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The Goldbeck's Guide to Good Food

The Goldbeck's Guide to Good Food

by Nikki Goldbeck, David Goldbeck

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This revised, expanded version of the Goldbecks' 1973 seminal bestseller The Supermarket Handbook is packed with new, solid information about food processing, preservation and packaging, recent changes in federal labeling laws, and reflects the latest nutritional data on sodium, cholesterol, fats and the like. But Guide to Good Food is not nearly as serviceable as its predecessor, which, in addition to providing general consumer information about food and nutrition, was a balanced, practical guide to shopping at your local supermarket for the most wholesome and additive-free staples. The Goldbecks' latest offering, however, includes food brands available chiefly in health and natural foods stores. The book's changes shift it out of the genre of practical handbook and into the domain of food-activist education. Placing material on government regulation of the food industry in the first two chapters, for example, with section headers like ``The Circle of Poison,'' lends the book a crusading tone that may putor scareoff readers who want to know what's right among available foods, not every possible thing that's wrong with them. Illustrations not seen by PW. (October 30)
Library Journal
Questionable ingredients can appear in foods labeled ``natural'' or ``organic,'' and shopping in health food stores does not guarantee additive-free products. The Goldbecks' earlier Supermarket Handbook provided guidelines for judging supermarket products. This book goes further by rating actual products by brand name for nutritive value. Exhaustive analyses of various types of foods are followed by lists of recommended products. Obscure manufacturers predominate, but some recognized brands appear as well. Well written and thoroughly researched, this book will be in demand where there is interest in natural foods. Susan B. Hagloch, Tuscarawas Cty. P.L., New Philadelphia, Ohio

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