First 10 Years: 1956-1966

First 10 Years: 1956-1966

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by Bill Anderson

Known as "Whispering Bill" for his gentle, soft, and airy singing style, country singer Bill Anderson had his share of hits between the 1950s and late '70s, guided by his remarkable songwriting, which was really always his bread and butter, and his ability to write and work in all manner of country and folk styles through some six decades has made him one of country… See more details below


Known as "Whispering Bill" for his gentle, soft, and airy singing style, country singer Bill Anderson had his share of hits between the 1950s and late '70s, guided by his remarkable songwriting, which was really always his bread and butter, and his ability to write and work in all manner of country and folk styles through some six decades has made him one of country music's most successful songwriters. This beautiful set -- four discs plus a hardcover book -- from Bear Family Records is a lovingly and carefully assembled summation of Anderson's first decade in music, covering 1956 through 1966, and containing his first eight albums for Decca Records, five duets with Jan Howard, a dozen home demos of Anderson songs, as well as several non-LP B-sides and other rarities, including his early TNT singles, all of it adding up to an in-depth portrait of Anderson during his most commercially successful years.

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Disc 1

  1. Empty Room  - Bill Anderson
  2. Take Me  - Bill Anderson
  3. City Lights  - Bill Anderson
  4. No Song To Sing  - Bill Anderson
  5. That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome  - Bill Anderson
  6. The Thrill of My Life  - Bill Anderson
  7. Ninety-Nine  - Bill Anderson
  8. Back Where I Started From  - Bill Anderson
  9. It's Not the End of Everything  - Bill Anderson
  10. Dead or Alive  - Bill Anderson
  11. No Man's Land  - Bill Anderson
  12. The Tip of My Fingers  - Bill Anderson
  13. Walk Out Backwards  - Bill Anderson
  14. Best of Strangers  - Bill Anderson
  15. Flowing Waters and Shifting Sands  - Bill Anderson
  16. Goodbye Cruel World  - Bill Anderson
  17. Po' Folks  - Bill Anderson
  18. As Long As I Live  - Bill Anderson
  19. It Takes a Worried Man  - Bill Anderson
  20. City Lights  - Bill Anderson
  21. Columbus Stockade Blues  - Bill Anderson
  22. Mama Sang a Song  - Bill Anderson
  23. Wedding Bells  - Bill Anderson
  24. Yonder Comes a Sucker  - Bill Anderson
  25. Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain  - Bill Anderson
  26. On and On and On  - Bill Anderson
  27. Get a Little Dirt On Your Hands  - Bill Anderson
  28. Down Came the Rain  - Bill Anderson
  29. Still  - Bill Anderson
  30. You Made It Easy  - Bill Anderson
  31. I Wish It Was Mine  - Bill Anderson
  32. That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome  - Bill Anderson

Disc 2

  1. From a Jack To a King  - Bill Anderson
  2. Little Band of Gold  - Bill Anderson
  3. Restless  - Bill Anderson
  4. Happiness  - Bill Anderson
  5. Reverend Mr. Black  - Bill Anderson
  6. It's Been So Long, Darlin'  - Bill Anderson
  7. Take These Chains From My Heart  - Bill Anderson
  8. Molly  - Bill Anderson
  9. 8 X 10  - Bill Anderson
  10. I'll Be Somewhere  - Bill Anderson
  11. One Mile Over - Two Miles Back  - Bill Anderson
  12. Take Me Home  - Bill Anderson
  13. Candy Apple Red  - Bill Anderson
  14. Cincinnati Ohio  - Bill Anderson
  15. Easy Come Easy Go  - Bill Anderson
  16. Five Little Fingers  - Bill Anderson
  17. Me  - Bill Anderson
  18. 500 Miles Away From Home  - Bill Anderson
  19. You Don't Have To Be a Baby To Cry  - Bill Anderson
  20. Abilene  - Bill Anderson
  21. Green, Green  - Bill Anderson
  22. I'm Leaving It All Up To You  - Bill Anderson
  23. I Love You More and More Every Day  - Bill Anderson
  24. Memory #1  - Bill Anderson
  25. In Case You Ever Change Your Mind  - Bill Anderson
  26. In the Misty Moonlight  - Bill Anderson
  27. 3 a.M.  - Bill Anderson
  28. Then and Only Then  - Bill Anderson
  29. Worry  - Bill Anderson
  30. You Can Have Her  - Bill Anderson
  31. Then I'll Stop Loving You  - Bill Anderson
  32. Mountain Dew  - Bill Anderson

Disc 3

  1. 3 a.M.  - Bill Anderson
  2. Twist of the Wrist  - Bill Anderson
  3. Certain  - Bill Anderson
  4. I Love You Drops  - Bill Anderson
  5. Once a Day  - Bill Anderson
  6. I Missed Me  - Bill Anderson
  7. I've Enjoyed As Much of This As I Can Stand  - Bill Anderson
  8. Saginaw Michigan  - Bill Anderson
  9. I Don't Love You Anymore  - Bill Anderson
  10. Riverboat  - Bill Anderson
  11. I Know You Are Married (But I Love You Still)  - Jan Howard
  12. Time Out  - Jan Howard
  13. I'll Be Waiting  - Jan Howard
  14. Bright Lights and Country Music  - Bill Anderson
  15. Born  - Bill Anderson
  16. The Freighter  - Bill Anderson
  17. Wild Side of Life  - Bill Anderson
  18. Truck Drivin' Man  - Bill Anderson
  19. I'll Go Down Swinging  - Bill Anderson
  20. The Stranger's Story  - Bill Anderson
  21. Walking the Dog  - Bill Anderson
  22. How the Other Half Lives  - Bill Anderson
  23. Wine  - Bill Anderson
  24. All Nite Cafe  - Bill Anderson
  25. Cocktails  - Bill Anderson
  26. Golden Guitar  - Bill Anderson
  27. Think I'll Go Somewhere (and Cry Myself To Sleep)  - Bill Anderson
  28. In the Summertime  - Bill Anderson
  29. Used To  - Bill Anderson
  30. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry  - Bill Anderson

Disc 4

  1. Lovin' Pains  - Bill Anderson
  2. When Liking Turns To Loving  - Bill Anderson
  3. Talkin' To the Wall  - Bill Anderson
  4. Next Time You're In Tulsa  - Bill Anderson
  5. I Get the Fever  - Bill Anderson
  6. Nail My Shoes To the Floor  - Bill Anderson
  7. The First Mrs. Jones  - Bill Anderson
  8. Papa  - Bill Anderson
  9. For Loving You  - Jan Howard
  10. The Untouchables  - Jan Howard
  11. Get While the Gettin's Good  - Bill Anderson
  12. Something To Believe In  - Bill Anderson
  13. Ride Ride Ride  - Bill Anderson
  14. My Daddy and My Mama and Me  - Bill Anderson
  15. A Satisfied Mind  - Bill Anderson
  16. Bad Seed  - Bill Anderson
  17. Remember Me  - Bill Anderson
  18. The Wheel of Hurt  - Bill Anderson
  19. Open Up Your Heart  - Bill Anderson
  20. Homesick  - Bill Anderson
  21. I'm Ashamed of You  - Bill Anderson
  22. If It's All the Same To You  - Dolly Parton
  23. Here Lies the Heart of Amos Brown  - Bill Anderson
  24. Once a Day  - Bill Anderson
  25. The Cold Hard Facts of Life  - Bill Anderson
  26. Think I'll Go Somewhere (and Cry Myself To Sleep)  - Bill Anderson
  27. I Love You Drops  - Bill Anderson
  28. I'll Go Down Swingin'  - Bill Anderson
  29. You and Your Sweet Love  - Bill Anderson
  30. The Lord Knows I'm Drinkin'  - Bill Anderson
  31. Slippin' Away  - Bill Anderson
  32. Nobody But a Fool  - Bill Anderson

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bill Anderson   Primary Artist,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Buddy Emmons   Steel Guitar
Floyd Cramer   Organ,Piano
Dolly Parton   Vocals
Jordanaires   Vocals
Roger Miller   Guitar
Pete Drake   Guitar,Steel Guitar
Jan Howard   Vocals
Jimmy Day   Steel Guitar
Martin Katahn   Violin
Anita Kerr Singers   Vocals
George Binkley   Violin
Owen Bradley   Leader
Ray Edenton   Guitar
Sonny Garrish   Steel Guitar
Buddy Harman   Drums
Walter Haynes   Steel Guitar
Wayne Moss   Guitar
Weldon Myrick   Steel Guitar
Norbert Putnam   Bass
Jimmy Riddle   French Harp
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Piano
Jerry Shook   Guitar,Leader
Joe Zinkan   Bass
Cecil Brower   Violin,Vocals
Roy Huskey   Bass
Jimmy Colvard   Acoustic Guitar
Winifred S. Breast   Vocals
Solie Isaac Fott   Violin,Vocals
Jerry Reed Hubbard   Guitar
Morris Palmer   Drums
Jimmy Gateley   Fiddle,Guitar
Floyd Robinson   Background Vocals
Thomas Lee Jackson   Fiddle
Jerry Glenn Kennedy   Guitar
William K. McElhiney   Trumpet
Red Williams   Acoustic Guitar
Bobby Garrett   Guitar
Jim Bell   Fiddle
Walter L. "Hank Sugarfoot" Garland   Guitar
Bob Myers   Guitar
David Briggs   Piano
Jim Lance   Guitar,Bass Guitar,Leader
Johnny Webb   Drums
Howard Ralph Carpenter   Violin
Chuck Atha   Bass,Vocal Harmony
Chuck Goddard   Rhythm Guitar
Spider Wilson   Guitar
Thomas Grady Martin   Organ,Guitar,Leader
Brenton Bolden Banks   Violin,Vocals
Norman L. Blake   Guitar
Bob L. Moore   Bass
Lillian Vann Hunt   Violin,Vocals
Mildred Kirkham   Vocals
Harold Ray Bradley   Guitar
Jerry D. Smith   Piano
Douglas G. Kirkham   Drums
Murrey M. "Buddy" Harman   Drums
William D. "Buddy" Killen   Vocals,Background Vocals
Michael Gattozzi   Violin
Martha Ferber   Bass
Leonard "Len" Miller   Drums
Donny "Johnny Paycheck" Young   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Charles Wynn   Piano
Bobby Snipes   Electric Guitar
Bobby Farlow   Steel Guitar
Bob Lee Johnson   Banjo
Alton W. Leadbetter   Guitar

Technical Credits

Roy Acuff   Composer
Bill Anderson   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Reissue Producer,Illustrations
Bobby Bare   Composer
Jimmie Davis   Composer
Buck Owens   Composer
Jim Reeves   Composer
Mel Tillis   Composer
Roger Miller   Composer
Roy Drusky   Engineer
Barry McGuire   Composer
Chip Taylor   Composer
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Jim Glaser   Composer
Billy Edd Wheeler   Composer
Ned Miller   Composer
Ernest Tubb   Composer
Cindy Walker   Composer
Don Robertson   Composer
Don Reno   Composer
Owen Bradley   Producer
Jack Clement   Composer
Skeeter Davis   Composer
Terry Fell   Composer
Walter Haynes   Composer
Hy Heath   Composer
Harlan Howard   Composer
Buddy Killen   Composer
Red Lane   Composer
John D. Loudermilk   Composer
Fred Rose   Composer
Wayne Walker   Composer
Hedy West   Composer
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Alex Zanetis   Composer
Bob Merrill   Composer
Liz Anderson   Composer
Mae Boren Axton   Liner Notes
Claude Boone   Composer
Jimmy Gateley   Composer,Liner Notes
James Gilreath   Composer
Terry Shand   Composer
Eddie Snyder   Composer
Leverett   Illustrations
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
Dave Samuelson   Liner Notes
Jurgen Koop   Engineer
William K. McElhiney   Arranger
Mack Magaha   Composer
Jack Rhodes   Composer
Eva Sargent   Composer
Pete Stamper   Composer
Jerry Todd   Composer
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William S. Cook   Composer
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Brenda Colladay   Illustrations
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Bob Ritter   Producer,Engineer
Billy Dilworth   Liner Notes
Bill Montague   Composer

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