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The Fortune-Teller

The Fortune-Teller

by Paul B. Thompson

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VOYA - Mark Flowers
After the dreadful first novel, The Brightworking (Enslow, 2012/Voya June 2012), it was hard to imagine Thompson had anywhere to go but up in The Brightstone Saga, and, indeed, this second book improves on the first in several areas. Most importantly, the plot this time is fleet and generally free from cliche, even if it continues to be single-mindedly unilinear. Several months after the events of The Brightworking, Mikal and Lyra have set themselves up in a circus, using the all-knowing metal head, Orry, as a fortune teller. Soon enough, they realize that the evil magician Harlano is still on their trail, and they set out to find the wizard Imolla to help protect Orry. This is a simple journey plot, with each step adding characters and easily providing the excuse for the next stage of the journey. The characters remain maddeningly blank, but Thompson seems to believe that readers have already fallen in love with Lyra's antics, and they have gained somewhat more coherence and intelligence than in the first novel. Meanwhile, Thompson's sturdily constructed prose continues to be the only real reason to read the series. All important information from The Brightworking is quickly and easily recapped here, so readers should have no trouble avoiding the first novel and starting here if they do not feel the need to read the series. Reviewer: Mark Flowers

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Enslow Publishers, Incorporated
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The Brightstone Saga
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5.79(w) x 8.59(h) x 0.60(d)
620L (what's this?)
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10 - 17 Years

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