Genius of Lionel Bart: Stage & Pop Songs, Demos & Rarities

The Genius of Lionel Bart: Stage & Pop Songs, Demos & Rarities


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Sepia Recordings

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Disc 1

  1. Overture/G'night Dearie
  2. Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be
  3. Layin' Abaht
  4. Where It's Hot
  5. The Ceiling's Comin' Dahn
  6. Contempery
  7. Cochran Will Return
  8. Polka Dots
  9. Meatface
  10. Where Do Little Birds Go?
  11. Big Time
  12. Meatface
  13. Carve Up!
  14. Cop a Bit of Pride
  15. The Student Ponce
  16. Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be
  17. When Does the Ravishing Begin?
  18. Lock Up Your Daughters
  19. On a Sunny Sunday Morning
  20. I'll Be There
  21. Where is Love?
  22. You've Got To Pick a Pocket or Two
  23. Oom-Pah-Pah
  24. As Long As He Needs Me
  25. I'd Do Anything
  26. The Ding Dong Song
  27. Send Me
  28. Why the Chicken?
  29. Consider Yourself

Disc 2

  1. A Handful of Songs
  2. Rock With the Cavemen
  3. Butterfingers
  4. Water, Water
  5. Mad About You
  6. Living Doll
  7. Little White Bull
  8. Sometime, Somewhere
  9. Walkin' Tall
  10. Can't Wait
  11. Little Cutie
  12. Kickin' Up the Leaves
  13. Do You Mind?
  14. Consider Yourself
  15. The I Love You Bit
  16. I'd Do Anything
  17. Wave Your Little Handkerchief
  18. Spoilsport
  19. Bonnie Prince Charlie
  20. As Long As He Needs Me
  21. Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be
  22. Don't Forget
  23. Hide and Seek
  24. Easy Going Me
  25. We Will Never Be As Young As This Again
  26. Let's Start All Over Again
  27. Over and Over
  28. I Haven't Got You
  29. Duty Calls
  30. How Now Brown Cow
  31. Give Us a Kiss For Christmas

Disc 3

  1. I Want To Whisper Something
  2. Gas Mask Tango
  3. Magic Doorway
  4. The Day After Tomorrow
  5. Who's This Geezer Hitler?
  6. Opposites
  7. Be What You Wanna Be
  8. Now is Forever
  9. Abracadabra
  10. So Let It Be
  11. Live and Let Live
  12. Go Where You Must Go/Time To Begin
  13. How Small Can You Get
  14. Just Found a Man
  15. Just Given Time
  16. Take a Giant Stride
  17. Gulliver's Travels
  18. Milwaukee
  19. Thunderball Love Theme
  20. Thunderball Bossa Nova
  21. Thunderball Jazz
  22. Thunderball
  23. Don't Look At Me Just Listen

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Stan Foster   Conductor
Marcus Dods   Conductor

Technical Credits

Stanley Black   Director
Tony Osborne   Music Direction
Eric Rogers   Director
Lionel Bart   Composer
John Barry   Director
Ian Fraser   Director
Laurie Johnson   Composer,Director
Harry Robinson   Director
Roland Shaw   Director,Music Direction
Tommy Steele   Composer
Tony Middleton   Contribution
Dave Sampson   Source Material
Bryan Hammond   Source Material
Michael Nelligan   Source Material
Dominic McHugh   Liner Notes
Johnny Gregory   Director
Yao Ming   Composer
Rex Bunnett   Source Material
Simon Moss   Source Material

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