The Fit-Or-Fat Woman (1 Cassette)

The Fit-Or-Fat Woman (1 Cassette)

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by Covert Bailey

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Bailey and Bishop contend, reasonably, that being thin and being fit aren't synonymous. Rather, the percentage of fat in one's body is critical: the average woman's body contains as much as 22% fat, and lower levels are considered unhealthy. The coauthors survey the similarities and differences in men's and women's body builds, their respective metabolic needs and the dynamics of male and female weight loss and gain. They also repeat what we already know: women have a more difficult time keeping fit and trim. The familiar health benefits and psychological boon of exercise are discussed, as well as the problems--e.g., bulimia and anorexia--of overzealous dieting. Throughout, Bailey, a fitness workshop instructor, and Bishop, his assistant, plug his program for weight control, based on the one used at Bailey's Fit or Fat Center in Oregon. Far too much of the book is anecdotal, offering little scientific substantiation, and the authors' tone can be irksome (to women they advise, ``Most important, don't overlook the man in your life. He is your closest ally, your best buddy''). (May)

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