The Flute Player: An Apache Folktale

The Flute Player: An Apache Folktale

by Lacapa Michael

An introduction to Native American folklore - illustrated by the author  See more details below


An introduction to Native American folklore - illustrated by the author

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Children's Literature - Gisela Jernigan
Everyone loved the sound the young Apache man's flute made. It sounded like the wind blowing through the trees. But when a young woman falls in love with the flute player, she becomes so despondent when she can no longer hear his song that she becomes ill and dies. This simple tale, besides being a poignant love story, also is a poignant tale, explaining why leaves drift down the stream. Bright, stylized paintings of people and scenery are mixed with bold, geometric designs, to illustrate this appealing legend.
School Library Journal
Gr 1-3-- Through a simple story line and easy, concrete language, Lacapa offers an Apache pourquoi folktale he remembers from his youth. The tale explains that the sound of wind echoing through the canyons comes from the flute of a young brave serenading his sweetheart. When the young man goes on his first hunt without telling her, she is sure she's been forgotten; she becomes ill, and dies. Returning home, the boy learns of her death, and continues to play his flute at her grave. In large, full-page, boldly colored drawings filled with dramatic, abstract shapes and earth colors that are somewhat reminiscent of Gerald McDermott's art in Arrow to the Sun (Viking, 1974), Lacapa creates his own eye-catching style with imaginative stippling, applying one color over another. The print is large, and there are just a few lines of text to a page. This would be a good introduction to Native American folklore for beginning readers, but the sad, sweet story begs to be told aloud--just as it was originally intended. --Yvonne Frey, Peoria Public Schools, IL

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