Great American Baseball Box

The Great American Baseball Box

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The great American pastime now has a great box set! Four discs tell the story of the sport in songs, radio broadcasts, and interviews with the greats. Elaborately packaged in a simulated sandbag, it's the year's must-have gift for baseball fans. Over four hours of famous on- and off-the-field recordings represent 80 years of the game, including incredible plays,


The great American pastime now has a great box set! Four discs tell the story of the sport in songs, radio broadcasts, and interviews with the greats. Elaborately packaged in a simulated sandbag, it's the year's must-have gift for baseball fans. Over four hours of famous on- and off-the-field recordings represent 80 years of the game, including incredible plays, farewell speeches, press conference excerpts, and much more. Interviews with key players and coaches, legendary broadcasters making legendary calls, baseball comedy and commendary, plus a disc of songs about the game from artists such as John Fogerty, Bob Dylan, Nat King Cole, and many more round out the collection. A sixty-page full-color book makes this set a homerun.

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All Music Guide - Steve Leggett
Baseball, more so than any of the other major professional sports, is built on the awareness that anything that happens in the current game being played becomes immediately a part of a long, storied, and statistically verified past, uniting everything in the single arc of a ball toward the plate, where the swing of a bat can change the moment, but that swing and its result -- good or bad, according to one's allegiance -- takes its place in a legendary past a second later, a cipher in a game that worships ciphers. Baseball is instant nostalgia, which is why this four-disc box set of baseball ephemera is bound to get a good deal of media attention. Consisting of one disc of baseball songs, a disc of play-by-play broadcasts of historic baseball moments, a disc of interviews with players and managers about those historic moments, and a final disc of baseball poetry, comedy routines, and audio of baseball players doing commercials, The Great American Baseball Box (which comes in a box shaped like second base) is packed full of more nostalgia than ten boxes of doo wop hits. Thankfully the booklet that accompanies the set approaches the whole enterprise from a sane and balanced perspective, linking baseball and its history into the larger scheme of American cultural history, so that when you hear Count Basie's "Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?" from 1949, two years after Jackie Robinson first stepped on to Brooklyn's Ebbets Field to break baseball's color barrier, the full implication of the song (the vocal is sung by Taps Miller) is clear. Likewise, when Bob Dylan equates the multi-million-dollar free agency of pitcher Catfish Hunter in "Catfish" to not working on Mr. Finley's farm any more, it's clear that baseball, at least as it has been written and sung about, has always functioned as a mirror of the larger culture, where greed all too often has been mistaken for a way of life, and whole franchises tumble because of it. Then there is Dave Frishberg's delightful "Van Lingle Mungo," which fashions a whole song out of the names of obscure baseball players, and you begin to see the scope of baseball's passion for minutiae, which can be as exotic as you want to make it. In the end, The Great American Baseball Box makes a great gift for a baseball fan, but one wonders how much any of these discs would actually get played past once, unless you're an old-time Giants fan and feel like hearing radio broadcaster Russ Hodges scream, "The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!" (which followed Bobby Thomson's famous shot off of the Dodgers' Ralph Branca in 1951), over and over again. Baseball grounds its present in the past on a daily basis, and this set is a monument to that. But baseball is also a game of contradictions (much like the country that gave birth to it), and everyone knows that the only pitch that matters now is the next one.

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Disc 1

  1. It's a Beautiful Day for a Ball Game
  2. Centerfield
  3. I Love Mickey
  4. D-O-D-G-E-R-S Song (Oh, Really? No, O'Malley)
  5. Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?
  6. Talkin' Baseball (Willie, Mickey & "The Duke")
  7. Catfish
  8. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  9. "Joltin'" Joe Dimaggio
  10. Baseball Boogie
  11. The First Baseball Game
  12. Right Field
  13. Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)
  14. Van Lingle Mungo
  15. A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request
  16. The Ball Game

Disc 2

  1. New York Score Seven Runs in One Inning During the Final Game of ...
  2. New York Yankees Sweep Chicago Cubs to Win the 1938 World Series, ...
  3. New York Yankees Become the First Team to Win Four Consecutive ...
  4. "The Shot Hear Round the World" - New York Giants' Bobby Thomson ...
  5. "The Catch" - New York Giants' Willie Mays Robs the Cleveland Indians'
  6. New York Yankees' Don Larsen Pitches Only Perfect Game in World Series
  7. Ted Williams Homers in His Final at Bat in the Major Leagues.
  8. Pittsburgh Pirates' Bill Mazeroski's Game 7 Home Run Wins 1960 ...
  9. New York Yankees' Roger Maris Breaks Babe Ruth's Single Season ...
  10. New York Yankee's Mickey Mantle Sets World Series Home Run Record with
  11. New York Yankee's Mickey Mantle Hits His 500th Career Home Run.
  12. The Amazin' New York Mets Win the 1969 World Series.
  13. Atlanta Braves' "Hammerin' Hank" Aaron Breaks Babe Ruth's Career ...
  14. Boston Red Sox's Carlton Fisk Homers to Win Game 6 of the 1975 ...
  15. New York Yankees' Reggie Jackson Homers Three Times in Final Game ...
  16. New York Yankees' Bucky Dent Homers to Beat Red Sox and Wind the ...
  17. Cincinnati Reds' Tom Seaver Becomes Fifth Pitcher to Amass 3, 000 ...
  18. Kansas City Royals' George Brett Has Home Run Disqualified for ...
  19. Cincinnati Reds' Pete Rose Breaks Ty Cobb's All-Time Hits Record.
  20. Bill Buckner's Legendary Error Continues the Boston Red Sox Curse.
  21. Los Angeles Dodgers' Kirk Gibson Homers to Win Game 1 of the 1988 ...
  22. Texas Rangers' Nolan Ryan Hurls His Seventh No-Hitter.
  23. Toronto Blue Jay's Joe Carter Wins Game 6 of the 1993 World Series ...
  24. Baltimore Orioles' Cal Rpikin, Jr., Breaks Lou Gehrig's ...
  25. St. Louis Cardinals' Mark McGwire Breaks Roger Maris' Single ...
  26. Chicago Cubs' Sammy Sosa Ties Mark McGwire's Single Season Home ...
  27. San Francisco Giants' Barry Bonds Break Mark McGwire's Single ...
  28. Arizona Diamondbacks' Luis Gonzalez's Game 7 Hit Beats the New ...
  29. Seattle Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki Breaks George Sisler's Single ...
  30. Boston Red Sox Beat the St. Louis Cardinals to Win the 2004 World ...

Disc 3

  1. Philadelphia Athletics' Manager Connie Mack, Red Smith and Andy ...
  2. Cy Young Remembers His Perfect Game.
  3. Ty Cobb Talks About His Career.
  4. St. Louis Cardinals' Player-Manager Frankie Frisch Remembers His ...
  5. Babe Ruth Talks About His Goals in Baseball.
  6. Baseball Commissioner Kenesaw Moutain Landis Declares Baseball Hall of
  7. An Ailing Lou Gehrig Announces His Retirement and Bids Farwell to ...
  8. New York City Mayor Fiorello Laguardia on the War and Baseball.
  9. Boston Red Sox's Ted Williams Talks About His Love of Baseball.
  10. Babe Ruth Gives Farewell Address at Yankee Stadium.
  11. Brooklyn Dodgers' Jackie Robinson Reflects on Being Baseball's ...
  12. New York Yankees' "Joltin'" Joe Dimaggio Announces His Retirement from
  13. Leo Durocher Reminisces About Managing the 1954 World Champion New ...
  14. Detroit Tigers' Hank Greenberg Reminisces About His Greatest Thrill in
  15. New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers Announce Their Move to the ...
  16. New York Yankees' Manager Casey Stengel Testifies Before the ...
  17. New York Yankees' Whitey Ford Discusses Pitching Fundamentals.
  18. Los Angeles Dodgers' Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax Hold Out for New ...
  19. St. Louis Cardinals Great Stan Musial on Unionizing Players and ...
  20. San Francisco Giants' Gaylord Perry Talks About Pitching.
  21. Baltimore Orioles' Brooks Robinson Discusses the 1966 World Series ...
  22. Chicago White Sox Owner Bill Veeck on the 1966 World Series.
  23. New York Yankees' Yogi Berra Is Inducted into the Baseball Hall of ...
  24. Detroit Tigers' Denny McLain Discusses Pitching.
  25. Future Hall of Famer Frank Robinson on His Trade from the ...
  26. Cincinnati Reds' Johnny Bench on the 1971 National League West ...
  27. Boston Red Sox's Carl Yastrzemski Talks About the Upcoming Season.
  28. Cincinnati Reds' Pete Rose on the Upcoming National League Playoffs.
  29. Oakland Athletics' Reggie Jackson Reveals He Received Death ...
  30. New York Yankees' Reggie Jackson Answers His Critics.
  31. NBC Announcer Tony Kubek Interviews Atlanta Braves' "Hammerin' ..."
  32. New York Yankees' Bucky Dent on His Above-Normal Home Run Production.
  33. California Angels' Reggie Jackson Returns to an Ovation at Yankee ...
  34. New York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Speaks to Rumors He ...
  35. Pete Rose Addresses the Dowd Report's Accusations That He Gambled ...
  36. Former Baltimore Orioles' Cal Ripkin, Jr., Reflects on His Consecutive
  37. NBC Anchor Brian Williams' Account of St. Louis Cardinals' Mark ...
  38. Mark McGwire on the Groundskeeper Who Caught His 62nd Home Run Ball.
  39. Chicago Cubs' Sammy Sosa Reflects on His Record-Breaking 66 Home Runs.
  40. Sammy Sosa on His Pending Suspension for Using a Corked Bat.
  41. San Francisco Giants' Barry Bonds Talk About Hitting His 700th ...
  42. Boston Red Sox Manager Terry Francona on the Possibility of ...
  43. Philadelphia Athletics Manager Connie Mack Coins the Hopeful ...

Disc 4

  1. Casey at the Bat
  2. The Man Who Fanned Casey
  3. Babe & Lou, The Home Run Twins
  4. Colgate Sports Newsreel with Bill Stern and the "Strange But True" ...
  5. Babe Ruth Answers Questions from His Young Fans.
  6. "Two Top Gruskin" - Duffy's Tavern Radio Program
  7. Joe Dimaggio Answers Mailbag Questions from His Fans.
  8. Ralph Kiner Sponsors Whaties and Trades Barbs with Bob Hope, Bing ...
  9. Richie Ashburn Gets His Energy from Eating Wheaties!
  10. Bob Feller Speaks to Announcer Bill Stern About Baseball and ...
  11. Who's on First?
  12. The Seventh Inning Stretch Sponsored by Falstaff Beer
  13. Joe Dimaggio Marries Actress Marilyn Monroe
  14. Mutual and Falstaff Beer Present the "Game of the Day."
  15. Dizzy Dean Promises Dinah Shore Some Christmas Snow.
  16. Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey Laments the Future ...
  17. Hit a Home Run with Falstaff Beer!
  18. Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Walter Alston Sponsors Packard Bell ...
  19. Roy Campanella Promotes Packard Bell Television and Hi-Fi's.
  20. Don Drysdale Endorses Proposition "S" for Better Schools.
  21. Fond Remembrances of Ebbets Field and the Brooklyn Dodgers Before ...
  22. Reggie Jackson Promotes the Volkswagen Rabbit.
  23. Tommy Lasorda Is Bleeping Mad After New York Mets' Dave Kingman ...
  24. Announcers Comment on the Start of 24-Hour Sports Network ESPN and Its
  25. "Beisbol Been Good to Me" Comedian Garrett Morris of Saturday ...
  26. Announcer Mel Allen and This Week in Baseball
  27. Detroit Tigers Promote an Upcoming Series with the Seattle Mariners.
  28. Boston Red Sox Fans Speculat That "The Curse of the Bambino" May ...

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The Great American Baseball Box 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would so love to buy this for my husband, a former minor leaguer for the Royals and Giants and a fan extraordinaire of the Cubs and Sox. . My question is "Where's Harry?!?"" The emphasis seems to be so much on teams on the coasts, that I think the compilers must have forgotten the great tradition "in the middle. .. "?!? What about all the years that Harry was the voice of the Cardinals, the Sox & the Cubs?!?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago