Golden Age of Light Music: Continental Flavour

The Golden Age of Light Music: Continental Flavour


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  1. The Last Time I Saw Paris, song (from the film "Lady Be Good")
  2. Mon Pays, for pops orchestra
  3. Continental Holiday, for orchestra
  4. Road theme
  5. Malagueña for voice & piano
  6. French Leave, for pops orchestra
  7. Italian Street Song, song for voice & orchestra (from "Naughty Marietta
  8. The Red Sombrero
  9. Spanish Suite (In Malaga) for orchestra: No. 3, Cachucha [From in Malag
  10. Carnival Time, for pops orchestra
  11. Paris Fashions (Haute Couture), for pops orchestra
  12. Malaga, for orchestra
  13. Les Lavandières Du Portugal (The Portuguese Washerwoman)
  14. C'est Si Bon
  15. Masquerade In Madrid, for pops orchestra
  16. Latin Quarter, for pops orchestra
  17. Spanischer Zigeunertanz (Spanish Gypsy Dance), for orchestra
  18. Gioia Mia, for pops orchestra
  19. Gay Boulevard, for pops orchestra
  20. Folies Espagnoles, for pops orchestra
  21. Acrobatics, for pops orchestra
  22. Riviera Rhapsody, for pops orchestra
  23. Fresh Breezes, for pops orchestra
  24. Siciliana Serenata, for pops orchestra
  25. Music For The Nostalgic Traveller In France, for pops orchestra

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Morton Gould   Conductor
Sidney Torch   Conductor
George Melachrino   Conductor
Bob Sharples   Conductor
Ron Goodwin   Conductor
Robert Farnon   Conductor
Robert Farnon Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Eddie Barclay   Conductor
Roger Roger   Conductor
Metropole Orkest   Performing Ensemble
Peter Yorke   Conductor
Guy Luypaerts   Conductor
Symphonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Barnabas Von Géczy   Conductor
Émile Deltour   Conductor
Frank Cordell   Conductor
Frank Cordell and His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Peter Yorke and His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Sidney Torch & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Orchestre Guy Luypaerts   Performing Ensemble
Ferdy Kaufman Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Ferdy Kaufman   Conductor
Robert Renard and His Orchestra   Conductor,Performing Ensemble
Eddie Barclay Et Son Orchestre   Performing Ensemble
New Concert Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Charles Williams & His Concert Orchestra   Conductor,Performing Ensemble
Bob Sharples & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Melachrino Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Barnabas Von Géczy Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Harmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Emile Deltour Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Roger Roger Champs Elysees Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Dolf van der Linden   Conductor
Roger Roger   Conductor
Stuttgart Radio Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Harry Fryer Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Theo Arden   Conductor
Claude Yvoire   Conductor
Robert Renard   Conductor
Alexander Glushkoff   Piano
Kurt Rehfeld   Conductor
Robin Hood Dell Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Charles Williams   Conductor
Harry Fryer   Conductor
Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Victor Herbert   Composer
Ernesto Lecuona   Composer
Nino Rota   Composer
George Melachrino   Arranger
Jerome Kern   Composer
Robert Farnon   Composer
André Hornez   Composer
Toots Thielemans   Composer
André Popp   Composer
Roger Roger   Composer
Ronald Binge   Composer
Trevor Duncan   Composer
Jerry Seelen   Composer
Jo Boyer   Arranger
David Ades   Liner Notes
Emmanuelle Katty   Composer
Frank Cordell   Arranger
Roger Lucchesi   Composer
Frederic Curzon   Composer
Louis Castellucci   Composer
W. Smithson Broadhead   Cover Photo

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