Golden Age of American Comedy

The Golden Age of American Comedy


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Release Date:
Fuel 2000


Disc 1

  1. Hooray For Captain Spaulding
  2. Bob's Book: Put It There, Pal
  3. Abbott & Costello Meet Lucille Ball
  4. Inka Dinka Do
  5. Gracie's Relatives
  6. William Tell Overture
  7. Furniture Payment
  8. Groucho Has a Cold
  9. Junior, the Mean Widdle Kid
  10. Library Card
  11. Baron Munchausen's Trip
  12. Mr. & Mrs. Radio
  13. Eddie Cantor Meets the Mad Russian
  14. A Date After the Show
  15. Hello Mama
  16. Pa-Pa-Pa-Polka
  17. The Jukebox
  18. The Question Man
  19. The Thing
  20. Bob Hope Takes Over the Jack Benny Show

Disc 2

  1. Gracie and George Buy a Dog
  2. The Husband's Best Friend
  3. Baby Snooks At the Movies
  4. Adam and Eve In the Garden of Eden
  5. Marilyn Monroe Marries Charlie McCarthy
  6. Tia Juana, D'ya Wanna?
  7. New Radio Contract
  8. Harpo Speaks
  9. Who's On First
  10. W.C. Fields Meets Charlie McCarthy

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