The Genesis Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Book of Beginnings

The Genesis Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Book of Beginnings

The Genesis Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Book of Beginnings

The Genesis Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Book of Beginnings


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Logically compelling and eminently readable, The Genesis Record is the first commentary on the complete Book of Genesis written by a creation scientist. Through engaging narrative rather than a critical verse-by-verse analysis, Dr. Henry M. Morris explores the important historical, scientific, and theological information and implications found in the first book of the Bible.

Writing from the conviction that the first eleven chapters of Genesis are as truly historical as the remaining thirty-nine, Dr. Morris helps both the scholar and the layperson develop a fulsome understanding and firm affirmation of a young earth and universe, a real Adam and Eve, a catastrophic worldwide flood, and more. This conviction is based not simply on faith but on many years of study of the scientific aspects of the Genesis record, as well as the interchange of ideas with many other scientists and theologians (both creationist and evolutionists).

Dr. Morris is a capable guide through the important corridors of earth's early history, providing the background so necessary in understanding all of Scripture, and showing how a faithful reading of Genesis affects our Christian life in the twenty-first century.

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ISBN-13: 9780801072826
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 12/16/2009
Pages: 720
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

Henry M. Morris (1918-2006) was a young Earth creationist, Christian apologist, and engineer. One of the founders of the Creation Research Society and the Institute for Creation Research, he spent much of his career teaching at major universities and was coauthor with John C. Whitcomb of The Genesis Flood.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction to Genesis

1 The Book of Beginnings 17

The Foundation of History 17

Who Wrote Genesis? 22

Principles of Interpretation 30

Anticipation of Eternity 32

Part 2 God and the World He Made

2 The Creation of the World (Genesis 1:1-2) 37

Foundation of Foundations 37

The First Verse 39

The Date of Creation 42

The Gap Theory 46

The Second Verse 48

3 The Six Days of Creation (Genesis 1:3-2:3) 53

The Day-Age Theory 53

A Tent to Dwell In 57

Living Creatures 68

The Completed Creation 72

4 The Creation of Man (Genesis 2) 83

The Geography of Eden 83

The Moral Choice 90

Man and the Animals 94

Flesh of His Flesh 98

5 The Fall of Man (Genesis 3) 105

That Old Serpent 105

The First Human Sin 112

The Bondage of Decay 117

Paradise Lost 128

6 The Lost World (Genesis 4-5) 133

The Blood of Righteous Abel 133

The Way of Cain 142

The Line of the Promised Seed 150

The Amazing Case of Enoch 155

7 The Days of Noah (Genesis 6) 163

The Sons of God 163

Filled with Violence 174

Noah's Ark 178

The Provision of God and the Obedience of Noah 183

8 The Great Flood (Genesis 7-8) 189

The Last Days of the Old World 189

Overflowed with Water 198

After the Deluge 203

The New World 211

9 The New World (Genesis 9) 221

The Establishment of Human Government 221

The Rainbow Covenant 227

The Sons of Noah 231

The Noahic Prophecy 236

10 God and the Nations (Genesis 10-11) 245

The Table of Nations 245

The Days of Peleg 257

The Tower of Babel 264

The Generations of Terah 278

Part 3 The Chosen Nation

11 The Call of Abraham (Genesis 12-13) 293

A New Nation 293

Abraham in Egypt 297

Lot's Sad Choice 301

The World of Abraham 306

12 The Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 14-17) 311

The Northeastern Kings 311

Melchizedek 317

The Word of the Lord 322

Ishmael and the Arabs 328

An Everlasting Covenant 331

13 Fire from Heaven (Genesis 18-20) 337

Angels Unaware 337

Lot in the Gates of Sodom 345

Remember Lot's Wife 351

Sarah and the Philistines 359

14 The Child of Promise (Genesis 21-23) 365

The Birth of Isaac 365

Sacrifice of the Beloved 372

Sand and Stars 382

The Death of Sarah 385

15 Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24-26) 391

Search for a Bride 391

Sons of Abraham 406

The Birthright 411

Isaac Versus the Philistines 418

16 The Mystery of Jacob and Esau (Genesis 27-28) 427

How Could God Love Jacob? 427

The Blessing and the Tears 436

The Flight of Jacob 442

Stairway to Heaven 445

17 Jacob and Laban (Genesis 29-31) 455

Jacob's Love Life 455

The Sons of Jacob 463

Spotted and Speckled 470

Heading for Home 481

18 Jacob in Canaan (Genesis 32-36) 493

Wrestling with God 493

Encounter with Esau 502

Dinah and the Canaanites 508

Return to Bethel 517

The Generations of Esau 524

19 The Testing of Joseph (Genesis 37-39) 533

The Coat of Many Colors 533

Rejected by His Brethren 539

Judah 545

Potiphar's Wife 557

20 The Exaltation of Joseph (Genesis 40-41) 567

The Butler and the Baker 567

Pharaoh's Dream 575

Second in the Kingdom 582

The Sons of Joseph 586

21 Joseph and His Brothers (Genesis 42-45) 593

Famine in the Land 593

Joseph and Benjamin 603

The Plea of Judah 611

They Will See Him 619

22 Israel in Egypt (Genesis 46-50) 627

The Children of Israel 627

Prosperity in Egypt 635

The Last Days of Jacob 643

Prophecies of the Twelve Tribes 650

A Coffin in Egypt 662


1 Annotated Bibliography: Recommended Books 671

2 Chronology of the Patriarchs in Genesis 675

3 Chronology of Important Events in Genesis 676

4 Quotations from or Allusions to Genesis in the N.T. 677

5 The Universality of the Deluge 683

6 "First Mentions" of Important Biblical Words in Genesis 687

7 The Table of Nations According to Genesis 10 688

8 The Post-Diluvian World 689

9 The Land of the Patriarchs 690

10 The Twelve Tribes of Israel 691


1 Index of Subjects 695

2 Index of Scripture References 707

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