Golden Age of Light Music: Beyond the Blue Horizon

Golden Age of Light Music: Beyond the Blue Horizon


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  1. Beyond the Blue Horizon, song  - George Melachrino
  2. Blue Star, for orchestra (theme from the TV series "Medic")  - Victor Young
  3. Blue Blues, for orchestra  - Helmut Zacharias
  4. Flying Colours, for orchestra  -  Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
  5. Out Of The Blue, for orchestra  -  Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
  6. Pink Lady (My Beautiful Lady), waltz  -  Melachrino Strings & Orchestra
  7. Blue Skies, song (originally interpolated into the R.Rodgers musical "B  -  Robert Farnon & His Orchestra
  8. Royal Blue Waltz, for orchestra  -  Mantovani Orchestra
  9. White Scarf, for orchestra  -  Masqueraders
  10. Blue Velvet, for orchestra  -  L'Orchestre De Concert
  11. Mood Indigo  -  André Kostelanetz & His Orchestra
  12. Blue Is The Night, for orchestra  -  Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra
  13. Black Narcissus, for orchestra  -  Celebrity Symphony Orchestra
  14. Red Pagoda, for orchestra  -  Georges Devereaux & His Orchestra
  15. Blue Mink, for orchestra  -  Danish State Radio Orchestra
  16. Blue Sapphire Tango, for orchestra  -  Bernard Monshin & The Concert Tango Orchestra
  17. Deep Purple, for orchestra  -  Wally Stott & His Orchestra
  18. The Black Mask Waltz, for piano & orchestra  -  Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra
  19. Blue Parakeet, for orchestra  -  Roma Sympho-Pop Orchestra
  20. Red Shawl, for orchestra  -  Philip Green & His Orchestra
  21. Golden Fiction, for orchestra  -  Dolf van der Linden Orchestra
  22. Red River Jig, for orchestra  - Jack Leon
  23. Red Lips, for orchestra  -  Louis Voss Orchestra
  24. Blues in the Night, song (from the film "Blues in the Night")  -  André Kostelanetz & His Orchestra
  25. Under a Blanket of Blue, for orchestra  -  Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra
  26. Blue Night, for orchestra  -  Sidney Torch & His Orchestra
  27. Little Brown Jug  -  Melachrino Strings & Orchestra

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

André Kostelanetz   Conductor
Sidney Torch   Conductor
Masqueraders   Performing Ensemble
Frank Chacksfield   Conductor
George Melachrino   Conductor
Robert Farnon   Conductor
Robert Farnon Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Dave Goldberg   Guitar
Victor Young   Conductor
Helmut Zacharias   Conductor
Bernard Monshin   Conductor
Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra   Conductor,Performing Ensemble
Mantovani Orchestra   Conductor,Performing Ensemble
Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Victor Young & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Philip Green   Conductor
Winifred Atwell   Piano
Philip Glass Ensemble   Performing Ensemble
Wally Stott & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Sidney Torch & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
New Concert Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Melachrino Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Jack Leon And His Orchestra   Conductor
Concert Tango Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Dolf van der Linden Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Helmut Zacharias and His Magic Violins   Ensemble
Paul O'Henry   Conductor
Dolf van der Linden   Conductor
Queen's Hall Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Georges Deveraux   Conductor
Louis Voss Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Melachrino Strings   Performing Ensemble
David Goldberg   Guitar
LeRoy Holmes   Conductor
Winifred Attwell   Piano
L'Orchestre des Concerts Straram   Performing Ensemble
Roma Sympho-Pop Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Celebrity Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Louis Voss   Conductor
Jack Leon   Conductor
L'Orchestre Deveraux   Performing Ensemble
Domenico Savino   Conductor
Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
André Kostelanetz Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Arthur Benjamin   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
Gordon Jenkins   Composer
Irving Mills   Composer
Sidney Torch   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
George Melachrino   Arranger,Composer
Edgar Leslie Bainton   Composer
Barney Bigard   Composer
Peter DeRose   Composer
Peter Dennis   Composer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Robert Farnon   Arranger
Edward Heyman   Composer
Jerry Livingston   Composer
Johnny Mercer   Composer
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Leo Robin   Composer
Marty Symes   Composer
Victor Young   Composer
Helmut Zacharias   Composer
Angela Morley   Arranger,Composer
Bernard Monshin   Composer
Philip Green   Composer
Wally Stott   Composer
Peter Yorke   Composer
Richard A. Whiting   Composer
Fred Fisher   Composer
Dominico Savino   Composer
Wilfred Burns   Composer
David Ades   Liner Notes
W. Frank Harling   Composer
Roger Barsotti   Composer
Jerzy Marek   Cover Art
Aldo Von Pinelli   Composer
J. Neiberg   Composer
Gunther Franzke   Composer

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