Golden Age of Light Music: String Fever

Golden Age of Light Music: String Fever


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  1. String Fever, for string orchestra
  2. Poinciana (Song of the Tree)
  3. Scrub, brothers, scrub!
  4. Epic Waltz, for orchestra (Theme of "The Big Prevue Show")
  5. Fiddlin' the Blues, for pops orchestra
  6. Windy Corner
  7. Pedrillo's Buggy Ride, for pops orchestra
  8. Tillie's Tango, for pops orchestra
  9. Stampede, for pops orchestra
  10. All Strings and Fancy Free, for pops orchestra
  11. Why shouldn't I?, song (from "Jubilee")
  12. Relicario, for orchestra
  13. Left Bank (Ç'est à Hambourg), song
  14. Caminito
  15. Busybody
  16. The Leap Year Waltz (from The Dancing Years)
  17. Up with the Lark, for pops orchestra
  18. Tico-Tico no Fubá,  for voice & ensemble
  19. Dream Street, for pops orchestra
  20. By the River Sainte Marie, song
  21. Pink Gin, for pops orchestra
  22. Aquellos ojos verdes (Green Eyes), bolero for voice
  23. Sneezing Violins, for violin & orchestra
  24. I want to be happy, song for voice & piano
  25. Lotta Pizzicato, for string orchestra
  26. Perfidia
  27. Cascade of Stars
  28. Music Hall, for pops orchestra

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Morton Gould   Conductor
Gordon Jenkins   Conductor
Werner Müller   Conductor
Sidney Torch   Conductor
Richard Hayman   Conductor
Frank deVol   Conductor
George Melachrino   Conductor
Robert Farnon   Conductor
Laurie Johnson   Conductor
Albert Pratz   Violin
Meredith Willson   Conductor
Helmut Zacharias   Conductor
Debutantes   Performing Ensemble
Roger Roger   Conductor
David Carroll & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Frank DeVol & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra   Conductor,Performing Ensemble
Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Mario Ruíz Armengol   Conductor
Mario Ruiz Armengol Orquesta   Performing Ensemble
Luiz Arruda Paes   Conductor
Morton Gould & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Laurie Johnson Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Meredith Willson Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Richard Hayman & His Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Émile Deltour   Conductor
Nick Acquaviva   Conductor
Sidney Torch & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Werner Müller & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Michael Freedman   Conductor
David Carroll   Conductor
Emile Deltour Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Don Amore Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Acquaviva Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Cyril Ornadel Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Dolf van der Linden Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Helmut Zacharias and His Magic Violins   Performing Ensemble
Roger Roger Champs Elysees Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Dolf van der Linden   Conductor
Hilversum Radio Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Queen's Hall Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Roger Roger   Conductor
Stuttgart Radio Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Melachrino Strings   Performing Ensemble
Hugh Granville   Conductor
LeRoy Holmes   Conductor
Luiz Arruda Paes Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Don Amore   Conductor
Jeff Morley Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Music by Camerata   Performing Ensemble
Jeff Morley   Conductor
Kurt Rehfeld   Conductor
Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Cyril Ornadel   Conductor

Technical Credits

Gordon Jenkins   Arranger
Billy Mayerl   Composer
Sidney Torch   Composer
Vincent Youmans   Composer
Laurie Johnson   Arranger
Cole Porter   Composer
Kenny Warner   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Meredith Willson   Composer
Angela Morley   Arranger
Roger Roger   Composer
Nilo Menendez   Composer
Mario Ruíz Armengol   Composer
Alberto Dominguez   Composer
Nat Simon   Composer
José Padilla   Composer
Gabino Coria Peñaloza   Composer
David Ades   Liner Notes
Ivor Novello   Composer
Rene Costy   Composer
John Gregory   Arranger

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