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The Global Trap: Globalization and the Assault on Prosperity and Democracy

The Global Trap: Globalization and the Assault on Prosperity and Democracy

by Hans-Peter Martin, Patrick Camiller (Translator), Harald Schumann

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One of the preoccupying themes of this book is the question of what it means to be a human being in a global society. In an era that has seen the rise of multinational corporations, the fall of communism, and the decline of traditional religions and cultures, this work makes a significant contribution to our understanding of how the world has worked, is working, and will work in the next century. A key question the authors ask is, What really changed for ordinary people? On the surface, it seems, very little indeed. But lurking below the surface, the global socioeconomic system has been ripping the heart out of the global village. Perhaps the more pointed criticism of the global socioeconomic-political system is that it is always swayed by its own vested interests and values. It is hard to find anything to complain about in this excellent book. The one thing that will probably strike American readers the most here is the absolute triumph of unbridled capitalism. The authors are journalists for the German magazine Der Spiegel. Highly recommended for all large collections on global economy, sociology, and futurism.John Xanthopoulos, Palm Beach Community Coll., Fla.

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