The Final Seven

The Final Seven

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by Erica Spindler

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The first Saturday in July. . . A missing coed . . .The number seven carved into her door . . .

The countdown has begun.


New Orleans Detective Micki Dee Dare is a seasoned, no-nonsense cop. She doesn't need a partner, especially not Zach “Hollywood” Harris, an


The first Saturday in July. . . A missing coed . . .The number seven carved into her door . . .

The countdown has begun.


New Orleans Detective Micki Dee Dare is a seasoned, no-nonsense cop. She doesn't need a partner, especially not Zach “Hollywood” Harris, an irreverent charmer, fresh out of an experimental FBI program. And her assignment — keep him alive while he fights crime using the special skills he brings to the table — is not what she signed up for. But the die has been cast and there's nothing she can do about it.

Micki soon realizes there's more to her partner than meets the eye—and more at stake than catching bad guys and closing cases. There’s a new kind of evil at work the Crescent City, more cunning, more powerful than any she’s ever encountered. And she and Zach may be the only ones who can stop it.

As another coed goes missing and the darkness closes in, Micki must face a terrifying truth: this time she might not make it. This time the evil they’re facing might destroy them all . . .

Full of surprise twists and unexpected turns, The Final Seven is a heart-pounding thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

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From the Publisher
"Edgy and charged with atmosphere, The Final Seven is exactly what a supernatural thriller should be: a battle royale for the human soul. Spindler knows her stuff."
--Laura Benedict, author of Charlotte's Story and Bliss House.

"[New Orleans is city with a magnificent, shadowy heart, and Erica Spindler has her finger on its unearthly pulse.]The Final Seven makes the impossible believable: occult forces of evil are gunning for us, and only those with extraordinary heart can defeat them. Spindler is the new dark mistress of the supernatural thriller, and I can't wait to read more."
--Laura Benedict, author of Charlotte's Story and Bliss House.

"Erica Spindler has long been an innovator, but she's created something truly special with this debut in her new thriller series, THE FINAL SEVEN. Engrossing, exciting, and genuinely scary, Spindler takes you on a relentless ride that doesn't let up until the last line. I can't wait to read the next Lightkeepers installment featuring Detectives Michaela Dare and Zach Harris - Spindler has created a partnership for the ages."
--J.T. Ellison, NYT bestselling author of WHAT LIES BEHIND

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Erica Spindler
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Lightkeepers , #1
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5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

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Meet the Author

Erica Spindler is the New York Times and International chart bestselling author of thirty-two novels and three eNovellas. Spindler's skill for crafting engrossing plots and compelling characters has earned both critical praise and legions of fans. Published in 25 countries, her stories have been lauded as "thrill-packed page turners," "edge-of-your-seat whodunits," and she's been called "The Master of Addictive Suspense" and "The Queen of the Romantic Thriller."
Raised in Rockford, Illinois, Erica had planned on being an artist, earning a BFA from Delta State University and an MFA from the University of New Orleans in the visual arts. Her future took a turn when in bed with a cold, she picked up a romance novel and was immediately hooked. She soon decided to try to write one herself. She leaped from romance to suspense with her novel Forbidden Fruit, and found her true calling.
Spindler has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Award for excellence, the Kiss of Death Award, and a Publishers Weekly Listen Up Award. Spindler is a Romance Writers of America Honor Roll member, and a four-time RITA® Award finalist.
Spindler lives just outside New Orleans, Louisiana, with her husband and two sons and is busy at work on her next thriller.

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The Final Seven 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not suspenseful..not thrilling..boring
MyndiL More than 1 year ago
I won a copy of this book from the GoodReads Giveaways program. I really enjoyed the idea of this story and this world. The characters were very well developed, you felt as if you'd gotten to know the main characters pretty well by the end of the book. It's also mixed two genres which I do love to read, cop mysteries and paranormal. If you like either one, I think you'd be a fan of this book. I also really loved the dynamic between the two main characters Zach and Micki. They played well off one another and as I was reading, I could just see this sort of Cop TV show playing out in my head. Bringing in the paranormal aspect of the story just enhanced it for me...people with special abilities beyond our understanding intrigues me and the fight of good vs. evil will never get boring. The ending made it obvious there would be more to the story, but not such a cliffhanger that we're left annoyed until book 2 comes out. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and any readers of either genre.
Marie Heiston More than 1 year ago
The Queen of suspense has done it again. She had stepped into the realm of the paranormal. What a great decision she made. The Final Seven has it all! Suspense, great characters, sex appeal, a page turning work of greatness. Pour a glass of wine, Sat in your favorite spot and let your imagination take you to New Orleans. Enjoy this book of greatness that leaves you wanting more. Enjoy your purchase!
Pammi1576 More than 1 year ago
Micki Dare is a no nonsense, bang their heads together cop in New Orleans. Zach is a pretty boy from California who never thought he'd become a cop. They become partners and are like oil and water. She's told that he's part of a new program and she gets to become his new "babysitter". As they catch their first case she gets her first taste of how different he really is. As they travel the fine line between real and paranormal, they realize they need to work together to find all the pieces of why girls are disappearing. This is a new genre for Erica Spindler. It will totally suck you in and make you not want to put it down!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Det Micki Dare is a tough no nonsense kinda cop who has worked hard to get to where she is in the police department. When she is ordered to partner with a new guy she wants no part of this start up program the FBI has convinced the boss they need to be a part of. He is part of a new type of investigator the call the "Sixers" and they have special talents. They they get their first murder case and it all goes sideways from there. Great read. I would like to thank the Publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this ARC.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Erica Spindler has done it again! This is a little different than her usual writing; I enjoyed the changes. The Final Seven had some really interesting plot twists. I love to start with a good murder and finish with friends (characters), you know, like the ones you invite to your home for a barbeque and a glass of wine. Micki, you're welcome any time, but bring that Nova!
NancyNA More than 1 year ago
I love this book. The characters are likeable and strong. I like the story line and where the book is going. The fact that it takes place in New Oreans makes it even better. I can't wait to read the other books and see where the sory takes us next. It can only get deeper and more crazy as the plot and crimes get more and more strange.
Ratbruce More than 1 year ago
A great new series from Erika Spindler. A real nice combination of police drama and supernatural thriller with just the right amount of humor and romance. Strongly recommended.
Deb-Krenzer More than 1 year ago
Erica Spindler has gone and changed genre's on us and I loved it!! Known for her romantic suspense novels or just plain suspense, she takes a step into the paranormal side. Thankfully, there are no vampires or werewolves. Her latest book, first in a series, takes place in New Orleans and deals with rough, tough, take no prisoners female detective who just happens to look like a blonde Angelina Jolie. Now I've seen a blonde Angelina Jolie in "Girl Interrupted" and frankly, that girl scared me. HA! She's set up with a new partner who resembles but is better looking than Bradley Cooper (impossible) who just happens to have a sixth sense and can feel things normal humans can't. It's a fight between the light and the dark side. And, it's the beginning of a new unit for the NOPD which is highly secret and definitely under cover. I can tell you once I began reading this book, I took a liking to both these characters and the story just grabbed me. I could not put it down. Paranormal is not my normal genre, per se, but I have and will read it. Ms. Spindler put a twist into this one that truly made it believable for me and entertaining. I can't recommend this one enough. It's available 2/11/16. Having read this one, I already look forward to the next one! Huge thanks to Erica Spindler books for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. 5 likes ·
Caroles_Random_Life More than 1 year ago
I have some mixed feelings about this book. There were a lot of things that I did like but there were times that the story dragged for me. I just never really got sucked into the story. It wasn't a bad book in any way but it was a book that I found really easy to set aside. I thought it was okay and think that future books in the series may be a bit more enjoyable for me. This book really laid the groundwork for a new series. A series with a bit of paranormal to be more precise. As is often the case, there was a lot of framework for the series to be put into place. The basic premise was built around a new group of crime fighters from the FBI called the "Sixers". This program is comprised of individuals with a sixth sense or some kind of special ability. The idea is to pair these agents with regular police detectives to solve crimes. Micki is a no non-sense kind of cop. She is dedicated to her job and takes it very seriously. When she is chosen to be paired with the new officer from the secret "Sixers" program, she thinks it is a joke. When she meets her new partner, Zach, she is less than impressed but does her best to follow orders. Unfortunately, Zach doesn't always do things according to protocol and tends to follow his gut. He has some pretty useful gifts which he doesn't hesitate to use. There was a lot of excitement in the book but nothing that really blew me away. There are quite a few mysteries to solve in this story with missing girls, a murder, and some unknown entities. The characters were interesting but I never felt any connection with any of them. I think that there may have been too much going on in this book in some ways. I think that if the focus could have been narrowed down a bit the characters could have been a little more fully developed and I would have been more engaged in the story. I would recommend this book. I am looking forward to future installments in this series. I think that the premise is really interesting and as the series progresses the characters should become a little easier to relate to. I received an advance reader edition of this book from Erica Spindler Books via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review.
Georgine Dorman More than 1 year ago
I received an advance e-copy of this book to review Definitely another winner from Erica. I loved how the story had suspense, a little romance and a little supernatural all mixed together. three of my favorite genre's to read. Would recommend this book!!
BookReaderAnnie More than 1 year ago
I don't know if it's been because of the holiday's or what but I've been having a ton of trouble getting into anything. Most of December I couldn't read. In fact, the only books I did read are the ones for reviews. It's not like I didn't like them, because I did, it's just that after I finished them instead of rushing into the next book, I sat looking into space instead. This did not bond well for one of my favorite authors. It's seems like forever that I've been reading Spindler. I started reading her when she wrote romance and followed her over when she got into suspense. I know...that doesn't sound like me because I only read romance. Here's the thing, Spindler puts enough romantic elements in her stories that I get what I need from them along with a great story. With The Final Seven I was given a good suspense story, a romantic element and also a paranormal element too! Talk about happy dance. Of course, I still had that issue about getting into anything. So I started the book and.... LOVED IT!!!!! Right off the bat I found myself lost in the story. It made me want to know more about the characters and what the story was about. I almost couldn't contain my happiness. Right away I loved Micki. She's tough as nails but yet, likable. I had a harder time both liking and figuring out Zach. At times he pissed me off. I didn't always like how he treated Micki. I know, you want more info...sorry. You'll have to read the book for more. As the book progressed I found myself liking how Zach grew up. It's wasn't all about him...he started to think of others. This is a wonderful start to a new series. I can't wait to see what comes next. A ton of things happen within the story and you learn so much, but at the same time the author leaves you wondering what's next.
KelliJo More than 1 year ago
Spindler does it again and again!! She's the Queen of Cop Stories - this new series brings a touch of the supernatural! Micki is the tough detective who doesn't put up with anything and Zach is the FBI hotshot forced upon her that she has to partner with - and keep his secret. Co-eds start coming up missing and it'll take Mick's cop instincts and Zach's "special" talents to find them. The threat they are up against is not of this world, and if it wins, Hell could reign on Earth. The investigation/battle comes close to taking their lives. And Zach learns of his lost past. I cannot wait to see what they're next adventures will be - bring on the next book in the series, Erica!!
luvluke6t6 More than 1 year ago
I love it! Micki "Mad Dog" Dare is a great heroine. She has a great attitude and love her chemistry with Zach Harris. The book kept me to wanting to read more and to help solve the missing girls. The ending was very fast paced. Lots of action. I love Erica Spindler's book. I have read almost all of her books. Was happy to see that she was starting a new series and could not wait to read the book. It was truly worth the wait. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. A must read for every Erica Spindler fan!
booklover- More than 1 year ago
WOW! This is a departure from Erica Spindler's usual books. Having read the author's books for several years, I wasn't sure how I was going to like this one. I kept hearing things like .. supernatural .... psychics ...... good vs evil .... things I would never have associated with this author. BOY! WAS I WRONG! This is a super-duper read. Supernatural? YES psychics? YES Good vs Evil? YES And those factors turn this into a fascinating read. NOPD Detective Micki Dare is a take-charge type of cop. She's the job 24/7. She finds herself burdened with a new partner ... Zach Harris. He's a charmer, he's a hottie, and he has a certain 'something' that draws people to him. He's one of an experimental program called Sixes. Harris has been trained at a specialized police academy. There are so many secrets to be revealed. And Micki and Harris are like oil and water, but opposites do attract. She sees the world in black and white. He lives in a world of shadows. Young college girls are disappearing .. all of them on their birthdays. Micki is following the evidence .. Harris is following his 'feelings'. At each crime scene, there is the number 7 in one way or another. The number seven scratched into one's door .. a circle of 7 items in another. This is an extremely well-written book. The suspense builds and builds and continues to build until the very last page. Both Micki and Zach are great characters .... very much humanized by what they each learn ... about each other and about themselves. I highly recommend this one to anyone who is a fan of Erica Spindler's... to anyone who enjoys a bit of supernatural... to anyone who likes a good mystery. My heart-felt thanks to the author who furnished an advanced digital copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
Anonymous 12 months ago