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The Fortune Hunter

The Fortune Hunter

3.9 13
by Jasmine Haynes

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Heiress Faith Castle wants to be a mother, and her marriage of convenience to Connor Kingston gets her the family she's always wanted, and Connor gets her father's company. But the terms go beyond that. Connor will be faithful-if Faith agrees to a no-holds-barred sex life. The shy heiress is not sure she can satisfy her new husband's desires. As he tenderly and


Heiress Faith Castle wants to be a mother, and her marriage of convenience to Connor Kingston gets her the family she's always wanted, and Connor gets her father's company. But the terms go beyond that. Connor will be faithful-if Faith agrees to a no-holds-barred sex life. The shy heiress is not sure she can satisfy her new husband's desires. As he tenderly and boldly released Faith from her inhibitions, she learns to appreciate herself, body and soul.

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Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date:
Fortune Hunter Books Series , #1
Product dimensions:
5.50(w) x 8.35(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range:
18 Years

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Faith Castle wants a family, Connor Kingston wants to run her father’s company. In a modern-day marriage of convenience, the bargaining begins...

He actually wanted to marry her?

Faith laughed, a real laugh, not one of horror or disbelief. His compliments warmed her, made her sit straighter in her chair. God. Was he starting to win her over? “I’ve never met anyone like you. You just say what you’re thinking, don’t you, without worrying how the other person is going to judge you?”

He leaned back in his chair and spread his hands. “What you see is what you get.”

The girls at the next table in the café turned saucer-eyed like one of her little kindergartners. He continued to ignore them. Rather, he didn’t even appear to notice them.

What you see is what you get. What Faith saw was extremely appealing. Broad chest with nicely defined muscles tapering down to a hard abdomen showcased by a formfitting polo shirt. She just didn’t know that what she saw was the same as what she’d get. With a jolt, she realized she was actually considering his outrageous proposal. “So, I get children and a husband who promises not to wander as long as I have sex with him as often as...” She tilted her head. “How often?”

“At least once a day if I’m stressed. It’s a good tension reliever.” He didn’t even crack a smile. “How about you?”

Gee, once a year would be nice. She had low expectations. “I’ve never really thought about it. But we’re talking about the bargain here. Lots of children, no infidelity, as long as there’s sex once a day.” She started to tingle. “And all you want is to run my father’s company.”

He didn’t address the last comment but went back to the sex issue. “Not just wham-bam sex. Real sex.”

She couldn’t believe she was having this conversation. She glanced around to see if anyone was listening, but except for the table of young women too far away to eavesdrop, they weren’t the center of attention. Far from it, they were just another couple in a crowded coffee shop talking about sex. “Define real sex, please.”

His breath whispered across her hair. “Mind-blowing sex. Last night doesn’t count since neither of us had an orgasm, but it was a damn good hint of things to come.”

She had to swallow and not let her erotic thoughts rule her emotions. “What if you get tired of the same woman every day?”

“We won’t get tired if we’re willing to try anything. To experiment. To let our inhibitions go and no limits.”

His use of “we” was so terribly seductive. She tried to appear unmoved. “Anything? I’m not into bondage or stuff that hurts.” She tipped her head one way, then the other. The discussion had become almost a game. Except for the core of heat burgeoning inside her. “Or wife swapping. Or group sex.”

“Just the two of us.” He stroked her middle finger where her hand lay on the table. “No pain. Only ecstasy.”

Her face flushed. “You’re too agreeable. I must be missing something here.”

He nodded gravely, as if her concerns meant something to him. “Think about it overnight and put any other conditions on it that you want.” He was so close, he could have been talking dirty in her ear.

She’d almost lost the ability to think. “I have to give you my answer tomorrow?”

“You can give it to me whenever you’re ready.” The way he said the word, it could mean anything, marriage, an answer.

Or hot, sweaty sex and unbridled passion.

Meet the Author

Jasmine Haynes lives in the California mountains with her husband. She loves writing hot, sexy romances.

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The Fortune Hunter 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Faith Castle was a nearly thirty year old single kindergarten teacher that wanted nothing more than to have children of her own. But without a man that was just not going to happen, until her best friend Trinity introduced her to dreamy Conner Kingston at the country club ball. Connor watched in amazement and excitement as he watched Faith touch her self while spying on a couple behind the bushes. He had a plan for Ms. Castle, he was going to marry that woman and take over her father¿s company but what was in it for Faith? He would give her what she wanted most, although he could not promise her what she needed. Pictures of a man and woman engaging in sexual activity showed up on Faith¿s doorstep but she did not for one minute believe it was Conner. The prenup that everyone agreed upon would not allow him to cheat or he would lose everything. That was too large of a risk to take. Especially when he wanted the fortune he was in pursuit of getting. Only he would find that the fortune is not in money or corporations¿love has no price. This couple could heat it up in the bedroom, or any other place for that matter. Each erotic experiment was just that, an experiment. Faith had never before been a vixen or closet dominatrix if you will. But Connor showed her that she was a very desirable woman and needed to come out of her shell to know what sex with him could really be like. Let me tell you, this book will make you tingle all over! Ms. Haynes¿ book The Fortune Hunter is a vividly erotic romance well worth reading. It was addictive as well as an absolute joy to read. The storyline was heart warming and boy oh boy it was Sizzling! Ms. Haynes has done it again, a fabulous book that you must read. It is so hot that it should come with a WARNING label! 5 Hearts
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Plotless drivel
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Truly enjoyed the book. Made me smile and could not put the book down
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
When it comes to erotic romance Jasmine Haynes sets the standard. Her characters are so very real and believable. The sex is hot and sizzling but never meaningless, and this her latest story is no exception. The plot of The Fortune Hunter (wealthy heiress meets fortune hunter) seemed more suited for a historical romance so I was pleasantly surprised at just how well it worked in a contempory setting. Faith is the type of heroine that almost anyone can identify with. She's a very nice, normal sized woman who also happens to be a little insecure about her looks, and as a result doesn't always realize her own worth. Connor as the not-quite reformed bad boy is the perfect hero and proves the old adge to be true that reformed bad boys make the best husbands. He's the kind of man who knows what he wants and goes after it, in spite of the fact that he doesn't believe in love it's very obvious that he quickly falls in love with his delightful new wife... The Fortune Hunter isn't at all like your typical erotic romance, instead it's a hot, sweet, and very tender love story that will leave you believing in ever after long after the story ends....... The trilogy continues with Show And Tell Coming July 2008 and Games People Play 2009
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jasmine Haynes¿ THE FORTUNE HUNTER strikes gold! Not only do Connor & Faith find their fortunes with one another, but readers share the wealth as well. THE FORTUNE HUNTER is rich with delicious love scenes, sensuality, snappy and precise dialogue, secondary characters you¿ll love (and some you'll love to hate), no holds barred sexual drives of the main characters, and a heroines self discovery that hits a reader in the jugular. Faith Castle is a heroine like many women in the world. In the beginning Faith lacks confidence in herself, believing that men don¿t find her attractive and that she may forever be alone ¿ no husband, no children. Faith aches for her own children, appeasing herself for the time being with being a kindergarten teacher to be around kids, but her soul yearns for her own. As soon as Faith and Connor meet sparks fly and it¿s an adrenaline thereafter with passion, romance and adventure. I was touched that Ms. Haynes wrote Faith as she did. Faith is a heroine that all women can identify with at one point or another in their lives. Faith was a very realistic woman who strengthened the story ten-fold. Ms. Haynes stayed true to her heroine with class and warmth. Not to be outdone, of course, was Connor. This author delivers a spectacular hero who matched brilliantly with Faith. Connor knows what he wants and goes after it and with Faith he wants her more and more as each page turns. While he takes care and time showing her the woman she really is, Connor pushes Faith further and further, all the while romancing her (even unbeknownst to himself) and the reader. Connor always treated Faith with respect and as a woman even though their marriage was `in name only¿. He stood up for her in various situations showing the reader just how much of a man he is and how far he¿d go to make their marriage work. Glowing praise and loud applause go out to Jasmine Haynes. THE FORTUNE HUNTER is everything readers have come to expect with her work ¿ passionate, fantastically written, compelling, memorable characters and with a whole lot of adventure. This story, I believe, is one of her best yet. The storyline is excellent, hot, tight-fisted and powerful. THE FORTUNE HUNTER is highly recommended to all readers who like their stories hot, addictive and exciting. I can¿t wait for the next Jasmine Haynes release ¿ I know it will be well worth the wait!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wealthy Faith Castle hates the trappings of being an heiress. Instead she finds great satisfaction as a kindergarten teacher, as she loves her students. However although she has dreamed seemingly forever to have a husband who cherishes and moves her and have children with him, she has no male in her life. The men she meets see dollar signs not Faith.------------ Faith meets handsome Connor Kingston, who having grown up in a series of foster care homes, wants a family of his own to finally belong to. He offers her marriage and offspring in return for a no emotional attachment relationship. Although that only gives her part of her fantasy, she accepts his terms as she knows the sex is great and the kids will be greater. However, neither expected to fall in love with the other, but both fear admitting their feelings as love means vulnerability.---------------- THE FORTUNE HUNTER is a heated contemporary romance starring two likable but wary protagonists, who are great in bed together, but have doubts outside the boudoir. Her father is a classic A-hole who makes his daughter feel worthless Connor gives her confidence in her self. Readers will enjoy this delightful tale in which the whole is greater than the parts. Jasmine Haynes needs to follow up quickly with the romance of Faith¿s best friend.------------- Harriet Klausner
harstan More than 1 year ago
The Terran Hanseatic League known as Hansa, the Ildiran Empire and the recently formed Confederation of Hansa (former colonies of the failing Terran Hanseatic League) struggle to survive while fighting one another. The three groups know they need to forge an alliance as they have external threats to their respective security.------------ However none of the leaders want to be accused of taking the first step towards forging an alliance as no one trusts the others to adhere to any pact. Instead they each continue to go it alone with some military resources diverted to keep the other two empires in check. Separately they struggle against runaway robots, strange intelligent fire beings and worst an insectoid race that has pandemic plans to eradicate all humans on planets found in all three spheres that they consider theirs. Failure to unite means extinction in many sectors of the universe.---------- The latest intergalactic interspecies hostilities outer space thriller is fast-paced and exciting, but has too much going on making it difficult to keep up with the zillion subplots especially for newcomers. Still the exhilarating story line is filled with plenty of non-stop action. Though no character stands out (there are almost as many key players as there are insectoid), fans of the series will enjoy the METAL SWARM of killer robots, fire creatures and the bugs as humanity stands on the brink of extinction in some places due to species cleansing if they fail to forge an alliance between distrusting enemies.--------------- Harriet Klausner