The Genius of Sitting Bull: Thirteen Heroic Strategies for Today's Business Leaders

The Genius of Sitting Bull: Thirteen Heroic Strategies for Today's Business Leaders

by Emmett C. Murphy, Michael Snell

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Stretching a simile, this alarmist book about current American economic problems charges that for lack of ``heroic leadership,'' we face a social and economic disaster comparable to that suffered at Little Bighorn in 1876 by Custer against Sioux Chief Sitting Bull. In farfetched allusions to problems overcome by Sitting Bull, the authors urge politicians, CEOs and public services chiefs to emulate the Sioux leader's qualities--commitment, integrity, courage, statesmanship and vision--qualities successfully employed by executives of the few firms cited here. Murphy and Snell propose three phases of action divided into 13 steps: to restore the nation's confidence, to mobilize its resources and to develop Sitting Bull-like leadership. Murphy is a business consultant; Snell is a book developer and literary agent. 40,000 first printing; $50,000 ad/promo; author tour. (Nov.)
Barbara Jacobs
Many executives will agree that it's about time a what's-wrong-with-American-business book employed an American, not Asian, image to convey its theme. The conceit employed here is Chief Sitting Bull's outwitting of General Custer at the infamous Battle of the Little Bighorn. The authors examine the chief's 13-point strategy of leadership and, in the interest of contemporary relevance, select managers that exemplify his points. For instance, Leo Lopez, CEO of Newark's University Hospital, showcases the "build trust" strategy, whereas Bernadine Mitchell, COO of United Medical's international division, has turned around a faltering Singapore institution by "living the experience of your people." All major points will certainly present no surprises to reader-followers of various corporate Ann Landerses, but perhaps the message will be more effective than usual because of the author's creative analogies.

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