Fugitive (The Sweet Cheat Gone) [Audio Book]

The Fugitive (The Sweet Cheat Gone) [Audio Book]

by Marcel Proust

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Disc 1

  1. "Mademoiselle Albertine Has Gone! "
  2. Reflections
  3. "I Decided to Write Albertine a Farewell Letter"
  4. Waiting for a Reply
  5. "A Telegraph from Robert and a Letter from Me"
  6. "Francoise Brings Two Rings"
  7. A Letter from Albertine
  8. The Duplicity of Saint-Loup
  9. "She Never Came Back"
  10. "Summer Was at Hand"
  11. "Albertine...Still Excited My Jealousy"
  12. The Mysterious Delight of a Penetration"
  13. "In Albertine's Case..."

Disc 2

  1. "We Have No Hold Over the Life of Another Person"
  2. "Curiosity Unbounded"
  3. Aimé's Report
  4. A Further Report from Aimé
  5. The Loosening of Attachments
  6. "Andree Came to See Me"
  7. Immense Desire - The Cruelty of Memory
  8. Mlle d'Eporcheville/Le Figaro
  9. A Surprise Meeting - Mlle Forcheville
  10. A Month Later, Luncheon With the Guermantes
  11. Sketches by Elstir

Disc 3

  1. "The Process of Ablivion"
  2. Another Visit from Andrée - Some Revelations
  3. The Real Albertine - The Young Bacchanal on the Front at Balbec
  4. "My Mother Brought Me to Venice"
  5. Breezes, Gondolas, And Disillusion for Mme Sazerat
  6. A Curious Telegram
  7. On the Train to Paris
  8. "The Train Reached Paris..."
  9. "About This Time I Used to See a Good Deal of Gilberte"
  10. A Visit to Combray
  11. Fresh Touches to the Image of a Memory

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