Golden Age of Light Music: An Introduction

The Golden Age of Light Music: An Introduction


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  1. Gateway to the West
  2. Going for a Ride
  3. With a Song in My Heart, song (from musical "Spring Is Here")
  4. Serenade
  5. Martinique
  6. Skyscraper Fantasy
  7. Dance of the Spanish Onion
  8. Out of This World, song (from the film "Out of This World") [Theme from
  9. Paris to Piccadilly
  10. Festive Days
  11. Theme
  12. Tropical
  13. Puffin' Billy
  14. First Rhapsody
  15. Fantasy-Impromptu for piano in C sharp minor, Op. 66, CT. 46
  16. London Bridge, March
  17. Mock Turtles
  18. To a Wild Rose, for piano, Op. 51/1 (Woodland Sketches)
  19. Plink, Plank, Plunk!, for string orchestra
  20. Jamaican Rumba for 2 pianos or orchestra
  21. Vision in Velvet
  22. Riding into Happisness, for orchestra (Grand Canyon)
  23. Dancing Princess
  24. Dainty Lady
  25. Bandstand

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Morton Gould   Conductor
Leroy Anderson   Conductor
André Kostelanetz   Conductor
Tutti Camarata   Conductor
Sidney Torch   Conductor
Frank Chacksfield   Conductor
George Melachrino   Conductor
Ray Martin   Conductor
Ron Goodwin   Conductor
Toots Camarata   Conductor
Robert Farnon   Conductor
Joseph Lewis   Conductor
Arthur Gleghorn   Flute
David Rose & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Mantovani Orchestra   Conductor,Performing Ensemble
Ray Martin & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Leroy Anderson & His "Pops" Concert Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
London Promenade Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Philip Green   Conductor
Peter Yorke   Conductor
Philip Glass Ensemble   Performing Ensemble
Walt Collins   Conductor
Morton Gould & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Peter Yorke and His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Sidney Torch & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Ron Goodwin's Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Kingsway Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
New Concert Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Charles Williams & His Concert Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Reginald King Light Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Dolf van der Linden Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Dolf van der Linden   Conductor
New Light Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Queen's Hall Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Hubert Clifford   Conductor
Georges Deveraux   Conductor
Melachrino Strings   Performing Ensemble
Joseph Lewis   Conductor
Serge Krish   Conductor
David Rose   Conductor
Jack Leon   Conductor
L'Orchestre Deveraux   Performing Ensemble
Walter Collins   Conductor
Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Reginald King   Conductor
Reginald Kell   Clarinet
Charles Williams   Conductor
André Kostelanetz Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Arthur Benjamin   Composer
Eric Coates   Composer
Morton Gould   Composer
Edward MacDowell   Composer
Leroy Anderson   Composer
Percy Faith   Arranger
Sidney Torch   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Richard Rodgers   Composer
George Melachrino   Composer
Ron Goodwin   Arranger
Frédéric Chopin   Composer
Robert Farnon   Arranger,Composer
Lorenz Hart   Composer,Lyricist
Johnny Mercer   Composer,Lyricist
David Rose   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Angela Morley   Composer
Philip Green   Composer
Peter Yorke   Arranger
Donald Phillips   Composer
Trevor Duncan   Composer
David Ades   Liner Notes
Haydn Wood   Composer
Charles Ancliffe   Composer
Dolf van der Linden   Composer
Eddie Hurran   Lyricist
Peter Szumowski   Cover Art

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