Golden Age of Light Music: The 1930s

Golden Age of Light Music: The 1930s


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  1. Curtain Up
  2. Wedding of the Rose  - Jack Hylton
  3. Westwards
  4. Tea Dolls' Parade
  5. Plymouth Hoe (A Nautical Overture), for orchestra
  6. Glow Worm Idyll, for orchestra
  7. March of the Bowmen
  8. The Immortals, concert overture
  9. Butterflies in the Rain, for orchestra (under pseudonym Sherman Myers)
  10. A May-Day Overture
  11. Moths Around the Candle Flame
  12. Overture
  13. The Nightingale's Morning Greeting
  14. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue  - Paul Whiteman
  15. Dance of the Icicles  -  Leslie Jeffries & His Orchestra
  16. Samum
  17. Music from the Movies 1937, for orchestra

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

London Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Paul Whiteman   Conductor
Jack Hylton   Conductor
Alfredo Campoli   Violin,Conductor
Henry Hall   Conductor
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Joseph Lewis   Conductor
BBC Dance Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Marek Weber   Conductor
Alfredo Campoli & His Salon Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Paul Whiteman Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Marek Weber & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Clifford Greenwood   Conductor
John Ansell   Conductor
Walter Goehr   Conductor
West End Celebrity Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Louis Levy & His Gaumont British Symphony   Performing Ensemble
Louis Levy   Conductor
Fred Hartley's Quintet   Ensemble
Haydn Wood   Conductor
Leslie Jeffries & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
BBC Variety Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
New Light Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Charles Shadwell   Conductor
Reginald Foort   Organ
Joseph Lewis   Conductor
Leslie Jeffries   Conductor
Light Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
London Palladium Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Eduard Künneke   Conductor
Jack Hylton & His Orchestra   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Eric Coates   Composer
Richard Rodgers   Composer
Lorenz Hart   Composer
Phil Cardew   Arranger
John Ansell   Composer
Paul Lincke   Composer
David Ades   Liner Notes
Sherman Myers   Composer
Clive Metcalfe   Cover Photo
Frederic Curzon   Composer
Haydn Wood   Composer
Leon Jessel   Composer

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