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Dr. Deanna Vasquez hasn't spoken to her mother in years, not since the renowned archaeologist abandoned her family in her quest to find the lost tomb of Montezuma. When CIA agent Bill Santana shows up in her classroom with the news that her mother has been abducted by terrorists, Deanna has to help in any way she can.

Bill needs Deanna's expertise to determine the location of her mother's latest find, before her kidnappers do. He fears whatever mysteries the tomb holds could be deadly in the wrong hands. In an effort to make contact with the terrorist cell, Bill accompanies Deanna to Mexico posing as her fiancé—a ruse made doubly dangerous because of the very real heat between them...

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A man in black at your door was never a good thing, Deanna Vasquez thought as she watched her students shuffle past the brawny man with the nearly black buzz-cut hair stationed at the entrance to her classroom. He had one hand clasped over his wrist and resting on a lean midsection in a classic pose. When coupled with the midnight-colored suit, it screamed law enforcement.

Handsome in a deadly and dangerous kind of way, she supposed, as she examined him from the corner of her eye. His face was all sharp lines chiseled into granite. His creamy skin showed traces of a heavy beard and his eyes were the color of the ocean during a tempest.

That stormy gaze never shifted from her as the teens filed by and shot him a combination of amused and uneasy looks.

She was certain her own features reflected her discomfort when she finally gave him her full attention.

"May I help you?" she called out.

"May I come in?" he asked, his voice a melodious baritone that might have been pleasant in some other situation. She ignored the way the low timbre of it strummed alive something within her.

"Would it make a difference if I said 'No'?" she asked and arched her brow in emphasis.

"No," he said with a rueful shake of his head. He walked into the room, his strides purposeful. When he reached the edge of her desk, he once again stood there, hands held before him, everything about him outwardly calm and yet shimmering with ominous energy below the surface.

He was lethally large, with thick muscles through his shoulders and chest, and big powerful thighs. The suit hid most of his midsection, but she imagined it would be as solid as a tree trunk given the rest of him.

She was used to slighter, more scholarly, sorts and his size intimidated, but she suspected that's what he wanted. It was probably what he needed to deal with most of the people he met in his line of business.

She pulled her attention away from the bulkiness of him and concentrated on filling her briefcase with the end-of-year essays her pupils had turned in at the beginning of the class.

"Dr. Vasquez, I presume," he said and finally held out his hand. Big, blunt-fingered and powerful. A large crescent-shaped scar marred the skin on one knuckle.

Swinging the now bulging briefcase from her desk, she stared down at his hand for a long moment, but didn't shake it. Not a fan of authority figures, she had no desire to make his acquaintance in any way, shape or form.

He finally dropped it and once again assumed his militarily precise posture. Hands steady. Legs braced slightly apart. Back ramrod straight. His posture communicating that he had no intention of going anywhere until he was good and ready.

Lifting her gaze to meet his since he was a good six inches taller than her middling height, she asked, "Who are you and what do you want?"

"Are you always so distrustful?" he stated blandly, although his mouth quirked with a hint of dissatisfaction.

She tried to brush past him, but he lifted a rock hard arm the way a barrier might snap down at a toll plaza. Following the line of his arm up along the clean dark fabric of his suit, she realized that much like the toll, her freedom would require some kind of payment.

"How can I help you, Mr...?" She paused, waiting for him to identify himself.

"Special Agent Santana," he said, dropped his arm, reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a badge which he flashed in front of her face.

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Caridad Pineiro is the USA TODAY and NY Times bestselling paranormal romance and romantic suspense author of over twenty-five novels. When not writing, Caridad is a mother, wife and attorney. For more information on Caridad, please visit

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The Fifth Kingdom 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
lrhubble More than 1 year ago
Contemporary, New York & Mexico Dr. Deanna Vasquez hasn't seen her renowned archeologist mother since she was child. Deanna's mother was obsessed with finding Montezuma's tomb and left the family behind in her quest to find it. Now a CIA agent comes into Deanna's life to tell her that her mother has been kidnapped by terrorists. Now Deanna is going to have to find a way to help the mother she hasn't seen in years and rescue her. Guillermo "Bill" Santana is a CIA agent and he has been assigned the task of finding Deanna's mother and saving her from the terrorists that have her before they can use what she has found to their benefit. Bill is good at his job but he is suddenly finding it difficult to do a job he has never had trouble doing before. What Bill and Deanna never expected was their attraction to each other and how that was going to interfere with the mission they are on. As Bill poses as Deanna's fiancée to draw out the terrorists so that they can stop them from getting what just might be deadly in the wrong hands. The item that Deanna's mother found that caused her to be kidnapped in the first time. It will be a race against time to get to the discovery before the terrorists do and before they get rid of Deanna's mother too. This is a story that has an interesting premise that will draw the reader into the story without letting go. The story is fast paced and comes to life as the reader gets into the story. The story has some wonderful twists that will keep the reader turning the pages. This is one story that the reader will not be disappointed in once they start reading it.
AAR More than 1 year ago
RATING:4.5)THE FIFTH KINGDOM by Caridad Pineiro is an exciting suspense set in Mexico City.The characters will capture your heart and hope for more.They are engaging, sexy, and very determined. The plot is easy to follow,well written with depth and details. We have a sexy CIA,an adventurous professor,and possible mystical power ancient relic.This story has everything a reader could want.It has romance,sweet sensuality,mystery,suspense,torture to some degree,love,facing the past,longing for love,peace and happiness.It is fast paced,page turner that will have your heart pumping and you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last. The hero,Bill Santana,a CIA agent,sexy,handsome,and on a mission to locate and bring home Deanna's mother.The heroine,Dr. Deanna Vasquez,is beautiful,a professor,the daughter of the renowned archaeologist,whom she has not spoken to in years,Since her mother abandoned her and her father years prior. Her mother is not only a renowned archaeologist, but also has possibly found the Tome of Montezuma.She has been kidnapped and tortured by terrorist who will stop at nothing to have what may have been found in the Tomb.Thus enter Special Agent Bill Santana and Dr. Deanna Vasquez.Together they will follow the leads to Mexico City,battle terrorists,found themselves,discover the secret of the Tomb of Montezuma,stop fighting their attraction for each other,have passion, and fall in love.This is an action packed story."Fifth Kingdom" is a treasure,a keeper,and a must read.I won this book and would highly recommend it to all mystery,suspense,and romance readers.Also,if you enjoy a little Indiana Jones in the mix you will definitely enjoy this one.Details for this book can be found at Carina Press and My Book Addiction And More.