The French Republic: History, Values, Debates

The French Republic: History, Values, Debates

by Edward Berenson

ISBN-10: 0801477840

ISBN-13: 9780801477843

Pub. Date: 01/25/2012

Publisher: Cornell University Press

An invaluable reference work on the the history and meaning of Republicanism in France.  See more details below


An invaluable reference work on the the history and meaning of Republicanism in France.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Transatlantic Histories of France Edward Berenson Vincent Duclert Arthur Goldhammer 1

Part I Time and History 9

1 The Enlightenment Johnson Kent Wright 11

2 The First Republic Patrice Gueniffey Arthur Goldhammer 19

3 The Second Republic Edward Berenson 27

4 The Republicans of the Second Empire Sudhir Hazareesingh Arthur Goldhammer 35

5 The Third Republic Philip Nord 44

6 War and the Republic Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau Arthur Goldhammer 56

7 The Republic and Vichy Julian Jackson Arthur Goldhammer 65

8 The Fourth Republic Rosemary Wakeman 73

9 The Fifth Republic Martin Schain 83

Part II Principles and Values 93

10 Liberty Jeremy Jennings 95

11 Equality Jeremy Jennings 103

12 Fraternity Anne-Claude Ambroise-Rendu Arthur Goldhammer 112

13 Democracy Patrice Gueniffey Arthur Goldhammer 119

14 Laicity Jean Baubérot Arthur Goldhammer 127

15 Citizenship Cécile Laborde Arthur Goldhammer 136

16 Universalism Jeremy Jennings 145

17 The Republic and Justice Paul Jankowski 154

18 The State Herrick Chapman 163

19 The Civilizing Mission Alice L. Conklin 173

20 Parité Joan Wallach Scott 182

21 The Press Dominique Kalifa Renée Champion Edward Berenson 189

22 Times of Exile and Immigration Lloyd Kramer 197

23 The USA, Sister Republic François Weil Arthur Goldhammer 207

24 The Local Stéphane Gerson 213

Part III Dilemmas and Debates 221

25 The Republic and the Indigènes Emmanuelle Saada Renée Champion Edward Berenson 223

26 Immigration Mary Dewhurst Lewis 232

27 The Immigration History Museum Nancy L. Green 242

28 Decolonization and the Republic Todd Shepard 252

29 The Suburbs Frédéric Viguier 262

30 The Republic and the Veil John R. Bowen 272

31 Antisemitism, Judeophobia, and the Republic Steven Englund 278

32 Feminism and the Republic Karen Offen 289

33 Gender and the Republic Bonnie G. Smith 299

34 Order and Disorder in the Family Éric Fassin 308

35 Children and the State Ivan Jablonka 315

36 Commemoration Daniel J. Sherman 324

37 Intellectuals and the Republic Jerrold Seigel 334

38 Cultural Policy Herman Lebovics 344

Conclusions 355

American Perspectives on the French Republic Edward Berenson 357

Beyond the "Republican Model" Vincent Duclert Arthur Goldhammer 367

Contributors 373

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