Golden Age of Light Music: Light Music from the Silver Screen

Golden Age of Light Music: Light Music from the Silver Screen


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  1. Early One Morning, folk song  -  Robert Farnon Orchestra
  2. La Montanara  -  Sidney Torch & His Orchestra
  3. Dancing in the Dark  -  MGM Studio Orchestra
  4. Adoration
  5. Call of the Faraway Hills
  6. The Beggar's Theme, from the film "Last Holiday"  -  Charles Williams & His Concert Orchestra
  7. Seascape
  8. Theme from the film "The Man Between"  -  Cyril Stapleton Orchestra
  9. Dedication from the film "Idol Of Paris"
  10. La Violetera for voice & orchestra
  11. Theme  - David Williams
  12. Men of Arnhem - March
  13. Romance, from the film "The Magic Bow"
  14. [Unspecified excerpt]  -  Charles Williams & His Concert Orchestra
  15. Valse Grise, from the film "Le Carnet De Bal"  -  Sidney Torch & His Orchestra
  16. Throughout the Years  -  Charles Williams & His Concert Orchestra
  17. Vision d'Amour, from the film "Woman to Woman"  - George Melachrino
  18. Hour of Meditation, from the film "Twenty-Four Hours Of A Woman's Life"  -  Sidney Torch & His Orchestra
  19. Saga of Odette  -  Charles Williams & His Concert Orchestra
  20. Danse d'Extase, from the film "No Orchids For Miss Blandish" [From No O  -  Melachrino Orchestra
  21. Mansell Concerto, from the film "The Woman's Angle" [From "The Woman's  - Arthur Sandford
  22. Gaelic Fantasia, from the film "Saints And Sinners" [From Saints and Si

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

London Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Sidney Torch   Conductor
George Melachrino   Conductor
Ron Goodwin   Conductor
Adolph Deutsch   Conductor
Robert Farnon   Conductor
Robert Farnon Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Reg Leopold   Violin
Muir Mathieson   Conductor
Philip Green   Conductor
Mischa Spoliansky   Piano
Dave Shand   Saxophone
Philip Glass Ensemble   Performing Ensemble
Cyril Stapleton   Conductor
Cyril Stapleton Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Reginald Leopold   Violin
Hans Sommer   Conductor
Louis Levy   Conductor
Sidney Torch & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Charles Williams & His Concert Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Arthur Sandford   Piano
MGM Studio Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
David Shand   Saxophone
Queen's Hall Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Melachrino Strings   Performing Ensemble
Ron Goodwin Concert Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Arthur Dulay   Piano
Charles Levy Concert Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Charles Williams   Conductor

Technical Credits

George Melachrino   Composer
Bronislaw Kaper   Composer
John Addison   Composer
Robert Farnon   Arranger
Arthur Schwartz   Composer
Victor Young   Composer
Philip Green   Composer
Maurice Jaubert   Composer
Mischa Spoliansky   Composer
André Mathíeu   Composer
Anthony Collins   Composer
Traditional   Composer
David Ades   Producer,Liner Notes
Alan Bunting   Remastering
Clifton Parker   Composer

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