Gene Krupa Story [Box Set]

Gene Krupa Story [Box Set]

by Gene Krupa

The Gene Krupa Story is a four-CD box set anthology containing 98 tracks with a 32-page booklet. The focus is on Krupa's role as a bandleader from the late '30s through the '50s of various size ensembles that included Anita O'Day, Roy EldridgeSee more details below


The Gene Krupa Story is a four-CD box set anthology containing 98 tracks with a 32-page booklet. The focus is on Krupa's role as a bandleader from the late '30s through the '50s of various size ensembles that included Anita O'Day, Roy Eldridge, and Irene Daye, to name a few. The mid-price makes this Empire package attractive.

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Disc 1

  1. I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music  - Gene Krupa
  2. Swing Is Here  - Gene Krupa
  3. Grandfather's Clock  - Gene Krupa
  4. I Know That You Know  - Gene Krupa
  5. Fare Thee Well, Annie Laurie  - Gene Krupa
  6. Wire Brush Stomp  - Gene Krupa
  7. Rhythm Jazz  - Gene Krupa
  8. Nagasaki  - Gene Krupa
  9. Tutti-Frutti  - Gene Krupa
  10. Jeepers Creepers  - Gene Krupa
  11. Murdy Purdy  - Gene Krupa
  12. Apurksody  - Gene Krupa
  13. Do You Wanna Jump, Children?  - Gene Krupa
  14. Quiet and Roll 'Em  - Gene Krupa
  15. The Madam Swings It  - Gene Krupa
  16. Jungle Madness  - Gene Krupa
  17. Old Black Joe  - Gene Krupa
  18. Sweetheart, Honey, Darlin' Dear  - Gene Krupa
  19. Symphony in Riffs  - Gene Krupa
  20. Drummin' Man  - Gene Krupa
  21. Blue Rhythm Fantasy  - Gene Krupa
  22. Boog It  - Gene Krupa
  23. Tuxedo Junction  - Gene Krupa
  24. No Name Jive  - Gene Krupa
  25. The Sergeant Was Shy  - Gene Krupa
  26. Who?  - Gene Krupa

Disc 2

  1. The Babe Takes a Bow  - Gene Krupa
  2. Rhumboogie  - Gene Krupa
  3. I Hear Music  - Gene Krupa
  4. How 'Bout That Mess?  - Gene Krupa
  5. Full Dress Hop  - Gene Krupa
  6. Sweet Georgie Brown  - Gene Krupa
  7. Deep in the Blues  - Gene Krupa
  8. There'll Be Some Changes Made  - Gene Krupa
  9. Drum Boogie  - Gene Krupa
  10. Georgia on My Mind  - Gene Krupa
  11. Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina  - Gene Krupa
  12. Slow Down  - Gene Krupa
  13. Green Eyes  - Gene Krupa
  14. Let Me off Uptown  - Gene Krupa
  15. Kick It  - Gene Krupa
  16. After You've Gone  - Gene Krupa
  17. Rockin' Chair  - Gene Krupa
  18. Stop! The Red Light's On  - Gene Krupa
  19. The Walls Keep Talking  - Gene Krupa
  20. Skylark  - Gene Krupa
  21. Bolero at the Savoy  - Gene Krupa
  22. Thanks for the Boogie Ride  - Gene Krupa
  23. Pass the Bounce  - Gene Krupa
  24. Ball of Fire  - Gene Krupa
  25. That's What You Think  - Gene Krupa

Disc 3

  1. Knock Me a Kiss  - Gene Krupa
  2. That Drummer's Band  - Gene Krupa
  3. Massachusetts  - Gene Krupa
  4. Murder, He Says  - Gene Krupa
  5. Leave Us Leap  - Gene Krupa
  6. What's This?  - Gene Krupa
  7. Dark Eyes  - Gene Krupa
  8. Body and Soul  - Gene Krupa
  9. Stompin' at the Savoy  - Gene Krupa
  10. Opus One  - Gene Krupa
  11. (Did You Ever Get) That Feeling in the Moonlight  - Gene Krupa
  12. Boogie Blues  - Gene Krupa
  13. Chickery Chick  - Gene Krupa
  14. In the Middle of May  - Gene Krupa
  15. Lover  - Gene Krupa
  16. Tea for Two  - Gene Krupa
  17. Harriet  - Gene Krupa
  18. How High the Moon  - Gene Krupa
  19. There Is No Breeze (To Cool the Flame of Love)  - Gene Krupa
  20. Disc Jockey Jump  - Gene Krupa
  21. Gene's Boogie  - Gene Krupa
  22. Star Burst  - Gene Krupa
  23. I Should Have Kept on Dreaming  - Gene Krupa
  24. Calling Dr. Gillespie  - Gene Krupa
  25. Up An' Atom  - Gene Krupa

Disc 4

  1. Blue Moon  - Gene Krupa
  2. Leave Us Leap  - Gene Krupa
  3. Moontide  - Gene Krupa
  4. (Back Home Again In) Indiana  - Gene Krupa
  5. Begin the Beguine  - Gene Krupa
  6. Me Ideal  - Gene Krupa
  7. Calling Dr. Gillespie  - Gene Krupa
  8. Love Is in My Heart  - Gene Krupa
  9. Wire Brush Stomp  - Gene Krupa
  10. I'll Never Be the Same  - Gene Krupa
  11. Blue Lou  - Gene Krupa
  12. The Man I Love  - Gene Krupa
  13. Birdhouse  - Gene Krupa
  14. 10 Ritchie Drive  - Gene Krupa
  15. It's up to You  - Gene Krupa
  16. (Otto Make That) Riff Staccato  - Gene Krupa
  17. Nobody's Sweetheart  - Gene Krupa
  18. Lyonaise Potatoes and Some Pork Chops  - Gene Krupa
  19. In the Moon Mist  - Gene Krupa
  20. Margie  - Gene Krupa
  21. Night and Day  - Gene Krupa
  22. By the River Sainte Marie  - Gene Krupa
  23. All by Myself  - Gene Krupa

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Gene Krupa   Primary Artist,Drums
Chu Berry   Tenor Saxophone
Roy Eldridge   Trumpet
Benny Goodman   Clarinet
Urbie Green   Trombone
Red Rodney   Trumpet
Charlie Ventura   Tenor Saxophone
Johnny Bothwell   Alto Saxophone
Warren Covington   Trombone
Sam Donahue   Tenor Saxophone
Lenny Hambro   Alto Saxophone
Vido Musso   Tenor Saxophone
Bill Hitz   Alto Saxophone
George Siravo   Alto Saxophone
Dick Taylor   Trombone
Anita O'Day   Vocals
Israel Crosby   Bass
Charlie Kennedy   Alto Saxophone
Porcino   Trumpet
Bob Ascher   Trombone
Don Fagerquist   Trumpet
Bob Fitzpatrick   Trombone
Charles Frankhauser   Trumpet
Nate Kazebier   Trumpet
Sam Marowitz   Alto Saxophone
Joe Megro   Tenor Saxophone
Sam Musiker   Tenor Saxophone
Buddy Neil   Piano
Clyde Newcombe   Bass
Floyd O'Brien   Trombone
Milt Raskin   Piano
Jerome Reisler   Violin
Allan Reuss   Guitar
Tony Russo   Trumpet
Ed Shedowski   Trumpet
Shorty Sherock   Trumpet
Bob Snyder   Alto Saxophone
Bruce Squires   Trombone
Jess Stacy   Piano
Joe Triscari   Trumpet
Ray Triscari   Trumpet
Teddy Walters   Guitar
Leo Watson   Vocals
Hy White   Guitar
Graham Young   Trumpet
Leon Cox   Trombone
Corky Cornelius   Trumpet
Edward Mihelich   Bass
Teddy Napoleon   Piano
Clint Neagley   Alto Saxophone
Mascagni Ruffo   Alto Saxophone
Julius Ehrenwerth   Cello
Walter Bates   Tenor Saxophone
Beck   Trumpet
Ray Biondi   Guitar
Gordon Boswell   Trumpet
Don Brassfield   Tenor Saxophone
John Grassi   Trombone
Torg Halten   Trumpet
Jay Kelliher   Trombone
Rex Kittig   Alto Saxophone
Norman Murphy   Trumpet
Pinky Savitt   Trumpet
Joe Springer   Piano
Harry Terrill   Alto Saxophone
Babe Wagner   Trombone
Buddy Wise   Tenor Saxophone
Irene Daye   Vocals
Murray Williams   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Musky Ruffo   Alto Saxophone
Tommy Pederson   Trombone
Buddy Bastien   Bass
Ted Blume   Violin
Buddy Colaneri   Trumpet
Tom Dicarlo   Trumpet
Tom Gonsoulin   Trumpet
Andy Pino   Tenor Saxophone
Bob Strahl   Bass
Pat Virgadamo   Trombone
Adrian Tei   Alto Saxophone
Frank Worrell   Guitar
Charles McCamish   Trombone
Carl Biesacker   Tenor Saxophone
Dave Schultze   Trumpet
Sherman   Trombone
Jerry Kruger   Vocals
Horace Rollins   Bass
Jordan   Trombone
Tony Tyler   Trombone
Sid Brown   Baritone Saxophone
Sid Brantley   Trombone
Ray Cameron   Trumpet
Jack Zimmerman   Trombone
Ben Seaman   Trombone
Bill Culley   Trombone
Joe Dale   Drums
Nick Gaglio   Trombone
Vince Hughes   Trumpet
Stuart Olson   Baritone Saxophone
Andy Parker   Trombone
Ed Yance   Guitar
Tasso Harris   Trombone
George Grossman   Viola
Francis Antonelli   Alto Saxophone
Victor Pariente   Violin
Jacob Shulman   Violin
Louis Zito   Drums
Paul Powell   Viola
Clay Hervery   Trombone
Jack Muntz   Trumpet
Bob Lesher   Guitar
Randy Bellerjean   Trombone
Tony Anelli   Trumpet
Jack Schwartz   Baritone Saxophone

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
Roy Eldridge   Composer
Budd Johnson   Arranger
Gene Krupa   Arranger,Composer
Gerry Mulligan   Arranger
Claude Thornhill   Composer
Sam Donahue   Arranger
Irving Mills   Composer
Jimmy Mundy   Arranger
George Williams   Arranger
Slim Gaillard   Composer
Fred E. Ahlert   Composer
Benny Carter   Composer
Remo Biondi   Composer
Duke Ellington   Arranger
Redd Evans   Composer
David Franklin   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Nancy Hamilton   Composer
Teddy Hill   Composer
Benny Krueger   Composer
Fred Norman   Arranger
Mitchell Parish   Composer
B. Russell   Composer
Stillman   Composer
Chappie Willett   Arranger
G. Williams   Composer
Ray Biondi   Arranger
Seger Ellis   Composer
Elton Hill   Arranger
Si Schwartz   Composer
Morgan Lewis   Composer
Sunny Skylar   Composer
Arthur Shaftel   Composer
Vernier Bauer   Composer
Kay Werner   Composer
Milt Orent   Composer
Joop Visser   Producer
W. Benton Overstreet   Composer
Rob Bauer   Composer
Sue Werner   Composer
Billy Higgins   Composer

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