Gay Caballero

The Gay Caballero

by Frank Crumit

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  1. A Gay Caballero
  2. Frankie and Johnny
  3. Get Away, Old Man, Get Away  - Frank Banta
  4. Bohunkus
  5. Abbul Abulbul Amir
  6. No News (Or, What Killed the Dog?) (Monologue)
  7. I Married the Bootlegger's Daughter  - Frank Banta
  8. The King of Borneo
  9. What Kind of a Noise Annoys an Oyster
  10. The Return of the Gay Caballero
  11. A Tale of the Ticker
  12. The Song of the Prune
  13. Donald the Dub
  14. I'm Bettin' the Roll on Roamer
  15. Plink! Plunk! (I Pluck My Guitar)
  16. I'm a Specialist
  17. (The Lady of My Dreams) Taught Me How to Play the Second Fiddle
  18. There's No One with Endurance (Like The Man Who Sells Insurance)

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