The Finder(The Watcher's Quest Series)

The Finder(The Watcher's Quest Series)

by Margaret Buffie
In the third book of The Watcher's Quest Trilogy, Emma stumbles into the world beyond the portal -- against the orders of Histal, Master of the Watcher's Campan. Here she finds a place of danger, intrigue and deadly Game Playing. Everything she values and everyone she loves is suddenly at stake. Emma's powers are constantly tested and threatened in this new world. Can


In the third book of The Watcher's Quest Trilogy, Emma stumbles into the world beyond the portal -- against the orders of Histal, Master of the Watcher's Campan. Here she finds a place of danger, intrigue and deadly Game Playing. Everything she values and everyone she loves is suddenly at stake. Emma's powers are constantly tested and threatened in this new world. Can she solve the ominous puzzles set up in the vast and treacherous maze? It won't be easy. But when Emma feels her weakest, she discovers an inner strength she did not realize she had ?

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This is a well-written and exciting adventure. A rollicking story with plenty of aliens, danger and conflict for fans of the series.
Canadian Materials
In this complicated, cunning finale ...Emma continues her Watcher-building lessons, on her way to becoming the most powerful Druid of all. Video game players will revel in this book's fast paced action, leaps into the unknown, character morphing and setting meltdowns. Heroes with "magickal" powers, characters described in infinite detail, and the excitement of competitive gaming will attract both boys and girls who long to be the honourable hero who succeeds in the face of almost insurmountable odds through gritty determination and dogged persistence, not to mention a little luck. Fairy tale elements ... are integral to this book's structure. A love story is interwoven through the book, to. ... The richly detailed descriptions of fantastic characters are breath taking and powerful. Its language is both formalized (the regents offer ritualistic advice, castles and forts are "fortalices," gnomes are "gnomuses") and direct, with urgent dialogue that hurries the heroes through their tasks one step ahead of Eefa, the arch demon.Strong themes of the necessity of discovering one's own identity and persisting in the face of danger and defeat dominate this novel. The powerful pull of family love, though, is ultimately the basis of Emma's success, as she completes her tasks to save her family and to discover who she really is. ... The Finder ... provide(s) a satisfying and compelling story.
Children's Literature
As the third book in the acclaimed trilogy, "The Watcher's Quest," this book rejoins Emma Sweeney for the most dangerous quest of the series. We watch Emma flawlessly follow Joseph Campbell's stages in the hero quest as she answers the call to adventure, undergoes trials, discovers her father, has a death-like experience and returns to her people as the new Sovereign. All this is with the help of her friend, and sometimes love interest, Watcher Tom. In this good versus evil story, Margaret Buffie has employed many references to Celtic society including the names of evil ones (Formorii), of heroes (Finn), and of imaginary creatures (Selkie). Occasionally even a bit of the Gaelic language is used. This book will also appeal to modern readers with a penchant for fantasy video games. Much of the action could easily be visualized on a video screen as Emma slips through mysterious portals, threads through watery mazes and catapults in her space "pod" to distant lands. The Finder is an intriguing and well-written conclusion to "The Watcher's Quest" trilogy. However, the first 100 pages are dedicated to a recapitulation of prior events. A list of characters and place names, and a glossary of unknown words is provided, but even with these two sources the numerous characters using invented words will make the beginning of the book difficult for readers who have not read the previous books in the series. Fantasy lovers will enjoy this book, but they would be well-advised to begin at the beginning of the trilogy. 2004, Kids Can Press, Ages 12 up.
—Sheryl O'Sullivan
This installment concludes the Watcher's Quest fantasy trilogy, as heroine Emma completes her adolescent journey, faces difficult truths about her past, and discovers her destiny. Emma's task is to overcome difficulties related to each of the four elements-water, earth, air, and fire-collecting a wand at each stage of her quest. She employs a host of helpers, many of whom are characters readers will remember from The Seeker (Kids Can Press, 2003/VOYA April 2003). As in all classic heroes' journeys, Emma must distinguish between loyal and traitorous alliances, face her deepest fears and inadequacies, and rely on both intellect and intuition to face the ultimate test alone. As in her earlier works, Buffie deals with meaty ideas. At one point in the book, Emma wonders, "[A]re they the good guys? Is anyone a good guy?" Eventually she even questions her own character and motivation when she finds herself giving orders to Hi. Despite some rich ideas, this conclusion lacks the overall depth and complexity reflected in the earlier books. The text is overlong and predictable, and unlike in the other books, the main characters are flat and difficult to empathize with. Emma's quick temper throughout becomes tiring. Even at the book's conclusion, she does not seem to have matured in a believable manner. The quick, tidy ending is unsatisfying. If youths in your library are clamoring for the trilogy's conclusion, provide this book; otherwise, this installment is not a necessity. VOYA CODES: 3Q 3P M J S (Readable without serious defects; Will appeal with pushing; Middle School, defined as grades 6 to 8; Junior High, defined as grades 7 to 9; Senior High, defined as grades 10 to 12). 2004, Kids CanPress, 416p., Ages 11 to 18.
—Cynthia Gueswel
Kirkus Reviews
Buffie closes some plotlines but leaves plenty more a-dangle in this third volume of the Watcher's Quest. Characteristically defying her training-master Histal, changing Emma Sweeny (to use her human name, though she's actually a shape-changing, nonhuman "Watcher") passes through a magical gateway and finds herself a principal player in another deadly Game-seeking four hidden wands of power before they can be collected by megalomaniac magic-worker Eefa. Even confirmed fans of the series may find this latest outing heavy going, as the author both loads down the cast with previously met characters, and frequently hits the Pause button either to backtrack or for repetitive spats between Emma and heartthrob Tom over who's in charge of the quest. Still, though not particularly clever, Emma is as feisty as ever, develops some startling new powers, and by the end has learned her true parentage. An overly long, but competently fashioned fantasy with, unusually for epics of this ilk, some glints of humor. (Fiction. 11-13)

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Watcher?s Quest Series
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10 - 14 Years

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Margaret Buffie is an award-winning author of young adult books. Her books include The Watcher and Angels Turn Their Backs. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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