Golden Age of Light Music: Continental Flavour, Vol. 2

The Golden Age of Light Music: Continental Flavour, Vol. 2


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  1. City Movement
  2. Simonetta
  3. So Wird's Nie Wieder Sein (Now It's Never Going to Be)
  4. La Polka Des Menottes (Polka Of the Handcuffed Men)
  5. Das Karussell, Das Dreht Sich Immer Rundherum (The Carousel Goes Round
  6. Champagne
  7. Paris Palace Hotel
  8. Tu T'Fous De Moi (Are You Kidding Me?)
  9. Toy Trumpet
  10. Parade Of The Elves (a.k.a. Heinzelmännchens Wachtparade, Tomtarnas Vak
  11. Teddy Bears' Picnic
  12. Les Demons De La Nuit (The Devils Of The Night)
  13. Till Margareta (To Margareta)
  14. The Phantom Brigade
  15. The Whistler And His Dog
  16. Hem Fran Slattern (Home From The Plains)
  17. Happy Time
  18. Cupido Dansar (Cupid Dances)
  19. The Extravagant Polka
  20. Dance Of The Millions
  21. Ferry Boat Serenade (La Piccinina)
  22. Military Tango
  23. Amphitryon Waltz
  24. Tango Bolero
  25. The Little Goblin (Der Kleine Kobold)
  26. Tales From The Orient - Waltz (Märchen Aus Dem Orient)
  27. Gib Obacht! (Watch Out!)

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Werner Müller   Conductor
Ake Jelving   Conductor
Franck Pourcel   Conductor
Helmut Zacharias   Conductor
André Popp   Conductor
Marek Weber   Conductor
Gérard Calvi   Conductor
Barnabas Von Géczy   Conductor
André Popp & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Sixten Strömvall   Violin
Werner Müller & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Barnabas Von Géczy Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Hans-Georg Arlt   Conductor
Emile Noblot   Conductor
Emile Deltour Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Gérard Calvi Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Roger Roger Champs Elysees Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Dolf van der Linden   Conductor
Roger Roger   Conductor
Egon Kjerrman   Conductor
Åke Jelving's Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Otto Dobrindt   Conductor
Cedric Dumont   Conductor
Emile Deltour   Conductor
Cedric Dumont & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Dolf van der Linden Metropole Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Franck Pourcel Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Hans-Georg Arlt Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Marek Weber Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Orchestra Mascotte   Performing Ensemble
Orchestre Emile Noblot   Performing Ensemble
Toni Leutwiler Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Toni Leutwiler   Conductor
Teddy Petersen Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Teddy Petersen   Conductor
Otto Dobrindt Piano Symphonists   Performing Ensemble
Frederick Hippmann Künstler Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Frederick Hippmann   Conductor
Egon Kjerrman Orchestra   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Johann Strauss   Composer
Franck Pourcel   Composer
Raymond Scott   Composer
André Popp   Composer
Arthur Pryor   Composer
Gérard Calvi   Composer
Paul Durand   Composer
Juan Llossas   Composer
Gerhard Winkler   Composer
Michael Jary   Composer
David Ades   Liner Notes
Walter Borchert   Composer
William H. Myddleton   Composer
Pierre Leemans   Composer
Belle Fenstock   Composer
Helmut Zacharias and His Magic Violins   String Ensemble
Tom Wyler   Composer
Dolf van der Linden   Composer
Ernst Fischer   Composer
Roger Roger   Composer
John W. Bratton   Composer
Eldo di Lazzaro   Composer
Kurt Noack   Composer
André Varel   Composer
Willi Samariter   Composer
Kurt Larsson   Composer
Einar Hylin   Composer
Arthur C. Michael   Cover Art

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