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Great Stupa

The Great Stupa


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Peter Rowan   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals
Michael Doucet   Fiddle,Vocals
Jimmie Dale Gilmore   Guitar,Vocals
Butch Hancock   Harmonica,Vocals
Bill Douglas   Synthesizer,Piano
Friedemann   Group Member
Joe Ely   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Michael McDonald   Piano,Background Vocals
Joni Mitchell   Guitar
Michael Brecker   Saxophone
Robben Ford   Guitar,Vocals
Jaco Pastorius   Bass
Ricky Peterson   Hammond Organ
Tom Scott   Horn
Mitch Watkins   Electric Guitar,Track Performer
Jerry Granelli   Drums
Coste Apetrea   Veena
Ars Nova   Track Performer
David Batteau   Background Vocals
Sweet Pea Atkinson   Background Vocals
Jimmy Breaux   Accordion
Burns Sisters   Background Vocals
Bill Ware   Percussion
Tommy Alesi   Drums
Marc Anderson   Percussion
Bashiri Johnson   Percussion
Kevin Bents   Keyboards
Stephen Bruton   Guitar
Keith Carper   Bass
Julie Christensen   Background Vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta   Drums
David Doucet   Guitar,Vocals
Shane Keister   Keyboards
Russell Ferrante   Piano
Chuck Findley   Horn
Joy Francis   Guitar
Bob Glaub   Bass
John Guerin   Drums
Viktor Krauss   Acoustic Bass
Jimmy LaFave   Guitar
Will Lee   Bass
Bob Metzger   Guitar
Bruce Moore   Background Vocals,5-string Bass
David Nichtern   Guitar
Shawn Pelton   Drums
Brian Pugsley   Keyboards
Fazal Qureshi   Tabla,Vocals,Kanjira,Group Member
Lorin Rowan   12-string Guitar,Tenor (Vocal)
Chris Rowan   Guitar,12-string Guitar,Tenor (Vocal)
Kester Smith   Percussion
Wes Starr   Drums
Tharp   Banjo,Bass,Fiddle,Guitar
Steve Tibbetts   Guitar
Rhea Valentine   Vocals
David Webb   Keyboards
Perla Batalla   Background Vocals
Bob Furgo   Violin
Christian Paulin   Percussion,Electric Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Phil Scragg   Bass
Chris Searles   Percussion
Gary Herman   Bass
Elena Ledda   Vocals
Choying Drolma   Vocals
Joel Jose Guzman   Bass
Matt Jones   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Max Ahman   Acoustic Guitar,Saz,Electric Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Group Member
Kerstin Blodig   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Group Member
Rob Gjersoe   Acoustic Guitar,Dobro
Anders Hagberg   Flute,Jew's Harp,Keyboards,Soprano Saxophone,Vocals,Group Member
Shankar Mahadevan   Vocals,Group Member
Nandkishor Muley   Vocals,Santoor,Group Member
Lodro Zangmo   Vocals
Gabe Rhodes   Multi Instruments
Adam Dowling   Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Stephanie Arado   Violin
Peter Morrison   Flute
Ian Melrose   Dobro,Background Vocals,Group Member
Ben Rubin   Bass
Mauro Palmas   Mandocello
Steve Bush   Keyboards,Vocals
Anne Kerry Ford   Background Vocals
John Campbelljohn   Guitar,Vocals
Urs Fuchs   Background Vocals,Group Member
Ariane   Vocals,Group Member
Kevin Sandbloom   Background Vocals
Jonah Smith   Keyboards,Vocals
Ralf Gustke   Percussion,Drums,Group Member
Kai Brückner   Electric Guitar,Slide Guitar,Soloist
Christian Kögel   Electric Guitar
Larry Wilsin   Guitar
Will Landin   Drums
Silvano Lobina   Bass
Jin Logan   Percussion,Drums
Felix von Racknitz   Guitar,Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals
Alicia Manfrini   Voices,Group Member
Marianne Svazek   Sarangui,Group Member
Sophie Borgeaud   Vocals
Jean Michel Cerveau   Voices,Group Member
Tara Slone   Vocals,Group Member
Tom McKay   Bass,Group Member
MCP   Rap
Mojama   Vocals,Rap,Group Member
Gia Salachishwili   Drums
Thomas Payne   Guitar,Group Member
Daniel Perret   Flute,Group Member
Alberto Psiu   Drums
George Chinchadzes   Conductor
Deki Chodron   Vocals
Fokje Coxakker   Drums
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche   Voices
Jimmie Erarl   Bass
Tony Rabalo   Drums,Group Member
Marcus Faller   Percussion,Darbouka,Group Member
Martin Koller   Guitar
Sele Kamau   Background Vocals
Zurab Gagnidze   Bass
Shehab Illyas   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Asif Illyas   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Innes Hutten   Bodhran
Martin Garat   Group Member
Friedrich Glorian   Cheng,Group Member
Ryan Gruss   Drums
Kim Dunn   Piano,Wurlitzer,Group Member
Andreas Walter   Bass
Bob Reynolds   Saxophone
Thomas Morgan   Conductor

Technical Credits

Jimmie Dale Gilmore   Composer
Kris Kristofferson   Composer
Leonard Cohen   Composer
Butch Hancock   Composer
Bill Douglas   Composer,Author
Friedemann   Programming
Joe Ely   Composer
Joni Mitchell   Composer
Sting   Composer
Robben Ford   Composer
Bill Laswell   Remixing
Charles Mingus   Composer
Mitch Watkins   Composer,Engineer
Coste Apetrea   drum programming
Kimmie Rhodes   Composer
Will Lee   Producer
David Nichtern   Composer,Producer
Brian Pugsley   Programming
Chris Rowan   Contributor
Steve Tibbetts   Composer
Marijohn Wilkin   Composer
Abra Moore   Composer
Elena Ledda   Arranger
Steven Ross   Cover Photo
Choying Drolma   Composer
Matt Jones   Liner Notes
Shankar Mahadevan   Composer
Long Overdue   Author
Mauro Palmas   Arranger
Steve Bush   Author
John Campbelljohn   Liner Notes
Traditional   Composer
Jonah Smith   Composer
U.Man.Tek   Remixing
Silvano Lobina   Arranger
Ösel Tendzin   Author
Felix von Racknitz   Producer,Liner Notes
Sophie Borgeaud   Programming
Tara Slone   Liner Notes,Author
Tom McKay   Composer
Padmasambhava   Author
George Chinchadzes   Arranger
Tenga Rinpoche   Author
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche   Author
Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche   Author
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche   Author
Chögyem Trungpa Rinpoche   Author
Richard Reoch   Liner Notes
Marcus Faller   Contributor
Evan Frankfort   Producer
Asif Illyas   Composer
Martin Garat   Programming
Friedrich Glorian   Composer

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