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The Giving Meadow

The Giving Meadow

5.0 8
by Stephanie Burkhart, Stephen Macquignon (Illustrator)

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Caterpillar's adventure begins when he pops from a tiny egg. With the help of some friends, his adventure continues until ... His friends can't find him. What happened to Caterpillar?


Caterpillar's adventure begins when he pops from a tiny egg. With the help of some friends, his adventure continues until ... His friends can't find him. What happened to Caterpillar?

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4RV Publishing
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.08(d)
Age Range:
2 - 5 Years

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The Giving Meadow 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
NA_Sharpe More than 1 year ago
This is a delightful story that follows the life of a very hungry caterpillar from the moment he hatches from his tiny egg in a beautiful meadow. He travels through the meadow and meets many helpful friends along the way. This heartwarming tale teaches life lessons of friendship, selflessness and sharing, caring, and kindness. Ms. Burkhart's charming tale is one little ones will want to hear over and over again and they will be enchanted by the adorable illustrations from the talented illustrator, Stephen Macquignon.
RmceWrtr More than 1 year ago
What a lovely childrens' book! This is a sweet little story about giving when you don't know if you'll get anything in return, sharing what you have because you have it to share. This is a lovely lesson for children, so they can learn that giving isn't about getting back, it's about opening yourself to helping others. Stephanie Burkhart has taught this lesson simply, and in a way that children can learn from the story without the concept being shoved at them. Well done, a nice read. Highly recommended.
Regina_Andrews More than 1 year ago
In the beautifully-illustrated children's book "The Giving Meadow", author Stephanie Burkhart presents her readers with a charming fable about kindness and sharing. "The Giving Meadow" opens with the newly-hatched caterpillar journeying through the fields of life to find his way in the world. Although he is only searching for the basics of life, food and water, he soon encounters friends of every sort - a snake, a frog, a ladybug and bees - who guide him to the understanding that life is so much more than just getting by with meeting our basic needs. Stephen Macquignon's gorgeous illustrations bring life and emotion to this adorable fable, which even grown-ups like my 13 year old nephew enjoyed! This is a charming story for both children and adults about how the most simple, basic tenets of life might lead us to finding so much more.if we only are able and willing to see what is right in front of us on our life's paths. The Giving Meadow was written for children 2-7, but parents and grandparents alike, will probably enjoy it too. We really look forward to reading more from this wonderful author, Stephanie Burkhart.
TamiDee More than 1 year ago
The Giving Meadow, by Stephanie Burkhart, received the highest compliment that a children's author can receive when, after reading this story to my four year old granddaughter, she immediately said. "Again." Stephanie Burkhart weaves a gentle tale of a baby caterpillar's journey from egg, to growing caterpillar, to cocoon, to lovely butterfly. Along the way, this little caterpillar makes lasting friends with a frog, a ladybug, a bee, and even a snake! The baby caterpillar is very hungry, and happens upon these new friends as they gather their own food. Each of these new friends overcome their first response of wanting to keep their food for their selves, and then decide that they can share with the little caterpillar, finding that they are happy to do so. Because of this unselfish generosity, the little caterpillar grows strong, and then transforms into a beautiful butterfly while all his friends watch in awe. The Giving Meadow is a charming story about friendship, generosity, kindness, and support when changes occur which are out of our control.
Beth_Bence_Reinke More than 1 year ago
Follow a caterpillar on his journey across a grassy, flower-filled field in this sweet story of sharing and friendship. Children will relate to the caterpillar's simple feelings of hunger and thirst, sleepiness, and his excitement about growing bigger. The caterpillar's insect and animal friends demonstrate positive character traits of mercy, compassion and caring. The Giving Meadow is perfect for the innocent years of early childhood. Toddlers and preschoolers will love to snuggle up before nap or at bedtime to hear this soothing story read to them. The adorable, brightly-colored illustrations will charm readers of all ages.
StepmomShawn More than 1 year ago
The Giving Meadow, by Stephanie Burkhart, is a gorgeously illustrated, charming story about a caterpillar’s first days before turning into a butterfly. This story not only teaches children about the fact that caterpillars become butterflies, but it also shows how helping another can bring joy. Because of the generosity of the frog, the ladybug, the bee, and the snake, the caterpillar grows stronger and bigger everyday. All of these creatures in the meadow help this young caterpillar on his journey to becoming a beautiful butterfly. A sweet, simple story about giving and evolving. A great read for anyone who has children, grandchildren, or for people who teach children.
Katherineb More than 1 year ago
Price: $17.99 The life cycle of any aspect of nature written for children can be and usually is a great learning experience for them. Stephanie Burkhart's book, The Giving Meadow is no exception. When an egg lands in a meadow, the creature that emerges goes through the life cycle of a caterpillar until he wraps himself in a cocoon. When he was a growing caterpillar, he met and was helped by several very diverse residents of the meadow, a frog, a ladybug, a bee, and a snake. The lessons depicted in this lovely, brightly illustrated book include, but are not limited to, sharing, friendship, acceptance, understanding and generosity. The friends that the caterpillar makes on his journey to adulthood generously share their bounty with him that he accepts graciously because he knows they understand that he needs their help as he travels on his journey to complete his life cycle. "The snake told the bee. The bee told the ladybug. The ladybug told the frog. All the caterpillar's friends waited." The wait was not in vain. The sight that greeted them was a beautiful creature. You must read this book to learn about this amazing metamorphosis. Children from 4-8, and even some a little younger and a little older, will want to read this book over and over. Younger non-readers will soon begin to anticipate the story and help tell it. You will enjoy reading it to them and watch in excitement as they discover something new in the story or in the illustrations. Older readers will want to re-read and pour over the pictures as they discover more exciting things. Stephanie Burkhart, originally from New Hampshire, now lives in California with her husband, Brent and her two sons, Andrew and Joseph. She began writing homemade comic books at five years old and hasn't looked back, as she now writes short stories and novels. This is her first children's book.
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
Stephanie Burkhart's picture book The Giving Meadow starts with an egg. The egg hatches into a caterpillar, a very hungry caterpillar. So the hungry little caterpillar with a sweet smile and big eyes does what a hungry caterpillar does. He sets out to find food. From the frog to the ladybug, from the bee to the snake, every animal the caterpillar meets shares its water or food with the caterpillar. Each day, the caterpillar grows bigger and bigger. He's also hungrier and hungrier. Will his tummy ever be full? This is a lovely story of friendship, sharing, and thinking of others. It also shows young readers the stages of metamorphosis of the butterfly. With the caterpillar's happy smile, the bee's long lashes, the blue-eyed snake with the forked tongue, and all the other little critters that help the caterpillar find food, Stephen Macquignon's colorful illustrations capture the spirit of the story, the giving and sharing of the animals that live in the meadow. The Giving Meadow is a nice book to add to a child's library. Early childhood and kindergarten teachers could use this book in their classes as a fun read to teach children about the small creatures in their world. I recommend this book for little ones ages 4-8, for animal lovers, even the crawly kind, and for everyone who enjoys nature and a gentle read at bedtime. Don't be surprised, Mom and Dad, if you find yourself in the backyard with your children, searching for caterpillars so you can watch them grow and change into a lovely butterfly.