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George Mitchell Collection, Vols. 1-45

The George Mitchell Collection, Vols. 1-45

by George Mitchell

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Release Date:
Fat Possum Records


Disc 1

  1. Lucy Mae Blues
  2. I Woke Up Crying
  3. Love Blues
  4. I Told You Not to Do That
  5. In the Evening
  6. Hey Lawdy Mama
  7. Thousand Woman Blues
  8. Blue Shadow Falling
  9. Cold Rainy Day
  10. Amy
  11. Motherless Child
  12. Hush, Somebody Is Calling My Name
  13. What God Can Do
  14. He'll Understand and Say Well Done
  15. Big Road Blues
  16. Cool Water Blues
  17. Big Fat Mama Blues
  18. Take a Little Walk with Me
  19. Everyone Got a Woman
  20. What She Need with a Rooster
  21. Sink or Swim
  22. Prison Bound
  23. Who's Gonna Be Your Man
  24. If I Lose Let Me Lose
  25. Black Woman
  26. Bumble Bee

Disc 2

  1. Rabbit on a Log
  2. Raise a Ruckus Tonight
  3. My Three Women
  4. Red Cross Store
  5. Rats in the Kitchen
  6. Special Agent
  7. Trying to See
  8. Mail Man Blues
  9. Down Home Blues
  10. Catfish Blues
  11. Black Mattie
  12. Sun Don't Shine
  13. Trouble Brought Me Down
  14. My Lord
  15. Mother Is Dead
  16. Lay My Burden Down
  17. Your Close Friend
  18. I'm Going to Leave It in the Hands of the Lord
  19. Hard Time Blues
  20. Just Want to Talk to You
  21. Just a Dream I Got on My Mind
  22. Memphis Is a Wonderful City
  23. Down to Arkansas
  24. Rock Me Mama
  25. Freight Train Blues
  26. So Sweet
  27. Bud Grant's Grunt

Disc 3

  1. Go Ahead On
  2. Been Gone So Long
  3. White Horses
  4. When I'm Sober I'm Drunk Blues
  5. Mean Mistreater
  6. Blues Around My Bed
  7. Looking for My Woman
  8. Old Red #2
  9. Jack of Diamonds
  10. Them Greasy Greens
  11. Rocking Chair
  12. Old Breakdown
  13. Drop Down Mama #1
  14. Search Me Lord
  15. My Mother Died and Left Me
  16. Consolation
  17. Home Going
  18. Better Than Myself
  19. Steady Rollin' Man
  20. Drink Drink Drink
  21. Country Blues
  22. River Blues
  23. 3 O'Clock in the Morning
  24. I's Be Troubled

Disc 4

  1. Someday Baby
  2. Racehorse Charleston
  3. Done Lost My Health
  4. Drive Your Car
  5. Woke Up This Morning
  6. Long Wavy Hair
  7. Please Come Home
  8. Pole Pattin'
  9. I Wanna Ramble
  10. Sitting Here Looking 1000 Miles Away
  11. Just Like a Bird Without a Feather
  12. Skinny Woman
  13. Goin' Down South
  14. Poor Black Mattie
  15. Hold My Body Down
  16. Trying to Make It Home
  17. Precious Lord
  18. He'll Make a Way
  19. Sugar Mama
  20. Black Gal
  21. Sloppy Drunk
  22. Decoration Day
  23. Shake 'Em on Down
  24. Mama Says I'm Crazy

Disc 5

  1. That Ain't It
  2. Gonna Lose Your Mind
  3. Flat Foot Boogie
  4. Mama Can I Lay It Down
  5. How Can You Do It
  6. John Henry
  7. Goin' Up to the Country #1
  8. Goin' Up to the Country #2
  9. Dirty Dozens
  10. Won't You Send Me John
  11. Wine Headed Man
  12. K.C. Blues
  13. Every Time I Come Around
  14. J.W.'s Special
  15. Old Hen Cackle
  16. Buck Dance
  17. Hey Freddie
  18. Late in the Evening
  19. Punky Tony
  20. Shimmy She Wa
  21. You Got Reap What You Sow
  22. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
  23. That's the Way the Good Thing Go
  24. Georgia Buck
  25. When the Saints Go Marching In
  26. Pork & Beans
  27. Count the Days I'm Gone
  28. Roll & Tumble
  29. Bullying Well

Disc 6

  1. Good Morning Judge
  2. Furry Lewis' Careless Love
  3. What Make Grandpa Love Grandma So
  4. Have You Ever Seen Peaches
  5. Hoboing into Hollywood
  6. Sundown Blues
  7. Rabbit on a Log
  8. You're Gonna Miss Me
  9. House on the Hill
  10. I Have to Love Somebody
  11. Old Country Rock #1
  12. Instrumental #1
  13. Who Stole the Lock off the Henhouse Door?
  14. Instrumental #4
  15. Canned Heat
  16. Nighthawk Boogie
  17. Down by the Woodshed
  18. Home Going
  19. I Want to Be Ready
  20. Interview

Disc 7

  1. Miss Maybelle
  2. When My Baby Got on Board
  3. Them Greasy Greens #1
  4. Rock and Roll to Milledgeville
  5. Black Rat Swing
  6. Tease Me Baby #2
  7. Someday Baby #1
  8. Wonder Why My Baby Treat Me So Bad
  9. Rosa Lee
  10. I Got a Woman
  11. So Sweet
  12. You're Gonna Miss Me
  13. Mamie
  14. I'm So Lonesome
  15. Blood Red River
  16. Sitting on Top of the World
  17. Glory Hallelujah
  18. Jesus Is Coming Back to Me
  19. Bound for Zion
  20. You Told Me Baby
  21. Sweet as an Apple on a Tree
  22. Juke #2
  23. Woke Up This Morning
  24. Tell Me You Love Me

Album Credits

Performance Credits

George Mitchell   Primary Artist
James "Thunderbird" Davis   Guitar
Sleepy John Estes   Guitar,Vocals
Jessie Mae Hemphill   Vocals
Furry Lewis   Guitar,Vocals
Buddy Moss   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Nighthawk   Guitar,Vocals
Big Joe Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Clifford Scott   Guitar,Vocals
Mississippi Fred McDowell   Guitar,Vocals
John Henry Barbee   Guitar,Vocals
R.L. Burnside   Guitar,Vocals
Charlie Burse   Vocals,Guitar (Tenor)
Joe Calicott   Guitar,Vocals
Shirley Johnson   Background Vocals
James "Famous" Jones   Drums
Walter Miller   Guitar,Vocals
Houston Stackhouse   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Turner   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Bill Harris   Guitar,Vocals
Dewey Corley   Kazoo,Vocal Ad-Libs
Rosa Lee Hill   Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Woods   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Robert Diggs   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Napoleon Strickland   Fife
Bud White   Guitar,Vocals
Dorothy Johnson   Background Vocals
Othar Turner & the Afrossippi Allstars   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Lee Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Robert F. Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy T. Harris   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
J.W. Warren   Guitar,Vocals
James Shorter   Vocals
Cecil Barfield   Guitar,Vocals
George Henry Bussey   Guitar,Vocals
Jessie Clarence Gorman   Guitar,Vocals
Bud Grant   Guitar,Vocals
John Lee Ziegler   Guitar,Vocals
Lonzie Thomas   Guitar,Vocals
Green Paschal   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Longstreet   Harmonica,Vocals
Albert Macon   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Norman Dayron   Engineer
Sam Sweet   Liner Notes

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