The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission

The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission

by Benjamin Creme

This is a book about UFOs, but with a difference. It is written by someone who has worked with them and knows about them from the inside. Benjamin Creme sees the presence of UFOs as planned and of immense value for the people of Earth.

According to Creme, the UFOs and the people in them are engaged in a spiritual mission to ease humanity's lot and


This is a book about UFOs, but with a difference. It is written by someone who has worked with them and knows about them from the inside. Benjamin Creme sees the presence of UFOs as planned and of immense value for the people of Earth.

According to Creme, the UFOs and the people in them are engaged in a spiritual mission to ease humanity's lot and to save this planet from further and faster destruction. Our own planetary Hierarchy, led by Maitreya, the World Teacher, now living among us, works tirelessly with our Space Brothers and Sisters in a fraternal enterprise to restore sanity to this Earth.

Creme shows how all the planets in our solar system are inhabited, but on physical levels beyond human sight, the so-called etheric planes. The spacecraft are constructed on the same principle; they too are in etheric matter and have complete control of energies in space. Our Space Brothers are responsible not only for crop circles, but also for preparing the way on Earth for a new technology of light which will give us unlimited power from the sun. When we banish war forever and are endeavoring to live in right relationship, that technology will be ours.

For the Spiritual Hierarchy of both our own and the sister planets of our system, right human relationship involves the end of competition and the beginning of an era of co-operation with — sharing, justice and freedom as its hallmarks.

The book also addresses the emergence of new and more inclusive forms of education, which will be needed as we experience a huge shift in consciousness and a growing awareness of the richness of life ahead, unfettered by the stranglehold of commercialism and the dominance of market forces.

According to the author, the truth will soon be apparent for all to see, awakening humanity to their own divinity and the establishment of the rule of spiritual law on Earth.

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Preface For centuries, governments have been known to have kept much information (usually embarrassing) from their peoples, thereby consolidating their power to rule. Nevertheless, is it not surprising that for over 60 years, modern governments, aided and abetted by a cynical media, have, more or less successfully, kept from the public their certain knowledge of the reality of UFOs and the fact of their peaceful activity? Moreover, some governments have been guilty of denigrating the inhabitants of these 'non-existent' craft, have named them 'aliens', and accused them of all manner of atrocities against men and women of Earth. The reasons for this dishonest and undemocratic behaviour are discussed in this book, and the close collaboration existing between the 'people of the UFOs' (our Space Brothers) and the members of our own Spiritual Hierarchy is made clear for the first time.

The book is in two parts: the first, 'UFOs and their Spiritual Mission', deals with the work of our Space Brothers on behalf of humanity; the second, 'Education in the New Age', looks at the changes in education that will be necessary in the coming time, as we adopt new technologies introduced by the Space Brothers and become increasingly aware of the hitherto hidden forces that underlie our lives.

Part One: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission

The spiritual mission of the UFOs is made plain for all to see: our Space Brothers' constant battle on our behalf against the effects of our pollution of the planet, especially that resulting from the higher (etheric) levels of radioactivity, as yet unknown to our scientists; and the setting-up of the beginnings of our science of the future, the Science of Light. In all of this selfless service to humanity, the Space Brothers have been engaged in preparing a platform for the World Teacher, the Lord Maitreya, and in setting up the landmarks of the coming new civilization.

On 12 December 2008, Share International Foundation released through the world's media the information that a "star-like luminary of brilliant power" would very soon be visible worldwide. True to the prediction, the first reports of the 'star' started to come in at Christmas-time, and from all around the world. We related it to the biblical 'star' that led the three wise men (Masters of Wisdom) from the East to Bethlehem at the birth of Jesus. We explained that both the modern 'star' and that of two thousand years ago were in fact spacecraft, the modern 'star' being one of four such spacecraft covering the world, north, south, east and west; and that the 'star' was a Sign, a Herald of the imminent appearance on television, as yet undeclared, of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and head of our planetary Spiritual Hierarchy. These four 'stars' are gigantic spacecraft and come from the planets of our Solar System.

Our scientists assert that human life does not exist on such planets as Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc. This assumption arises out of their ignorance of the etheric levels of matter. Their technology is still inadequate to measure the full range of the material planes. Had they etheric vision, they would know that all the planets of our system are inhabited and that many are far more advanced in evolution than we are on Earth. The time is fast approaching when a more open-minded view of life with its mysteries will supersede the arrogance of the ignorant, to the benefit of us all.

Part Two: Education in the New Age

It is obvious that an enormous educational programme will be necessary to prepare humanity for the changes inherent in the new society that will emerge under the influence of the Masters and our Space Brothers. So much that is new will be imparted that the need for interpretation will become urgent. There are many people, well informed and articulate, who can find therein a most useful field of service.

It is clear that education for the new age must be very different in purpose from that of today. The new education will seek to do more than prepare people to earn a living, as is often the case today. Instead, it will awaken humanity at the level of the soul, the source of all creativity.

From that will flow a creative vitality which will be manifested by hitherto millions of voiceless people around the world. The energy of Aquarius, that of Synthesis, will draw humanity together into a unity undreamt of today.

Meet the Author

A lifelong student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings — first made available to the public in the late 1800s by H.P. Blavatsky and later by Alice A. Bailey — Benjamin Creme has traveled the world for more than 30 years informing people that the greatest event in history is now unfolding. Humanity's Elder Brothers — the Masters of Wisdom — are once again among us. Soon these ancient guardians of the human race will be working openly at our side, showing us how to live together in peace — with sharing, justice and Earth stewardship as the keynotes of a new civilization.

In the 15 inspiring and provocative books which have emerged from his lectures, Creme paints an ever more detailed picture of humanity's destiny, both worldly and spiritually. "We are talking about nothing less than the total transformation of every aspect of our lives", he says. Creme's message is both profound and immensely practical. Each book covers a vast range of topics: from meditation and the growth of consciousness to political and economic change, from initiation and group work to ecology and world service. Compelling explanations are offered for the ever-increasing 'miraculous' or unexplained phenomena such as weeping Madonnas, crosses of light, healing waters, crop circles and UFOs. Creme also clarifies misunderstandings about the antichrist and the 'last judgment'.

In close contact with, and trained by, a Master of Wisdom since 1959, Mr. Creme has access to constant up-to-date information on the progress of Maitreya's emergence and the total conviction necessary to present that information to a skeptical world. He is chief editor of Share International, a monthly magazine read in over 70 countries that addresses Maitreya's emergence as well as the changes that are both needed and actually occurring in every field of endeavor to bring about a more just and compassionate global society.

Creme lectures by invitation throughout Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim, and is regularly interviewed on radio and television. He receives no remuneration or royalties for this work and makes no claims about his own spiritual status. His books have been translated and published in numerous languages by groups worldwide who have responded to his message.

"My task," Creme says, "has been to make the initial approach to the public, to help create a climate of hope and expectancy into which Maitreya can emerge without infringing our free will."

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